Skeleton found when historic Conn. tree uprooted

New Haven police say superstorm Sandy has revealed a skeleton beneath the town green that may have been there since Colonial times.
Associated Press
Oct 31, 2012


Police spokesman David Hartman says a woman who was with other bystanders looking at a fallen oak tree called police Tuesday after she saw bones in the upturned roots.

Hartman says the tree was planted on the green in 1909 on the 100th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth. He says the remains likely belong to one of thousands of people buried there in Colonial times. The remains will be evaluated by the state medical examiner.

Katie Carbo, who called police, tells the New Haven Independent she saw something in the tree roots, and found the bones when she removed some dirt. She says the skeleton "should be given a proper burial."




What would a proper burial be for an over 200 yr. old skeleton that nobody knows? Get rid of the tree and fill in the hole. Leave it where it is/was.

The dead don't care.


That skeleton would vote for Obama......



Did they register it yet? HA!

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You mean them? ACORN would find ten names for the poor sole to be registered under!


Don't drag politics in where it doesn't belong. It makes you look foolish.


beat them to the punch...knew someone would post "dead voter" comment....
smile and lighten up



Atleast they didnt prop it up for Halloween . smile.w/ a sign still waiting for a honest politician to come along.

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And I thought there would be a "Jimmy Hoffa" found story again : )

But really, it could be an old relative of mine, they settled in New England in 1635!


Uuhh last I knew, the "new" abbreviation for the State of Connecticut is "CT", not CONN.