Sandusky budget on track to balance

Sometimes, breaking even is a triumph.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 27, 2012


Just ask Sandusky officials, who expect believe they'll be able to evade a deficit and more misery for taxpayers, despite previously approving a 2012 general fund budget smothered in red ink.

Surprising surges in four major revenue sources, including city income tax and a Cedar Point admissions fee, should erase the estimated $353,000 deficit projected and later approved by city commissioners in March.

For more on how the city budget is adding up, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.



When they move city hall, we will be back in the red again big time!


Robme made it happen even before he got elected!

car 54

Darkhorse They better not move city hall. Put some dollars in the building and stay.



We don't agree very often but you are 100% correct on this one. The sad thing is that new building will most likely happen. Government officials need to have their names on buildings no matter if its right or not.


I doubt we will see City Hall moved, just "readjusted" and "renovated" within the next few years.

If the City breaks even everyone will breath a sigh of relief. Perhaps they can get some roads done or even TWO next year. That would be nice. Lets hope so.

I don't see moving the city hall as a big factor in anything.

T. A. Schwanger

Here is what i see and hear Wiredmama.

I have received reliable information from business people in the Downtown there is an effort being led by Commish Smith to, once again, ( third time since 1991) relocate City Hall downtown. An informal study is underway, through the City Manager and assigned to the City's Chief Building Inspector, using contractors to come up with a dollar amount for updating City Call. The study is not to exceed $10,000.

The way this will work is an astronomical dollar figure will be generated in an attempt to convince City Commissioners it makes more sense to relocate than to rejuvenate.

When City leaders tried to sell City Hall in 1991, the City Hall upgrade amount was $1,000,000. When City leaders tried to sell City Hall in 2006 for the Marina District Project, the City Hall upgrade amount was $1,000,000 to $2,000,000. City Hall relocation supporters, including Jeff Smith (not a commissioners at the time) Promoted the relocation at "no cost to tax payers beyond the amount of what it would cost to upgrade the present City Hall".

My sources also tell me Commish Smith is also promoting the sale of the Sandusky Bay Pavilion as part of the City Hall sale.

Another question:: Why is there so much importance placed on the City maintaining a $3,000,000 carry over balance? Answer is simple. Our debt to income ratio is so high because of past spending habits of the City Commission we must
maintain a high carry-over for an AAA+++ bond rating to borrow more money.


Mr. Schwanger...I don't care who your "sources" are.

Then perhaps the city commissioners such as Deidra Hall and Wes Poole shouldn't be wasting taxpayer money at the 11th hour like they did over restarts on the police chief selection, especially if they knew, as they claim, that there were problems early on! That seems like a waste of money to me.

And there are other wastes of money by commissioners that are just as bad and just as flagarant. Needless studies. Wastes of money for things that are not needed when a little research by a commissioner would do.

Better leadership would seem to be the order of the day before ANY new borrowing or building comes up right now.

On top of that, we need to get some businesses in here to build up the city before trying anything new like a new "town hall" and worry less about our precious waterfront parks and access.

We have a great deal of it now. This town needs jobs, not fancy new buildings and parks.

Mr. Smith was given the opportunity to "study" the cost of a new building but that is as far as it goes as far as I understand. Nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing set in stone as far as a move goes. Nor is there anything that I am aware of that goes for selling the pavilion.

If this city ran its expenses like most households did, they would soon learn to live within their budgets. It isn't that hard to do. But when you are looking at money that isn't yours, I guess you feel like you don't have to be so responsible, although I don't know why. This city, right now, is barely scrapping even and these commissioners need to dial it down a notch. Make do with what they have. If those who work for the city fear for their lives while doing their jobs (which is what brought this all up) maybe they need to look at what that cause is? Change what can be changed. Hire a guard or two if needed. Change your door access. But do it without spending an arm and a leg.

Right now, this town better stop worrying about petty problems (yes, I think a new city building and the pavilion are petty problems) and start thinking about BIG problems like jobs and business "courting" for this community. They better start worrying about the crime rising and the violence in the streets.

What good is a new building or sticking money in the parks when all that is going on?

No, sorry, not right now. You tell that to the man who's house got broken into last week. "Or, sir, the money for police protection went into the new city hall or the pavilion by the water."

Yeah, right, that will go over real big.

Sure it will.

T. A. Schwanger

Sorry Wiredmama, just stating the facts.

Now I've lived here all my life and have been fighting to protect what is left of public waterfront for all to use, not just a select few. There are more grants available right now from state and federal sources than there is money for other issues. Why not take advantage of those grants. If we don't, another community will.

If I had a dime for evertime a local Commission cadidate stated "the waterfront is our (Sandusky's) most valuabe resource, but once elected opted to sell our waterfront, I'd be rich. Likewise, if I had a dime for everytime a Commission cadidate stated "I'm going to create jobs" I'd be rich.

When you look around at what neighboring communities are doing, you will see they are buying private property for public use. The state is doing the same--Middle Bass Island. And why? Because over 90% of Lake Erie and Sandusky's waterfront is privately held.

T. A. Schwanger


I, too, have lived here all my life minus a six year span. If you think that some commissioner is trying to sell something why not speak to them directly? Have you done that? It is my belief that ANY land owned by this city must have the entire councils permission to be sold. Is that not true? Which means that it would have to come up for a vote. Is that not also true? Would you not ask the entire commission before ASSUMING that ONE councilperson could sell land that is owned by the city of sandusky?

I totally understand what you are saying, but ONE person cannot sell something that is owned by the city, now can they? Not without and open vote by the entire council. And the council has made it pretty clear they would NOT support the move of the city hall as well, did they not? You sat at the same meeting I did when that was discussed. So why are you so worried about something that was already discussed and pretty much dismissed?


Good we can give help to the freeBee people......


Some of those "freeBee" people need to get up and get a job. If I had my way, unemployment and welfare would have time limits and checkpoints on them. You would have to PROVE you had been out looking for a job with a stamp on a checksheet handed out to employers. Once you dropped off your resume, you have to get a rubber stamp from an employer with THEIR state issued seal on it that only they have in your book. No seal, no benefits. Watch how fast the freeloaders come off the books. They would either get jobs or be off the FreeBee stuff, either way, no more free ride.


that what im talking about