Ottawa County elections workers correct date

Postcards reminding voters of the Nov. 6 election listed the wrong date when they were mailed out recently.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 23, 2012


The Ottawa County Board of Elections will be sending out a second mailing to correct the error.

Voters with questions may call the board at 419-898-3071.



stupid is as stupid does.


Should have been west not east of school......


My god, we're surround by idiots. And the king and queen of them all apparently live in Ottawa County and serve on the Board of Elections. Sheesh!

Mr. D

All County Boards of Election are run by the Sec. of State. . . you lnow, republican John Husted. Need I say anymore!


Mr. D., what does "Republican" or "Democrat" have to do with this unblievably dumb proofreading error? Whichever party those in charge do or don't nominally represent, they're still idiots. Meanwhile, do you suggest that Mr. Husted personally proofs every piece of literature sent out by every Board of Elections? While I wouldn't put such inefficiencies PAST a government entity, I tend to doubt it. The blame is local. The Board members are local. The error is local. Next you'll blame Bush for somebody else's inability to read a calendar!


What's up with the E paper??? Ottawa County Board of Elections does not run that.......... this morning it had Tuesday's paper, now it won't load.......
SR delights in pointing out other's blunders, how about an update????