Erie County's humane society eyes feral cats

Erie County's humane society is launching a series of programs to deal with the area's feral cat problem, said Barbara Hargreaves, the group's director.
Tom Jackson
Nov 4, 2012

The humane society once ran a trap, neuter and return program to reduce the wild cat population in the county, but it ended in December 2011 when the program ran out of money, Hargreaves said.

But with the feral cat problem persisting, the group is launching a three-pronged effort to tackle the issue, said Hargreaves, the director for about 18 months.

For starters, a modest do-it-yourself program currently allows local residents to borrow a trap to collect the cats themselves.

“There are several vets who do feral cat surgeries in the area,” Hargreaves said.

The cost runs about $45 to $60.

Residents who want to borrow a cage must make an appointment with the vet first, she said.

Second, the Humane Society has submitted a proposal to the Kenneth A. Scott Foundation of Cleveland for a $25,000 grant to hire someone for 20 hours a week to run a new trap, neuter and release program.

The program will cover part of the costs for surgeries, although residents using the service would be expected to pay something, Hargreaves said.

“It’s going to be a 'hand-up,'" she said. "It’s not going to be a handout."

The group’s executive director, H. Richard Obermanns, was scheduled to visit the humane society Thursday to perform an on-site inspection, so it appears the grant request is being taken seriously, Hargreaves said.

An announcement is expected by year’s end.

The Scott Charitable Trust, which promotes humane treatment of animals, began in 1995. A Form 990 filed with the IRS this year shows the trust had net income of about $996,000 in 2011 from investment assets of about $19.3 million.

It paid about $863,000 in grants to various animal protection groups, including animal shelters in Ohio that received money for feral cat programs.

A third program aims to set up a surgery center, for feral cats, at property Erie County's humane society owns at 1915 Superior St., next to the humane society building.

“I’d like to see it done in 2013,” Hargreaves said.

The site is currently occupied by a vacant house, but it's being demolished. Sandusky firefighters will burn it as part of a training exercise over the next few days.

Brett Kromer, of GreensMe, has agreed to deal with the resulting debris, including filling in the basement.

Hargreaves said the humane society will soon concentrate on obtaining grant money to build the surgery center. Naming rights are available for any donor who would care to step forward.



People don't waste your money there are plenty of hunters and trappers out there and it won't cost 45 to fix them it will get rid of them we are all tired of the stray cats do a controlled hunt lol


My kids a great. My oldest wants to get into hunting I have live traps in my garden for problem animals and I don't relocate them or get them fixed she is always asking me to bring a rabbit home for dinner. I'm a dog person but had to put her up for adoption cause to kids and the dog just didn't get along. People need to take responsibility for their stupid cats


Then you should be responsible enough to teach your oldest that one should hunt for food, and use what they kill, do you plan on killing and eating cats?


NATIONAL AUDUBON feral cats article:


Licorice Schtick

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You are disgusting. We should have YOU fixed! I can only imagine if/when you have children what pieces of dirt they will be.
Ignorance breeds ignorance!


Please give us your Address. Will catch and release in your yard. No joke


Let me guess you are a CAT person? Well I am a DOG person, I adopted my dogs, I paid to have them taken care of (spayed, medications, vaccines, etc) I also paid for the license that is REQUIRED by law. I also have a collar and a leash as required by LAW. Every CAT owner should be required to do the same! If my dog is in your yard, you can call the dog warden and have me charged with "dog at large".....WHO do I call when there is a STRAY cat in my yard, doing its business and spreading fleas and disease to my dogs????? Yes I have relocated a few cats in my day. I am tired of my house/porch smelling like cat P!$$, or working in my flower beds and finding cat $h!t. Call me what you want. If you want to own a cat fine. Keep in in your house, put a leash on it outdoors, by a license, and YOU pay to spay/neuter it. WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH should other people PAY to have a cat spayed/neutered? I pay to take care of my own animals, I am NOT paying for others. This is a problem in MANY places and the SAME debate goes on and on. The idea of trap, spay, release is NOT the answer. THat allows the cats to still infest the neighborhood with FLEAS, spread disease, and spray their scent all over! Not a total fix. IF you can to own a cat, KEEP IT IN YOUR HOUSE!.


You know what I don't appreciate? I don't appreciate scumbag felons living in my neighborhood infesting my neighborhood with crime. I don't appreciate scummy people throwing their trash out their car windows and having it land in my yard and I have to go out and clean it up. I don't appreciate other people's kids tramping through my yard. I don't appreciate boom box music blaring from the cars that pull into my neighbors driveway. I don't appreciate using a public bathroom only to find some filthy human pig left a disgusting mess behind.

Why on GOD'S GREEN EARTH should I have to put up with filthy humans and all the crime, stink, filth, trash, and destruction they leave everywhere they go? Got an answer for that????

I'll take a stray cat in my yard any day over human garbage.

