Sandusky police chief search committee to start over

Five city officials entrusted to make arguably Sandusky's most important hire ever have admitted they botched the entire process.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 24, 2012

Members of a committee responsible for helping select the next police chief must rest their entire seven-month process to find a new top cop.

An attorney hired to look into the committee's progress concluded three of the five candidates are ineligible to become Sandusky's next police chief because they are not active duty and working full time.

"This should be considered a failed search," committee member Thanda Maceo said. "If we want to do justice to the citizens of Sandusky, and we are still in need of a police chief, we need to reopen the search."

For more on this story, including the committee's top pick before they scrapped the search and the potential costs, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.




However you spell it, just put him in as chief and be done with it. That is who was wanted all along. I said that from day one and it won't change. Just do it and move on for goodness sake.


No wonder the city of Sandusky is falling apart and is full of drugs, crime, and derelicts. You have at a minimum 2 qualified candidates and you can't hire them to be a Police Chief because they are not active. I understand the city charter lays out the requirements and the committee screwed it up. Seems like Sandusky spends a lot of money on proving they screwed up. What ever happened to hiring the best and most qualified candidate? I think if the City of Sandusky hired the most qualified candidate it would be an outsider and they just couldn't have that. Not to mention to many people have some type of agenda and won’t be happy if it's not achieved, even if it meant hiring the right guy. At this point in time Sandusky is getting and will continue to get what they deserve.....leaders that have no idea how to lead and tax payer’s money squandered.


All of what you say may be true, so what is your solution to the problem? They cannot go back and undo what has been done so what do they do? Continue to waste the money or hire one of the two they have that already passed the testing they have?

It seems to me that if they were going to reduce it to THREE anyway, why not just move forward with those two and decide from those two. Why waste more money and begin again????? This is just like lighting a match to a stack of twenty dollar bills as far as I am concerned.

Give the list to Ard and let her decide NOW. Name the chief from the two you have that have had the testing and background checks. Let them meet and greet as planned and let her chose NOW. Get it over with.

If the person doesn't work out THEN start again. You have a six month window anyway. So why waste more money now on the outside chance this person will not work out when they may very well be good at the job.



I agree


We will do it over with the same committee, same applicants, same results and more wasted money and time. It is digusting and pathetic to say the least. The city acts like they don't know what they are doing half the time.


Darkhorse, I'd love to argue with you. Unfortunately, I can't. The City's past history is almost certain to prove you right. What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

As for your notion that "the city acts like they don't know what they are doing half the time," well, you ARE wrong about that one! I think it's significantly MORE than half the time!


Drugs aren't going away, crime isn't going away, and people without money aren't going away; so Sandusky isn't really falling apart any more than any other city.

Can't move forward with just two because it wouldn't be legal.

We don't have to do it all over again. The eligible candidates simply move up on the list. That was pretty simple, wasn't it? Why would they start the process over again?


How would it NOT be legal to go forth with the two that are left????? If the two remaining candidates fill the bill according to the "attorney" who did the investigation, why not go forward and chose from these two?????

I don't see the illegality of this? Please explain!!!!!


Mutley, The Police Chief Committee is starting all over again on November lst at City Hall, second floor conference room at 5:00 p.m. with wanted ads being resubmitted for applicants for the position. I certainly hope the city explains in the ads that people out of work and retired need not apply so they don't waster their time. LOL


In other words the candidates must not have been ranked from least eligible to most eligible--i.e. no list. It's all good, though. This is just a little bump in the road--we live and learn. lol


Darkhorse.....what you are saying is, they take the list they have and add to it from that? Anyone who is currently working from that list is eligible? And anyone new who may apply? How long will the application and ad be open? There must be some closing date? When is that?

Will they go through those and pick some from those first applications? If they fit the charter they are on the finalist list?

How much is all this going to cost now? Are these meetings open to the public?

How many names do they have to take for the new list to be complete?

DG said picking from the two names that were left that the attorney ok's wouldn't be legal. Why is that?

Thanks for the answers in advance. Kate

T. A. Schwanger

Read the charter it is on line at the City's web site.... Repeat Repeat etc.


