Honda announces $200M investment, 200 jobs in Ohio

Honda said Thursday it will make more than $200 million in new investments at two plants in western Ohio, creating at least 200 new manufacturing jobs.
Associated Press
Nov 1, 2012

The automaker says the expansions for the Anna engine plant and Russells Point transmission plant were announced to mark Honda's 30th anniversary of auto production in the United States.

Honda spokesman Ron Lietzke said the upgrades will continue the company's effort to localize the manufacturing of its products in North America.

Honda will spend about $170 million to add a fourth engine assembly line and make other upgrades at the plant in Anna, adding about 200 new jobs. Construction will begin in the next few months at the plant about 50 miles north of Dayton.

Another $50 million investment at the transmission plant at Russells Point, about 60 miles northeast of Dayton, is in addition to a round of previously announced new spending at the facility. The projects will "increase flexibility to produce advanced transmissions and powertrain components," the company said.

The Russells Point upgrade will result in some new jobs, but the company said it will announce details later.

Honda said it has invested about $475 million at those plants within the past two years.

The Anna facility is Honda's largest engine plant. It employs about 2,600 people and produces four-cylinder and V6 engines and drivetrain components. The roughly 1,100 employees at the Russells Point facility make automatic transmissions and four-wheel-drive systems.

Honda's new Accord sedan being built at the company's Marysville plant in central Ohio has led to investments and more jobs in the Anna and Russells Point plants, with companies that supply Honda with products and services also getting a boost.

Overall, Honda has about 13,500 Ohio employees in manufacturing, support, research and development and other operations.

Honda has nine automobile assembly lines at seven plant sites in North America, with an annual capacity of 1.63 million Honda and Acura cars.



The Big Dog's back

Gee, I wonder what mittwit will say about this.

Erie County Resident

Mitt would be real proud of them.
They as well as Ford made it without having their hand in Obama's (OUR) pockets for free money.
I can see it now, the UAW union hacks sending busloads of protesters from GM/Chrysler to pickett the plants because "they don't belong".
Almost seems like a Right-To-Work state huh?

T. A. Schwanger

Iv'e worked for the Big Three for 30 plus years and am thankfull for it. Let's not forget:::: ::::"But wait a minute. OK, Ford didn’t file bankruptcy or get bailed out by Uncle Sam, but didn’t it receive $5.9 billion in low-cost government loans in 2009 to overhaul its factories and bring out more fuel-efficient technology? What would have happened to Ford if Congress hadn’t authorized taxpayer money to fund that $25 billion Energy Department program during a moment of crisis for the industry.


so, the moral of your story is that maybe gm should have taken a loan? oh wait, they did through a gov't backed bankruptcy and was for a he!! of a lot more cost. gm still owes the fed gov't $25billion++.

so maybe you can tell us why uaw products su ck. 7 other car companies have been rated better than gm and chrysler. why is that? haven't screwed the taxpayer enough yet?

John Harville

EC Resident: check your history. In 2009 Honda AND Toyota got loans from THEIR government to get US loans to expand plants here. Yeah... Right to Work for lower wages and fewer benefits...


Mitt will think it's great news, it's the UAW Obama supporters who will hate it!

John Harville

@ it's... you mean like Mitt loved that his wife's blind trust spent $1 million on 62-cent shares of Delphi before it moved, then sold it at $32+ a share and reaped a $15,0000,000 profit while Delphi managers lost their pensions and blamed it on Obama?


It'll help offset the jobs being shipped to China via Jeep?


Another brainwashed victim of political ads I see. Chrysler has said Mitt lives in a "parallel universe" (ie they are saying he is a liar) and said repeatedly it is making new factories in China in order to get into their market. These are not Jeeps being made to ship back here for us to buy.

So you take Romney's interpretation of what Chrysler said instead of what Chrysler actually said. The Jeeps sold here will continue to be sold here. If you fear jobs being sent overseas, fear Mitt Romney since he actually bought Chinese factories. Do the research yourself instead of believing political ads. Look up GM's response to Romney ad about Jeeps to China and hear what they are doing without the political spin placed on it from the Romney camp.

Erie County Resident

@ Seriously,
Here is GM's response to Romney via the US taxpayer bailout. This is the thanks they got.
While GM was cashing the bailout check they closed plants and dealerships here and opened what 11+ plants in China?
Yep GM and Obama really stand behind the American working class ... NOT!!!
Watch the whole video not just the opening 3 seconds like usual.


