Ginger's Thrifts & Gifts opens on Milan Road

Treasures are found in every nook and cranny at Ginger’s Thrifts & Gifts.
Melissa Topey
Oct 26, 2012


Seasonal items, funky items and old items are all mixed together, a mishmash of bargain-shopping ecstasy.    

Walking into Ginger Rose's eclectic shop, customers will find glassware, jewelry, clothes and a roomful of books and VHS tapes grabbing their attention.

If there's one thing Rose can do, she can find a deal.

“I pick things up at auctions and garage sales,” she said. “I have to get things cheap so I can then sell them at a low price.”

Most of the shop's items are available for a few bucks.

Rose moved her store from Milan, where she'd been for four years. The new thrift boutique is on Milan Road, just down from Amish Trails.

She loved her shop in Milan, but she moved to U.S. 250 in hopes of becoming more visible to potential shoppers.  

Rose hopes her move pays off.

One customer who followed her was Kimberly Costello, of Berlin Heights.

“I love her stuff,” Costello said, plucking four small Coke glasses off a shelf and taking them to the cash register. “These are perfect for my kids. The smaller-shaped bottom makes it easier for them to hold."

Rose has a core group of faithful customers who she knows well.

Sometimes, she'll buy something for the shop, with those specific customers in mind.

“I know particular things people like, most of the time when I pick something up I know it will sell,” Rose said.

Ginger’s Thrifts & Gifts
Where: 7785 Milan Road, Sandusky
Phone: 419-239-9638
Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday

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Where is this store located? I would appreciate more than an address since there are so many businesses on Milan road these days. 7785 between what and what else. thank you.


I was wondering the same thing. It's hard to look for a store and also watch the traffic.


West side of 250 just south of FOX road. and a bit south of Amish trails. Nest to to old Gen Fab building. Hey Ginger sweetheart see you Thursday night!!!!


no thanks


Then why even say anything (making yourself look mean)? Ginger should like so-totally worry about how you aren't interested in her store, right? Guess it doesn't matter anyways because by moving her business elsewhere to places where she might find more customers instead of listening to people like you and giving up, she clearly has more confidence than people like you will ever have since you're obviously trying to put her down with a negative comment that doesn't even need to be said. Not trying to be mean myself but just saying. Even if you aren't interested in her store you could at least wish her good luck with her business. If not, I don't see why words are even necessary.

Just a Girl

We really need to get behind local businesses. Good for Ginger. She realizes how our economy is, and is providing a place local consumers can benefit from. Cici's has now closed, and Parkertown II. As for Parkertown, seems like its new owners weren't even supporting it. No more pie, dinner hours, good servers. Wonder why you'd take over a business, only to run it into the ground?


FYI: RE: Parkertown 2
The state came in and closed Parkertown II down due to the fact the G. Burk had way too many judgement leins against them.. True and on public record And the diversionery tactic of turning over the business to "new owners" didn't pan out. They just got caught in the middle , it seems B's had been getting away with not paying taxes for a long time.

There were certain things not drawn up and disclosed to the "new owners" in the contract. Also , I believe (not 100%) the "new owners" were some type of relation to the B's... of course when you FAIL to pay state taxes and vendors, and landlords of the space you rent. And owe in excess of $ 200 K It's gonna come back and bite you.

This is all true and pretty common knowledge over in B'vue. Huron Co. Court records will verify it.

Just sayin...

Just a Girl

Thank you for explaining Parkertown. Live in Sandusky and had no idea.


Your welcome.



you are so right, the only one who ran that Parkertwon 2 biz into ground was GB and her bunch, they couldn't even make a decent coffee it was soo watered down. And those teenage grandkids of hers in there didn't know what they were doing they were so rude, NOt to mention the cans of Raid in the Kitchen and food on floor per Health code reports... I'm glad they gone.

However on the bright side.... looking forward to visiting this shop. always looking for something vintage.


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