Honda announces $200M investment, 200 jobs in Ohio

Honda said Thursday it will make more than $200 million in new investments at two plants in western Ohio, creating at least 200 new manufacturing jobs.
Associated Press
Nov 1, 2012

The automaker says the expansions for the Anna engine plant and Russells Point transmission plant were announced to mark Honda's 30th anniversary of auto production in the United States.

Honda spokesman Ron Lietzke said the upgrades will continue the company's effort to localize the manufacturing of its products in North America.

Honda will spend about $170 million to add a fourth engine assembly line and make other upgrades at the plant in Anna, adding about 200 new jobs. Construction will begin in the next few months at the plant about 50 miles north of Dayton.

Another $50 million investment at the transmission plant at Russells Point, about 60 miles northeast of Dayton, is in addition to a round of previously announced new spending at the facility. The projects will "increase flexibility to produce advanced transmissions and powertrain components," the company said.

The Russells Point upgrade will result in some new jobs, but the company said it will announce details later.

Honda said it has invested about $475 million at those plants within the past two years.

The Anna facility is Honda's largest engine plant. It employs about 2,600 people and produces four-cylinder and V6 engines and drivetrain components. The roughly 1,100 employees at the Russells Point facility make automatic transmissions and four-wheel-drive systems.

Honda's new Accord sedan being built at the company's Marysville plant in central Ohio has led to investments and more jobs in the Anna and Russells Point plants, with companies that supply Honda with products and services also getting a boost.

Overall, Honda has about 13,500 Ohio employees in manufacturing, support, research and development and other operations.

Honda has nine automobile assembly lines at seven plant sites in North America, with an annual capacity of 1.63 million Honda and Acura cars.




@ Kimo:

Better check which foreign countries are the top purchasers of U.S. debt.

BTW: Japan is in deep trouble demographically. They have a negative mortality rate.


maybe your "awesome" union workers could do a better job of building automobiles!!! maybe, they could actually earn some of that $40+ per hour. who wants to buy a piece of crap made by uaw workers?


Go to work gentlemen. Oh wait. This is your job.


If you take "All Government" spending out of the equation.....
You would still go broke when your import dollars are greater than your export dollars.

When expenses are greater than income, it matters little what or where the "expense" money goes, you still go broke.


@ Kimo:

Govt. spending is about 12% of GDP, good luck with "removing" it "out of the equation.

According to the CIA Factbook, the U.S. as a country remains the second largest exporter in the world. What do you want?

Also, oil adds to our import numbers. Drill, drill, drill.

Mr. Bernanke is trashing the U.S. dollar, it's a race to the bottom.

The U.S. will inflate their way out of debt, leaving everyone poor.

Where are you getting any yield on your investments????

Swamp Fox

Fact Sheet on the GM Bailout:

Both Obama and Romney proposed taking GM through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

GM went bankrupt. Its shares became worthless and its assets were transferred to a new company, which was called General Motors.

Obama used taxpayer dollars to force through a political bankruptcy that preserved union contracts and pensions, short changed bondholders, and made the unions and the federal government the new owners of GM.

Romney favored a regular bankruptcy that would treat all GM stakeholders fairly. The government would be limited to providing bridge financing backed by GM assets to limit taxpayer exposure.

The federal government remains a major shareholder because it cannot sell its shares without revealing the extent of the taxpayer loss.

The old GM was an ideal candidate for Chapter 11. It had an established brand name, billions of dollars of revenues, and needed restructuring to lower its high labor and pension costs. It would have attracted numerous bidders.


"restructuring to lower its high labor and pension costs"

Obama saved 800,000 jobs and the retirement pension of many more. Do you understand that the type of bankruptcy that you advocate for would have liquidated the pension fund to vulture capitalists (Romney's friend and Trust fund manager) and left tax payers holding the bill?

Whaaa. More jobs for Ohio. Say it isn't so....


Sheesh. Bring it down wet blanket winnie...Bring it down! Obama will win.


Sheesh. Bring it down wet blanket winnie...Bring it down! Obama will win.


Re:"This is your job."

I once had a tee that said "Not my job"


The History Channel has a good series Men Who Built America. I lived some of that "history" when I was a pup. It wasn't pretty and history is repeating itself.


@ Kimo:

Harvard Historian-Economist Naill Ferguson: History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.

Wanna see the future of a heavily bureaucratic U.S.? Study the rise and fall of the Soviet Union.

The Progressives think that they're smarter than the 'stupid' Russians. LOL!


Server issue S.R. hence double post.....sorry bout that.


Who really cares which POLITICIAN is doing what at this moment. You can bet that one of the candidates will take the credit. Maybe the reason that this expansion is happening is because OHIO HAS GREAT WORKERS WHO DO QUALITY WORK!!! Great news!


Some of you must eat, breathe, and dream politics. Do you ever get tired of it? There are other things going on in this world. Why not just be happy 200 people will get a job. How can that be a source of contention? Relax, don't panic pooh bear, everything will be okay!


@ deertracker:

Good morning "Sunshine."

Your lefty buddies brought in the Jeep controversy.

BA: Poli Sci major, History minor. Courses in personal financial planning, economics, but mostly self-educated.

Hope is not a strategy.

John Harville

OH no! But Romney's campaign is base on Hope and Change... hope Americans will be stupid and change the successful plan in place for America's future.


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@ deertracker:

Yep! Education = personal power.

If you don't know where you're goin', any road will get you there.

Learn and do what the "one percenters" know - save and invest.

Your pal, Al Gore didn't get his estimated $100M, by not knowing what the boys and girls in DC were planning.

If you're happy where you're currently at in life - good for you. Just make sure that you control your future and don't leave it to others.

Living well is the best revenge. :)


I am more of a here and now guy since the future is not guaranteed. My wife and I have lost enough money due to Wall St. so I will prepare for tomorrow but not worry about it. Tell all the unemployed but educated how your education equation works. Knowledge, is the key. Just any education does not necessarily equal power. What REAL power do you have? Power and/or wealth can be one's undoing. Remember that!

John Harville

Onlyl a BS? Obviously.

John Harville

"Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells." Jean-Paul Getty.

John Harville

Money is like manure, Of very little use except it be spread. - Francis Bacon

John Harville

Spreading the wealth to help others live well is the greatest satisfaction. you should try it.


Here is the perfect example of how much our liberal labor unions care about their fellow Americans.


If republicans had their way, there would be NO unions.


If unions had their way people would wait a month for power and water.

Screw everyone. All they want is dues money.Tax and ratepayers be dayumed.


I owned a couple Mitsubishi's over the last 10 years. Never had a problem with either vehicle. I grew weary of all the "Buy American" comments I would get ad nauseum. So I did buy American 2 months ago. I bought a Honda made in East Liberty, Ohio. Love it!

Mr. D

@contango. . . you are incorrect in your statement about the lefties bringing up the jeep controversey. Suggest you go back to the begining of the comments and see who actually first mentioned it. Why must you fabricate?


@ Mr. D:

Reads like OCD to me...

Life's too short. Would ya be a sport and lay out the time-line for me?


I'll take a shot at the time line of conserv vs lefty.
Nope It wasn't me....response removed