From the Sandusky CHARTER, Section 27, Civil Service:

...the Selection Board shall certify to the City Manager the names of not more than three (3) applicants who are eligible...

The City Manager shall appoint to the vacancy at issue one (1) of the three (3) persons certified by the Selection Board as eligible and qualified for said appointment. ...


@DG.....if there were two, then they could do it legally. It states clearly that there can be NO MORE THAN THREE, so two isn't illegal. And one of the three persons certified by the selection board as eligilbe and qualified according to said appointment.

They had all they needed in the two candidates they had.....there was nothing wrong and they could have LEGALLY gone forward with the two they had. Your points were incorrect. What a waste of time, effort and money.


I don't agree. "The City Manager shall appoint to the vacancy at issue one (1) of the three (3) persons certified by the Selection Board as eligible and qualified for said appointment." from the charter can't be satisfied with just 2 candidates.

Actually, it should be moot though because the committee should just gone down their list for the next most eligible candidate--they had at least 29.

If the committee feels that they should just start over again (amidst all the controversy) that should be their prerogative. As I said before this is just a bump in the road--everything will turn out all right. The commissioners are not professional politicians. They are going through the learning process which is fine with me.


And I disagree with YOUR idea of what is said.

It says UP TO THREE, not from three. They could have easily run with the two they had. It wasn't illegal as you stated.

This is nothing more than a reflex to appease TWO commissioners and keep them quiet, as I see it.

Going back and doing this again is to shut them up, add the names of the people THEY want added to the mix and begin again-harrigan.

What a waste of time, energy and money.

I blame Icsman for NOT telling these people IF, in fact, they were off the beaten path. Why are we paying him if he doesn't know his job? He sat right at that commission meeting and said they followed the charter only to find out they did not. If anyone is at fault it is HE who is at fault. Did you note NOTHING was investigated or mentioned about him in that report? Why is that? Because attorneys don't regulate their own or what?

This has been a first class screw up from the beginning. If there is EVER anything to be decided again, the commissioners better do their jobs and stop depending on public committees to do the work for them. That is what they get paid to do. If it is too hard for them, then do not run for office.

This entire way this city set up really does not make it run right. But no one seems to notice or care. They need to revamp it some. The commissioners do little to nothing to move this city forward and that is exactly why we have all these problems.

There are too many chiefs and not enough indians on this reservation. It has to change and quickly if this city is going to survive. This last debacle is proof positive of the ineptness of the way this city is handled.

I hope someone gets smart, sees there are changes needed and makes the changes soon. Heaven knows we need something done quickly.


In all due respect, you have been critical of the way the city is being run forever. I don't share your belief. I think the city is being managed just fine.


With all due respect to you, I have been critical for the last 18 months or so, when my eyes were opened to how bad things were. Never before then.

With all due respect to you,sir, do you understand the lack of business downtown? The lack of business within this city for hiring people? The rise in crime within this city? The poor infrastructure within the city? The lack of structure within the city police department? A city manager who never answers questions of the newspaper or the public? A city commission that seldom works together to get things done?

And you can still say that there city is being run just fine?

Ok! Many of us out here must be blind or imagining the above listed problems, because they are real and are not being managed at all.

But if you say they don't exist and are being managed, then you must know something the rest of us do not. I guess, sir, we will have to accept that as the authority of how things really are.

Thank you for correcting that for me and the rest of us out here who don't know any better.


The Police Committee meetings are open to the public for anyone who would like to sit in on them. The committee will start all over again by submitting an ad going out to start the whole process again with everyone resubmitting their applications once again. As for the screw up on this situation, the public should be outraged and demanding some accountability. There is absolutely no excuse for what happened.

T. A. Schwanger

May I suggest either a new committee, a different Commissioner and the inclusion of the Law Director or the combination of all three.


Who would YOU suggest from the commission? The investigation stated Brown did nothing wrong, so who would YOU suggest? The law director has been doing his job as it is, he needs to get busy. The committee is fine as it is.


Wasn't the last appointed Police Chief a going away present from the exiting City Manager?