Halloween-colored lobster caught off Mass. coast

A Massachusetts fisherman has caught a creepy-looking lobster that's colored to match Halloween.
Associated Press
Oct 31, 2012


The New England Aquarium says the 1-pound female lobster has an orange side and a black side, with the colors split perfectly down the middle.

Marine officials say such coloration is estimated to occur once in every 50 million lobsters.

The fisherman who caught the seasonally colored crustacean in a trap last week is from Beverly, a seaside community 20 miles northeast of Boston.

The rare lobster is known as a split. Aquarium officials said Wednesday splits have been caught in Maine, Rhode Island and Nova Scotia in the last 10 years.




I call BS. Possibly if the line wasn't such so perfectly straight and crisp I might fall for it.


This has gotta be a fake like the sharks swimming in neighborhoods cause of sandy SR you need to check this out and really prove this


Orange and black = rides a Harley....


good one


There was a pink Egret in Sheldons Marsh about 15 years ago. Turns out it had been dyed for research purposes.

The lobster is real. The New England Aquarium has the critter. Here's the link to a much more detailed story at their website:


Local experts who detect a fake should notify them.


Generally if a lobster is orange, he's already been boiled.