Feds execute search warrant at Hermes Vineyards

With search warrant in hand, a team of U.S. Department of Agriculture agents raided Hermes Vineyards Friday morning in Perkins Township.
Emil Whitis
Nov 3, 2012

Their possible target: paperwork.

Multiple area law enforcement officials said the agents made up a tactical team that assembled at a nearby parking lot early in the morning, then headed to the winery for a raid.

Perkins police said they don’t really have a clue what was going on.

Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said agents had a search warrant to seize documents, but that’s all he knew.

Klamar redirected inquiries to Perkins police assistant Chief Robb Parthemore, who’d been in contact with agents earlier this week.

“They called us and said they wanted a marked unit,” Parthemore said. “I don’t know any more than that.”

Law enforcement officials, asking not to be named, said the raid stemmed from unpaid federal loans agents had come to collect on.

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Super Judge

Is it true that......... with his......?

Swamp Fox

A "tactical team" for unpaid federal loans, sounds either like loan sharks or the heavy handed tactics of Obama's administration and their anti-small business bias. Did they use these tactics when Solyndra defaulted on a $400 million dollar loan?


Yep, everything in the world is Obamas fault !! You right wing wackos are something else !!

Floyd P

So you're defending criminal activity? Maybe YOU should run for office!


Not paying back a USDA loan is a criminal offense? I think not. If in fact this is the reason they raided Hermes then it is the federal govt. who broke the law. People are not thrown in jail for failure to pay back a loan, even if it was federally backed, if that was the case every person who has ever had an FHA loan foreclosed would be sitting in jail. The only thing I can think is that this case was in the courts for some reason and Hermes failed to respond to a request for documents. If that is the case, then they would be in contempt and that would be a criminal action. However, the unpaid loan is a civil matter, not criminal. I fail to see the reason for the shakedown though. Send on cop and throw the owner in jail for contempt. That likely would have been enough to make him respond.

yogi bear

Ther may have been some fraud in obtaining the loan or a host of other reasons that would make it a criminal offense. Have to just wait and see.


I hear Obama was at the winery running the whole thing. Better vote for Mitt.

Floyd P

Sorry, Mitt would buy the dairy with a Key Corp loan, convince management, via bonuses, the dairy would thrive better in China and fire the local workers. He woud then make a mint from claiming the loan interest on his tax return.


That's laughable considering it has already been proven that these so-called deals where Bain outsourced jobs was after Romney had left. I wonder how you would appreciate someone blaming you for things that went on where you worked when you hadn't worked there in years.


Floyd, that may be the most ridiculous post I've seen in years. You must really be drinking the Obama Kool-aid by the gallon every day.


Oh yeah, he was probably growing pot too and started that fire a while back and wasn't Obama driving the tractor that night? You republiCONS are really something!


Don't you think it would have been cheaper and easier just to foreclose thru the courts?


Way more to this story then a loan. I like that they used the word stemmed,which means it was leading to other illegal activity.


I read the story in todays paper and if there is more to the story, the feds aren't saying.

Phil Packer

I hope the illegals found good hiding places.


I wish the Feds would do this to the many unpaid student loans that have been outstanding for years.


The Department Of Education is in the early stages about doing this already. It won't be long until they break down the doors of those who haven't paid back their student loans. Just ask Kenneth Wright of Stockton, CA.




If the current administration has their way, they will bring back debtors prisons for anyone who has trouble paying back a government backed loan.


A maybe they had migrate workers or pot growing in with there grapes to make it were the Feds had to be involved


A good vintner, but IMO a 'little' pricey for the product.

A couple of their varietals are hard to find locally.

The kleptocrats in DC want their money and they sent out Augi and Guido to collect.

Yet, the U.S. continues to give billions away to petty little dictators around the world.


then and than. know the difference. some people default on student loans because they are unable to pay them; as in they can't find a job. putting these people in jail won't get the money out of them. this sounds like much more than an unpaid loan. there has to be some sort of suspected criminal activity involved for a raid.


Thank you for the correction. I also forgot to put a space after my comma.


The question today is: Are they open for business or is there a notice on the door?

The answer to that will help to shed some light on the story.



Thirsty pooh?


Thanks for asking Sunshine.

Only after 3:00 PM.

Today, I'm fixing my homemade Ragu Siciliana and garlic bread served with a tossed salad and a Chianti.



Your welcome. Enjoy! Watch that waistline now!


It does sound like some serious overkill when a tactical team heads in for "unpaid loans." A warrant? Sure, but those are served by sheriffs and one like this would have been executed by accountants (with an officer or two standing by for purposes of legitimacy and to ensure cooperation).

I agree with those suggesting there's more to this story. At least there had BETTER be more to this story! To think that something like this could happen solely on accusations of an unpaid loan is terrifying. THINK about it, and see if you don't agree!

One final note: Is this Obama's fault? Yes, but not any more of the blame goes to him than to plenty of his predecessors. The system is broken, folks. REALLY broken! Could Obama have given all of that money to all of those companies that promptly went bankrupt if it weren't? Could Bush have initiated the first of the bail-outs if it weren't? Could we have been on the hook for QE1, QE2, and now QE3 without systemic problems? Nope.

Audit the Federal Reserve, and then eliminate it. Run the country more like a business and less like a bottomless money pit funded by taxpayers whose pockets AREN'T bottomless. Eliminate the nonsense, and overall debt will be far, FAR less of a problem. Included, obviously, is the notion that loans SHOULD be paid back, so I don't argue any enforcement against Hermes. I just think the initiation of the enforcement is over the top if that's the ONLY thing of which they've been accused.


When I first read the headline, I thought it was a FBI raid until I saw the mention of US Department of Agriculture. Would the winery keep all of the documents at the place of business or would the owner or owners keep the documents at their homes?

Look for more raids from the USDA at federal and state levels raiding stores and residences looking for food stamp fraud, raiding farmers and others.

The FDA is already going after those who use natural foods and medicines. The FDA and the pharmaceutical companies don't want any competition or healthy people.


Welcome to the land of the free where the citizens must obey what the powers that be dictate is best for you and your family.


knuckledragger are you kidding me. you right wingers crack me up. if it was a govt loan and nothing was done you would be saying obama isnt doing his job. lol whatever!!! if they got a fed loan and didnt do what the contract said then so be it. just because they came in and had a raid doesnt mean people went to jail. the paper work, files and documents where taken. big difference in what you are trying to make it sound like.


@ cam:

Guess it's just too bad that it wasn't a "free" federal grant for green technology.