Workers find possible human heart at Erie County landfill

Workers say they stumbled on a jarred heart Saturday at the Erie County landfill on Hoover Road. Authorities suspect it may be a human heart.
Emil Whitis
Oct 30, 2012


The organ was encased in a fluid-filled mason jar, which was packed in a cardboard box stuffed with hazardous materials. Someone dropped the box off at the landfill sometime between 12:30-3 p.m. during a county-sponsored hazardous materials drop-off program.

“Nobody can remember for sure who brought the box,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

County environmental services worker Lisa Beursken held onto the heart until Monday, when she turned it over to Sigsworth. He, in turn, took it to the Erie County coroner’s office for testing, to see if it once belonged to a human.  

“It appears to be human, but we don’t know that for sure,” he said. “The coroner will be able to properly identify and dispose of it.”



Ask the coronor if it is a human heart. He should know.


Screw that. All HAZMAT need papers and signatures. Where in the hell are the papers for "protocol"?


WTF? Is this Sanford and Son scrapyard in my front lawn? Toxic waste? Anyone?


They also found a huge pit full of Romney supporter brains.


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Taxed Enough Already

at least Romney supporter's have brains to find.


do yah think?

Taxed Enough Already

you are the one that said so LOL


Why do some of you people always make it about politics? Do you have a one track mind? We will have to live with whomever is elected. Get over it!


Agree 100%!

Erie County Resident

Coroner will most likely send to Lucas county to ID it just like everything else. Baxter is a joke.
If you can't eat it or drink it he can't ID it.

Taxed Enough Already

Yeah how does he keep being elected over and over again. I wish someone with decent credentials would run against him.


Decent credentials? The Coroner is an elected position, required for each county in the state. Every county in Ohio that is the size of Erie County or smaller sends most of their autopsies to bigger cities. Fact is Erie County doesn't have the facilities or money to have a full-time coroner, staff and lab to conduct most autopsies. It costs the county less money to contract these to lucas county than to do them in house, considering this county doesn't have the volume needed to make it economically feasible to staff a full service lab and pay a full time forensic pathologist and staff.

By the way, here are the qualifications to be a coroner in Ohio. Sounds to me like Baxter is perfectly qualified, and having worked with him during my time in EMS I think he does an excellent job.

313.02 Qualifications for coroner - continuing education.

(A) No person shall be eligible to the office of coroner except a physician who has been licensed to practice as a physician in this state for a period of at least two years immediately preceding election or appointment as a coroner, and who is in good standing in the person’s profession, or is a person who was serving as coroner on October 12, 1945.

(B)(1) Beginning in calendar year 2000 and in each fourth year thereafter, each newly elected coroner, after the general election but prior to commencing the term of office to which elected, shall attend and successfully complete sixteen hours of continuing education at programs sponsored by the Ohio state coroners association. Within ninety days after appointment to the office of coroner under section 305.02 of the Revised Code, the newly appointed coroner shall attend and successfully complete sixteen hours of continuing education at programs sponsored by the association. Hours of continuing education completed under the requirement described in division (B)(1) of this section shall not be counted toward fulfilling the continuing education requirement described in division (B)(2) of this section.

As used in division (B)(1) of this section, “newly elected coroner” means a person who did not hold the office of coroner on the date the person was elected coroner.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in division (B)(2) of this section, beginning in calendar year 2001, each coroner, during the coroner’s four-year term, shall attend and successfully complete thirty-two hours of continuing education at programs sponsored by the Ohio state coroners association. Except as otherwise provided in division (B)(2) of this section, each coroner shall attend and successfully complete twenty-four of these thirty-two hours at statewide meetings, and eight of these thirty-two hours at regional meetings, sponsored by the association. The association may approve attendance at continuing education programs it does not sponsor but, if attendance is approved, successful completion of hours at these programs shall be counted toward fulfilling only the twenty-four-hour requirement described in division (B)(2) of this section.

(3) Upon successful completion of a continuing education program required by division (B)(1) or (2) of this section, the person who successfully completes the program shall receive from the association or the sponsoring organization a certificate indicating that the person successfully completed the program.


Dr. Baxter is a very good doctor anda good man! He is very qualified to do an autopsy.




Yep Why do we even have a cororner?Waste of taxpayers money


Yep...Why do we even have a cororner? Waste of taxpayers money

Home Boy we're still out here, and there's a lot of us. Better prepare to go back to work cause the hand outs are comning to an end. Or you can just starve.


I second that!


Home boy and hurones1, your brains have been found.
They are in pretty good shape--- they've hardly been used.
And the heart belonged to the Republican Party. It was really hard and it hasn't worked for years.


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4shizzle I agree with you and thought your comments were spot on. Speaking of finding things in strange places: a laundry worker told me they found 2 deceased babies in with the linen they picked up from a Detroit hospital. Nurses came to pick them up. Don't know what happened to the nurses that put the babies in the dirty laundry to begin with.


I am still trying to figure out how a HEART in a jar at a junkyard EQUALS political comments. This has NOTHING to do with Obama or Romney. Yes if it was marked hazard or biological it should have a proper paper chain to follow. There many need to be some investigation into how this junkyard is being ran and proper procedures, but it has NOTHING to do with POLITICS. Do the political commentors really think that the mud you sling here on Sandusky Register comment section makes ANYONE rethink their own personal political choices? H3LL, the phone calls and the flyers in the mail box go unread, unanswered. I highly doubt your comment about a heart in a jar at a junkyard in Sandusky, Ohio is going to change the outcome of the election.


I basically said what you did way up at the top of this comment section, ladydye. Things such as this need to be sealed and have protocol with paperwork. Does anyone know what that jar contains and what will be released when it is opened? Obviously not. It should not be in just that glass jar, either. It is a possible contaminant. All these people making light of this would be the first to cry foul after they were infected.

The Big Dog's back

Repubs are the only ones I know that can live without a heart.


Sorry ladydye,

The devil made me do it-- but it's all true and you've kept the ball rolling.


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