Erie County's humane society eyes feral cats

Erie County's humane society is launching a series of programs to deal with the area's feral cat problem, said Barbara Hargreaves, the group's director.
Tom Jackson
Nov 4, 2012

The humane society once ran a trap, neuter and return program to reduce the wild cat population in the county, but it ended in December 2011 when the program ran out of money, Hargreaves said.

But with the feral cat problem persisting, the group is launching a three-pronged effort to tackle the issue, said Hargreaves, the director for about 18 months.

For starters, a modest do-it-yourself program currently allows local residents to borrow a trap to collect the cats themselves.

“There are several vets who do feral cat surgeries in the area,” Hargreaves said.

The cost runs about $45 to $60.

Residents who want to borrow a cage must make an appointment with the vet first, she said.

Second, the Humane Society has submitted a proposal to the Kenneth A. Scott Foundation of Cleveland for a $25,000 grant to hire someone for 20 hours a week to run a new trap, neuter and release program.

The program will cover part of the costs for surgeries, although residents using the service would be expected to pay something, Hargreaves said.

“It’s going to be a 'hand-up,'" she said. "It’s not going to be a handout."

The group’s executive director, H. Richard Obermanns, was scheduled to visit the humane society Thursday to perform an on-site inspection, so it appears the grant request is being taken seriously, Hargreaves said.

An announcement is expected by year’s end.

The Scott Charitable Trust, which promotes humane treatment of animals, began in 1995. A Form 990 filed with the IRS this year shows the trust had net income of about $996,000 in 2011 from investment assets of about $19.3 million.

It paid about $863,000 in grants to various animal protection groups, including animal shelters in Ohio that received money for feral cat programs.

A third program aims to set up a surgery center, for feral cats, at property Erie County's humane society owns at 1915 Superior St., next to the humane society building.

“I’d like to see it done in 2013,” Hargreaves said.

The site is currently occupied by a vacant house, but it's being demolished. Sandusky firefighters will burn it as part of a training exercise over the next few days.

Brett Kromer, of GreensMe, has agreed to deal with the resulting debris, including filling in the basement.

Hargreaves said the humane society will soon concentrate on obtaining grant money to build the surgery center. Naming rights are available for any donor who would care to step forward.


Julie R.

I'm not a violent person but I swear if I ever saw any low-life abusing a helpless animal, I would be sitting in a jail cell.


Julie Please give us your Address. Will catch and release in your yard. No joke


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We need to worry about people 1rst. Abortion of humans is sick. Job elimination of profitable operations displacing families/single moms should be a bigger mandate.


feral cats decimate small wildlife, including birds and small mammals. When their population gets out of control, they need to be euthanized quickly.


Humans kill and destroy more wildlife than feral cats. Perhaps we should start quickly euthanizing humans. We could start with the hunters.

Julie R.

Your comment reminds me of a statue that I saw at one of the stores in the mall. It shows a deer walking on two legs carrying a gun with a dead hunter strapped across his back.

I thought that statue was hilarious!


Some of the comments from IGNORANT people right here are the reason the cats are in trouble~ So called "humans" are the reason there are so many homeless cats.
TITANFAN~I believe I know who you are~From your ignorance I might add~ I can only hope to GOD there are not two of you~the problem with the world today is because of people like YOU and what you teach your children~you are one hateful, miserable person to teach your children the same exact ignorance as you have in yourself.
As for the other haters here who are killing cats~usually macho males~it will only be a matter of time before you are caught~I WILL report you if I ever find out. There are many people out here that are fighting for stiffer penalties on animal abuse/killings!
As for LADYDYE maybe you should open you heart and help to get those cats altered~they will not spray your precious yard~it is a male marking~not *iss!
Why should you pay? Maybe to help~I had neighborhood cats altered and they are the only ones in this "territory" anymore and guess what............No more mice because of my trashy filthy "human" neighbors! Imagine that!!!!
This world because of people like the ones right here in these blogs.
As for KURT~there is help for people out there with different issues~this story if about "cats"
As for DEERTRACKER~ignorant of all ignorant~ Must be the guy that used to live around the corner from me~He got his macho man jollies off by shooting cats~He moved~sorry for the homeless cats whereever he moved~you'll get yours and so will the others.
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*This world is a mess because of people like the ones right here on these blogs
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Amen to your comments CASSIDY ; )


Please give us your Address. Will catch and release in your yard. No joke

Advocate For Animals

In the spring of 2010 with the help of the Humane Society of Erie County and their trap/neuter/release program I was able to get 7 feral neighborhood cats spayed and neutered. It has been an absolute blessing not only for the cats but for me as well. No more helpless kittens to worry about and what fate they would meet at the hands of someone like those who post here with their ignorant and irresponsible comments. The lack of compassion for another living creature never ceases to amaze me. Anyone who would promote shooting an innocent animal wouldn't hesitate to blow the head off another human being either. Their lack of compassion towards animals leads to the same towards their fellow man.

