Opinion: Cole, Poole got it right

Excerpt from the Register editorial board's Viewpoint in the Sunday Register: Sandusky city commissioners Jeff Smith, Julie Farrar, Keith Grohe, John Hamilton and Pervis Brown all voted to spend an additional $13,000 for background checks, however, and vetting of the the police chief search committee's top candidates even though most of those candidates could not lawfully be appointed chief.
Oct 28, 2012



It was an irresponsible vote, a waste of taxpayer money and suggests these commissioners will take the path of least resistance without any serious examination of serious issues. 
Commissioners Diedre Cole and Wes Poole refused to go along with the charade. They took heat from their colleagues on commission but voted against the additional expenditures. That's a stand the other commissioners should consider emulating. It's simply not too much to ask the city to get it right hiring the next police chief and not waste taxpayer money and time in the process.
At least Cole and Poole understand that. 
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Register board has it right. The city commission would be well served to read the city charter.


The jury is still out on who got it right. We have to see who is hired first!


Amen, and if certain parties are not elected to the "finals" list, you will never hear the end of this from some people. You can count on it.


Maybe they got it right but it came after the fact. Shame on the city for waiting until last minute to announce it.


I guess them getting something right is a perfect example of the old phrase there is a first time for everything. This whole police chief debacle is just one more reason amongst many that I am glad I don't live in the city.


Yeah...post it again with another headline to see how many hits you can get for the adverts.


This is another example of how the SR is taking something out of context and making it seem right when in fact it isn't right at all. This entire matter was brought up because Ms Cole and Mr Poole complained about "calls they received from Perkins people not being allowed to apply." It had NOTHING to do with the process of how the police chief was being named, nor did it have anything to do with the Charter at first.

It wasn't until Ms Cole appeared on BTL some week or two later that the Charter was mentioned by her. So I don't see how she and Mr. Poole got anything so "right" while the rest got it wrong.

Being brought up at the eleventh hour, when your so called candidate didn't make the final five cut doesn't make you right about anything....not in the least. And to admittaly call out a collegue and accuse them of something horrendous because their child had been arrested in the past and that is why "your candidate" wasn't considered is also not right.

I believe it was Mr. Brown who asked for the investigation, not anyone else, to clear his name of any wrong doing....which is what happened according to the sources stated in the very paper which is NOW saying Cole and Poole "got it right". How can you have it both ways?

Granted, this entire mess (and it is a mess) should have never happened.

If we look for someone to blame, look at the legal department of this city which is Icsman and company, not the other commissioners. Where was HE when mistakes were being made????? Seems to me the legal department got it wrong. Why is that? Perhaps someone from the legal department needs to answer that, not the commissioners.

But THEY should be asking that question. Why didn't someone KNOW the committee was off course and why didn't Icsman say something? That is what he gets paid to do???

It is no wonder this city is in such a mess all the time. If you cannot depend on those who are SUPPOSED to know and council, how is anything supposed to get done?


That's right Matt. Chief Matthews has kind of a ring to it huh? Now who was really the unethical commissioner in this whole thing. If the walls of the Better Half could only talk.


Do I hear an AMEN?