Ohio snow plows add strobes to improve visibility

Ohio is making history by being the first state in the country to equip its snow plows with green strobe lights to improve visibility.
Associated Press
Oct 25, 2012


The Department of Transportation says studies show that the green lights are more easily detected by the human eye than other colors. The green lights, along with white strobes, will be added to the existing amber lights to make the plow trucks easier for motorists to see.

Officials hope it will cut down on rear-end collisions with the plows. Ohio has far more collisions with snow-removal trucks than neighboring states.

For much of October, state workers have conducted 150-point inspections and other tests to ensure snow-removal equipment is ready to go.




I call BS. Those yellow lights are just as highly visible as any other color strobe lights. They just want to be identified as state workers rather than a tow truck and they should just state that.


My husband drives a snow plow for the county, and I don't think lights are an issue. The issue is the idiotic drivers who drive right up on the snowplow's back end. When the plow has to stop and there's snow blowing all around the plow truck, the driver behind the truck doesn't see the truck stop until they either hit it or have to swerve off of the road. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to my husband...many, many times he comes home after pulling some idiot out of a ditch because he almost kissed the back end of the plow truck.

Darwin's choice

Why does the State Patrol use blue then??


Identifiers, Dc.


I believe an earlier article reported that a study showed the clear and green lights cut through the whiteout conditions behind a plow better than the amber ones. Same reason school buses have clear storbes on top for fog conditions.


Think I'll put a green light on my mailbox and maybe the snowplow driver will see it.




Dont do that. It will make it an easier target for us!!! :)

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Stay tuned, coming soon!


Bull, like these new lights aren't harsh enough on your eyes. All they do is up the glare.


When I was younger I do not remember hearing so many car vs. snow plow accidents. HHmmm....no fancy lights, no fancy strobs, just plain old yellow rotators. Maybe it has more to do with people NOT paying attention, being in to much of a hurry, and thinking they are MORE important than anyone else on the road. Maybe more should be TAUGHT in drivers ed. My kids are coming up on driving age and listening to the friends and others talk about what is and isnt in drivers ed SCARES me!


Does drivers ed teach ur kids how to drive, eat a burger, drink a coke, and text all at the same time? Does not leave much room for looking at a snowplow.

When I was a pup, I pulled my 57 Chevy up to a speaker, ordered a burger and shake. A cute young lady would bring the food out on a tray that hooked on the drivers window. 800 on the am, no phone, no text. Never heard of anyone hitting a snowplow.........

Life sure was dull.........

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Is this to match the bright green tee shirts road crews wear? : )

More so, just people in a hurry, good luck out there this year!

Just Thinkin

The issue for Erie County, Is the stupid fool who bought WHITE TRUCKS to drive during a WHITE EVENT,At least with the YELLOW trucks you could see the outline much clearer,My view on it anyway,case closed


@just thinkin, "not all that well"......

White trucks was a "money saving" issue.
White is a "standard" color, yellow trucks are an "option", yellow trucks cost more.
A slow moving truck is usually spreading salt; with the dump box up in the air what you see is the color of salt.


A large percentage of white males are color blind to the color green to some degree. The color green varies as to how they see the color green. To some a green light will look almost like a clear light with a slight greenish tint. Blue lights or even clear would be a better choice. It is the blinking of the strobe light that gets the attention of the eyes. Take the color blind test and see how you do.



My uncle is that way, Centauri. He once told me that if they ever changed the light order on stop lights, he'd be screwed because he can't tell red from green.

Just Thinkin

Kimo not always true and the box isn't always raised,Later done reading this blog, White iswhite and ZERO sight paths are common .later got to do other things besides play on the pc


SMF how true. The one that sticks with me is the 1rst heavy snowfall every year, stupid people forget to slow down in Ohio.....accidents.

Falling Down

I agree with SMF and LadyDye. And since I can not share my true opinion about most drivers here without getting the comment removed, here is my best attempt. There are so many lazy, self absorbed drivers that can not follow even the most simple and considerate rules of the road. Why should they even care about what color the light or truck is, what the weather is or the traffic is like. They do not even care what rules of the road they are breaking; these people need some butt kicking punishment or their wheels taken away.