Huron firefighter in trouble before

HURON Bryan Ware is no stranger to finding himself in trouble for engaging in questionable behavior
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Bryan Ware is no stranger to finding himself in trouble for engaging in questionable behavior with people younger than himself.

Ware, 33, was convicted in 2006 for furnishing alcohol to underage persons and obstruction of justice, according to documents found in his personnel file.

At the time Ware blamed his troubles on a bad decision and apologized for his actions, according to his personnel file.

There are no court records of the conviction. Huron Municipal Court Judge William Steuk expunged the convictions from Ware’s record on Aug. 8, Huron prosecutor Laura Alkire said. “A first offense in Ohio is eligible to be expunged if you have no prior offenses and nothing(pending) two years after a conviction,” Alkire said. A little more than three years after his last conviction, Ware again finds himself in trouble for alleged behavior with minors. Ware, a full-time firefighter with the city of Huron, was placed on unpaid administrative leave April 7 after being charged with disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile and pandering obscenity, both felonies.

Ware is believed to have engaged in the latest incident with a member of the Huron High boys varsity soccer team. Ware served as a volunteer coach for the team in 2008.

Huron Schools superintendent Fred Fox said he was unaware of any prior convictions for Ware, adding Ware is no longer affiliated with the squad.

Huron police refused to release the newest investigative report on Ware, referring questions to Alkire, who didn’t respond to several requests seeking a copy of the report.

Ware, who was named the Huron Chamber of Commerce’s 2005 Man of theYear,is free on bond. He is scheduled to appear for a pretrial hearing Tuesday, according to court records. Terms of his bond forbid him from having contact with juveniles and stepping foot on Huron Schools property.

There are no police records of the 2006 incident. They are considered a part of the information that was expunged from Ware’s record, a court clerk said.

According to his personnel file, Ware attempted to hide “several underage persons in an attic” when police busted him for furnishing alcohol to minors. After his 2006 conviction, city manager Andrew White gave Ware a three-day suspension without pay. Said White at the time: “Although firefighter Ware had been a highly valued employee with a great performance record, I cannot dismiss his actions as it relates to the expectations and conduct of a member of the Huron Fire Division.”

Ware apologized for his actions. “I’ve learned a valuable lesson and apologize for any negativity this brings the fire division,” Ware said, according to documents in his personnel file.

Ware did not answer the door at his home in the 1200 block of Marina Drive and did not respond to requests seeking comment.

A neighbor who did not want to give her name said Ware keeps to himself. She said during the past winter he plowed the driveways of some of his neighbors. The woman said she was aware of the latest charges against him. “It’s such a shame,” she said. “He has a nice career.”