For anyone who cares about cats and wants to help the ferals I highly recommend the trap/neuter/release program. I know from experience that it works and the program it an asset to any community that wants to put an end to unwanted kittens being born.


Yours was free Now we have to pay......Please give us your Address. Will catch and release in your yard. No joke


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many cat owners are so negligent, there should be a mandatory neuter and spay for all cats over 4 months old. owners should be fined for allowing cats to breed w/ out a permit. neighbors should report those that are not responsible pet owners. cats are mammals ,they feel pain , hunger and suffer greatly, they can receive love, and be very loving. the problem is people,neglectful humans. being humane you put yourself in the position of the innocent, feeling and seeing what they see, then you can have empathy for another creature. We should come together to fix this situation humanely, not w/ hateful, cruel actions. taking care of the innocent, suffering creatures, that a human has neglected, is selfless compassion,is good for the soul, those believeing in a higher power know we are answerable for our actions on this earth, others care because they are compassionate people. Please dont hate these innocent animals, it is a humans fault they are in the position you find them a positive part of this solution , we all can do it. Report those that just let there cats breed to the Humane Soc. in your neighborhood. A visit to there home may help them see the problems they are causeing, a followup visit , w/ fines could help too. Spay and Nueter your cats , its cruelty not to do it .


You got it Queen


I can edit~didn't feel like wasting the time on people like you....K??? Rather take the time and energy to love animals. I love CATS!


Why take the time to post

Please give us your Address. Will catch and release in your yard. No joke


I can edit~didn't feel like wasting the time on people like you....K??? Rather take the time and energy to love animals. I love CATS!


ADVOCATE FOR ANIMALS~great comment~I also took the time to trap (humanly) 5 homeless with the help of trap, neuter and release! It was a great program~mother is no longer having litter after litter and 4 are doing well! Just buried one of the 5 because of some hater : ( Most of my neighbors have no problem with them, they are happy to no longer have the mice problem and no more little kitties without a home.
Thank you trap, neuter and release for what you did for them!!
I bet I sleep even better than KURT knowing I make a difference for helpless animals that some ignorant human threw out! Life is good when you care! As independent as they come!


I am not sure where you live to have such a problem with MICE. I have no mice and NO rats. I also have no cats. My neighbors have the SAME problem I do, the SMELL of "male marking", the SMELL of cat $h!t, the sound of reproduction. My neighbors have asked to borrow our humane trap. We have NEVER killed a cat. We even found a home for the tiny kitten that wandered into the yard. MY point is WHY do I need to pay for SOMEONE else? IT is NOT my responsibility to take care of someone elses pet. If my dog would wander out of my yard and travel the neighborhood, someone would call the cops, someone would call the dog warden. I would then be fine/arrested for DOG AT LARGE. Noone would pay to spay/neuter my dog. Noone would then release my dog to continue to wander the neighborhood. WHY are cats not covered by LAW? We know where the come from we watch them all spring/summer from our front porch, the family there does NOT care at all, they put out a BUCKET of food and go back in the house. Why can't I call the CAT WARDEN to put a stop to it? Why can't they be fined/arrested for animal neglect/abadonment? OH thats right, NOONE makes cat owners be responsible.


Why do you keep referring to them as someone else's? These are feral cats that don't belong to anyone. You aren't being forced to participate in this program. It is an optional program for people that want to help the animals and control the cat population. Sounds like a win/win situation to me!


You just don't get it! These are feral/stray animals. You keep blaming the mysterious owners. There are no owners. But part of that do you not understand? The only humane thing is to t/n/r.
Killing an animals just for the sake of killing it is wrong on so many levels. It seems you do not have compassion for anything or anyone.
I feel so sorry for you.
On a side note, YES you have mice around you. Mice are everywhere. You not seeing them just means those cats you do nothing but complain about are keeping the population down.


I do get it....we watch the people that live across the street FEED these cats, they have kittens EVERY SPRING, then they have MORE,every mating season. Apprently you do not get it either, I said I HAVE NEVER KILLED A CAT!. I do have compassion.


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Its just a shame that some of the 'so called' adults that have commented about this article haven't got a clue, & so so sad they probably never will