Trial continues Monday for botched robbery suspect

Trial continues next week for a man accused of opening fire on Madison Street during a robbery turned sour earlier this year.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 28, 2012


Tion Swain, 23, appeared in court Friday in plain clothes, a black pinstripe button down shirt and black slacks, facing charges of complicity to commit felonious assault, complicity to commit aggravated robbery and having a weapon under disability.

Swain, with three other Sanduskians, is accused of trying to corner and rob a 41-year-old Cleveland man on Madison Street on Jan. 9.

He and Keith Alexander, 21, allegedly were waiting for Derek Jackson when he pulled up and parked after picking up Ashlei Kimble-Palmer from the Sail Inn.

Kimble, then girlfriend of Justin Stowers, 22, already convicted for orchestrating the crime, allegedly asked Jackson to come to Sandusky.

Erie County assistant prosecutor Mary Ann Barylski asked Kimble who the shooters were on Madison Street that night.

She positively identified Alexander as one of the masked men who tried to rob Jackson, and she said Jackson fired back when shots broke out.

But whether Swain was a third shooter that night, Kimble said she could only assume.

"I don't know if it was Tion or Justin," she said.



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