No matter what the humane society does to try to help feral cats you people will never be satisfied. All you do is b*tch and complain and post garbage about shooting cats and killing them and you think it's funny.

Someday you are all going to have to answer for the way you have treated God's creatures.

Darwin's choice



Please give us your Address. Will catch and release in your yard. No joke

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Someone needs to contact Milan, Ohio.


Hey Sandusky, why is it that dog owners have to buy tags and keep their pets contained and leashed, but the law does not burden the cat owners. I'm fed up with the cats running free around my property.


I totally agree I have H S dog retread my comments

Yellow Snow

Where does a local resident go for a REASONABLE cat spay or neuter? We had a kitten show up yesterday, we are a dog family. We will probably keep her, it's turning too cold to put her back outside to fend for herself. A reasonable spay would appreciated


Go to

They pick up/drop off animals after performing VERY reasonably priced surgeries, vaccinations, etc. You can register online for the next pick-up in the area.

For the record, I've taken advantage of their services for several years now. Everything they've done has been of excellent quality and even better value.

Yellow Snow

Thank you! I will be on the phone Monday. We'd really like to keep her. My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer, and he's miserable and very ill. Treatment starts tomorrow. Animals have a way of calming a bad situation, I just knew she showed up for a reason. The prices at this clinic will allow us to keep her healthy.


Yellow snow, Wyndot County @ $30.00 each? (its been awhile) By the by if your cat or dog ruins my rabbits, did you know by law I can destroy it? I had a small rabbitt operation. Each must be responsible for their actions/items. Its that E-z.


My cats do not go outside and my dogs are ALWAYS on a leash.
Next argument??


Isn't it sad that animals have to pay the ultimate price for human ignorance. Irresponsible, the word that describes the largest amount of the population. Whatever you decide you don't want anymore ..... just kill it. Spouses, children, unborn babies, animals ....


Cats don't need licensing if responsible owners would keep them indoors. Cats don't need to go outside to relieve themselves, and they SHOULDN'T go outside to roam. Danger is everywhere, from dogs to cars to disease.

For those complaining about feral cats, how, pray tell, would licensing them help? The poor things are already loose, frequently because cruel people can't be bothered to care for their pets and who then go on to breed even wilder populations.

I'm entirely on board with a trap and release program. Existing colonies will keep any others from moving in, and spaying/neutering means those colonies will eventually fade away on their own since the populations won't grow.

Mommy25 is sadly all too right. Animals are living, breathing creatures who feel pain, fear, and hunger just like you do. They also, however, feel love and gratitude. Those who choose to increase the former and ignore the latter are less in their souls than the poor animals they abuse, whether by intent or simple disregard. Animals are NOT disposable commodities!


BUT....why should I need to trap and PAY to have someone else's animal taken care of. I take care of mine! And just because the animal is spayed/neutered it still spreads disease and fleas/parasites. Also if they are feral cats and someone has turned them out....why is it so cruel of me to trap and remove them from the area? People can not have it both ways. Feral cats are NOT why must we treat them as so? If you have a raccoon, skunk, opossum, rat or other varmint do you want to trap, spay and release it? OR do you REMOVE IT?


If you get mugged, it isn't the polices problem but they are still there to help. Abandoned, abused and neglected children are maybe not yours, but someone needs to help care for them, both financially and physically. The old and handicapped are maybe not your problem, but again they need care and help. People affected by disasters may not be directly related to you, but they need help. Ferrel cats may be somewhat of a nuisance at times, but they keep the mice and rat population under control. There are natural repellents you can add to your flower beds to keep them away from specific places. If people would accept responsibility for their actions (getting an animal), we wouldn't have such a huge problem. But, as I've said for years .... People won't even care for their own children anymore, how can we expect them to care for their animals. The problem is much bigger than people care to acknowledge.


Are you really trying to compare a feral cat with god knows what diseases and parasites to a mugging victim? Or abused children? WOW...Not even on the same page in my book. I have tried the natural repellants, they do NOT work. I have accepted my responsibilities, I have 2 kids I take care of and I have 2 dogs I have adopted and taken care of. A feral cat is NOT my problem, if it is MY yard and threatening the health and safety of my family I will take care of it though. I realize people love their animals like family. BUT if you are going to put people and the help they need on the same page as feral cats and how we need to help them then your priorities are different than mine.

Advocate For Animals

I have to wonder just how many diseases and parasites you have caught from animals versus how many viruses, diseases, etc. you have caught from other people.


Yes swine flue is one


If you fall on hard times, YOUR children being fed are NOT my problem either. But you will use my tax dollars.
The difference between us, I I have compassion/. You, well you are just disgusting.


Sam is right. Pet cats should be kept indoors.

The only cat you should feed is one you keep indoors. Feeding and housing feral cats just compounds the misery and makes the problem worse.

As always, death threats may be sent to:


Shoot 'em!


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