Thousands take train

More than 9,200 riders took the Amtrak through the Sandusky train station in the past year. Other cities on the rail line saw significant numbers.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 23, 2012


Riding the rails

Ohio riders on Amtrak from Oct. 1, 2011 through Sept. 30:

*Toledo: 69,300 
*Cleveland: 50,900
*Cincinnati: 16,200
*Sandusky: 9,200
*Bryan: 7,700

Note: figures rounded
Source: Amtrak


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yet it still costs all of the american taxpayers $$billions$$ per year in subsidy money!


So do roads and airports. If you're going to fund one type of transportation infrastructure, you can't neglect the others.

Don S

The subsidy for Amtrack is for good use. European countries do more than that for their rail systems. More rail shipping will be needed in the future, to save on energy use. TCJ is right !!!


What subsidies? That's our $$ 4buSINess. We have utilized Amtrak with good results. While spartan it was clean & comfortable. Why must America lad behind here? The Japanese & Europeans are fwd. thinkers. Now only if utilize R.Diesel's motor the way it was intended.




@ Don S:

And European economies are in deep trouble; good example of the fiscal emptyheadness of socialism.

Could the TSA Nazis be a partial cause of the increase? Time to get out the scanners and the gropers for the bankrupt AmTrak.


Contango, all European economies are not in trouble. Switzerland and Denmark seem to be doing fine, for example.


Deutschland.....Ja!! strudel nugen....