Dr. Phil didn't help: TV appearance preceded alleged drugstore theft

NORWALK Even before they allegedly robbed a Norwalk pharmacy and hid some of the pills they are suspected of stealing in thei
Cory Frolik
May 24, 2010



Even before they allegedly robbed a Norwalk pharmacy and hid some of the pills they are suspected of stealing in their private parts, Kurtis DeWitt and Megan Lillo were already occupying the limelight.

The couple appeared on a March 20 episode of "Dr. Phil." The topic was domestic violence.

About four weeks later, DeWitt, 23, and Lillo, 21, were arrested on charges of robbing Kaiser Wells Pharmacy on April 15 of 499 OxyContin pills -- a powerful synthetic opiate.

DeWitt, who was wearing an ankle monitoring device at the time -- a condition of his bond from an earlier burglary -- was placed at the pharmacy through GPS tracking, authorities said.

He was arrested at his home and taken into custody along with his girlfriend, Lillo -- the alleged getaway driver.

The couple's legal troubles are just beginning.

DeWitt was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison for burglarizing a veterans home in Greenwich last fall. In connection to this crime, Lillo pleaded guilty to breaking and entering and will be sentenced in May.

Huron County prosecutor Russ Leffler said he thinks Lillo was also the getaway driver in that instance and aided in other ways.

"It had to be a multi-purpose job," Leffler said. "She may have gone in and lifted things. ... (The couple) seemed to excite each other by doing these things."

Transcripts of the March 20 episode of "Dr. Phil" illustrate the couple had other problems in their relationship.

DeWitt admitted to Dr. Phil that Lillo was regularly the victim of his rage and intense jealousy.

He beat her to the point of bruising and black eyes. He threw her into walls and slapped her around, he said.

One time, DeWitt hurled a rock at her, smashing Lillo in the head. The wound required stitches.

Dr. Phil tried to take a hard line with DeWitt.

"I want to know what you tell yourself that gives you the right to hit, slap, shove and bust this girl in the head with a rock," Dr. Phil said.

DeWitt had no answer. All he could say was he needed help.

Asked why she stayed in an abusive relationship, Lillo said DeWitt always promised following a fit of violence that he would change.

The promise was broken time and time again.

According to comments they made on the show, the pair started dating in high school, but broke it off.

Lillo had a child with another man, but then the relationship dissolved. She and DeWitt reconciled.

Lillo's mother was worried by the relationship and presented a judge with the details of their partnership.

The court decided Lillo's child could not remain in her custody as long as she stayed with DeWitt. She surrendered the custody of her son to be with DeWitt.

During an on-tape interview, DeWitt blamed his rocky upbringing for his violent temperament.

"I was raised in a loud family, always fighting, always arguing," he said. "My mother was very controlling, very jealous and I think that's where I picked up my habits."

Dr. Phil told the couple to separate, claiming they could resolve their problems if DeWitt stopped making excuses for his behavior and sought professional help.

"Kurt, if you do love her and you honor her as a woman and as a mother, you need to let her go and be the woman that she's supposed to be, and you get some help without distraction and without excuses," he said.

But according to local authorities, DeWitt continues to make excuses for his actions.

In court Thursday, DeWitt blamed his drug addiction for the illegal choices he's made, Leffler said. Lillo has also offered excuses.

"Their attempts to blame it on someone else are wearing a little thin," Leffler said.

Locally, the couple have become a punch line.

Aside from allegedly robbing the pharmacy while wearing a tracking device, DeWitt also is accused of stuffing drugs into his rectum.

Once admitted into the Huron County jail last week, authorities noticed blood oozing from the back of DeWitt's pants.

Authorities said DeWitt shoved a number of OxyContin pills into his rectum and injured himself trying to extract them.

"He was bleeding as a result of his fishing expedition," Huron County Jail administrator Dave Battles said.

Jail staff also found pills tucked into Lillo's genitals.

The next day, DeWitt complained of stomach pains. He confessed a wad of drugs about the size of a tennis ball was still inside him, Battles said.

DeWitt's carelessness helped incriminate him in the November burglary, too, Leffler said.

"He was nice enough -- when he was in jail -- to call his girlfriend on a recorded line and talk to her about committing the offense," Leffler said.

Leffler said the couple brought out the worst in each other. He said he hopes their time apart in correctional institutions will make them realize the error of their ways.