As always I do appreciate a fine education but as my teacher you shouldn't assume (cause we do know was assume means - a$$ out of u & me). You see I don't watch political ads nor commercials in general. Political ads are filled with lies, deceptions, and some pretty bad acting. I heard the Jeep rumor on the radio (not Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage....etc - in my book they're just like political ads), it was a news break on some radio station, most likely classic rock - Toledo or Cleveland.

Besides my comment was in the form of a question not a declaration of fact.

That said, I'll be voting Romney ;-D

John Harville

Don't overlook the fact the Romney's made $15,000,000 - 4000% profit - when Bainmitt took Delphi to China...


Actually, Jeep is ADDING 1100 jobs at their Toledo Plant; they're opening an entire new line. As Seriously correctly stated above, NO American jobs are being moved to China by Jeep. Romney's ad was given the "Pants On Fire" rating by the independent fact-checking organization PolitiFact' for being 100% false. The flailings of a desperate losing candidate...


@ coasterfan:

Jeep to China? Merely a mistatement of country destination. Fiat is said that they are looking to move production to Italy.

Know this: Fiat is financially very weak and is looking for another partner; maybe Mazda?

Read more biz and watch less Bill Maher.


Looks like OHIO gets to make the call this time. Go vote, or don't complain after the fact.


Erie County Resident: Watch the whole tape. You just pick the parts YOU like.
Governor Romney, while opposing the bail-out of GM, accused Obama of eliminating the pensions of 21,000 non-union employees at Delphi. In fact, it was Romney’s funders who wiped out 100% of the pensions and health care accounts of Delphi salaried retirees­­.

Paulson and Singer paid an average of about 67 cents a share for Delphi. In November, 2011, Paulson sold a chunk of his holdings for $22 a share. Paulson’s gain totals a billion and a half dollars ($1,499,499,000), and Singer gained nearly a billion ($899,751,000) –– thirty-two times their investment.

One-hundred percent of this gain for the Paulson and Singer hedge funds is accounted for by taxpayer bail-out support.

John Harville

OMG... you forgot Ann Romney's Private Trust made $15,000,000 on the Delphi-to-China deal. Maybe all those complaining Delphi managers need to look closely at whom to blame???


Good news.

Jeep adding jobs or Honda adding jobs? No comparison.

Just go to JD Power and see that Honda is above avg. on dependabilty and Chrysler is at the bottom.

Which would you rather own; something that you can drive or something that's in the shop?


I believe that Ohioans are thankful for the jobs. Mr. Romney's deceptive advertisements are not helpful to an American company.


@ eriemom:

So have you bought a new GM or Chrysler recently and helped 'em out?

Fiat has discussed moving Jeep production to Italy. What's the difference?


I bought a Ford last Monday during the hurricane. It was built in America.


@ eriemom:

You commemorated the hurricane with a vehicle purchase?

Good for you! And all the parts are of U.S. origin?

My loaded '12 Nissan Altima 3.5SR V6 and my '04 LeSabre were also "built in America."


why didn't you support your boy prezo and buy a gm or chrysler???


I've driven a Honda for the past 12 years, will never own anything else for this simple reason (though I do want an older Jeep Wrangler just for summer fun and because I love the style). Everyone always makes fun of my un-Americanism. Wonder if one of those people will be a new employee :)



Govt. work pays well.

Al Gore is worth an estimated $100M. How'd he do it? He invested in many of those "green" cos. that Mr. Obama subsidized like Johnson Controls who made electric car batteries and then abandoned the business.

No doubt that Mr. Obama's personal fortune will grow once he leave office too - all compliments of the U.S. taxpayer.

The rich are getting richer under Pres. Obama.


Are you saying they did NOT get rich under Bush?

John Harville

@at the risk of getting 'moderated' for repitition... what about the $15million the Romney's made off the sale of Delphi and move to China?

Swamp Fox

Those foreign automakers, like Chrysler now 51% owned by Italian automaker Fiat after the U.S. taxpayers bailed them out... GM sucess, like the $7500 federal tax credit to buy the GM plug in Voit, thanks U.S. taxpayers...


@ SF:

Pres. Obama wants to raise the tax credit to $10K

I talked to the guys at Nissan. The Leaf is a neat car - but it ain't selling.

GM has been channel stuffing. Cars on dealer lots are at record highs.


Keep sending the money to Japan.
Take a trip to Oahu Hawaii and see what the Japanese do with some of those profits.

When I mentioned the Chinese threat to America's way of life a couple of years ago, I was called a "racist". Now the Romney people are making the same points I made and it's cool. I don't see any of the SR regulars calling Romney a "racist".

A few years from now, the Japanese will be an "issue" in the political arena.

You can’t keep sending more American dollars out than you are taking in forever, sooner or later you go broke, no matter how much “government” you cut.