Bowersox stumps for Obama in Sandusky

Former 'American Idol' contestant goes door-to-door for Obama
Melissa Topey
Oct 21, 2012

Crystal Bowersox put action behind her words on a frosty
Saturday evening.
Bowersox was in Sandusky to show her support for President Barack Obama, encourage people to vote early and maybe volunteer to knock on a few doors themselves.
Mike Pletcher opened the door to his home after he heard a knock.
“Oh wow, nice to meet you,” Pletcher said, as his eyes grew big in recognition.
“We are campaigning for
President Obama. Is Michele here?,” Bowersox asked.
Michele, Pletcher’s daughter, was not at home.
Bowersox was unfazed and talked to Pletcher about women’s rights and Mitt Romney.
Pletcher posed with Bowersox for a photo before the singer moved on to the next house.
“That was so cool,” Pletcher said.
He said his family has already
discussed the importance of this election and women’s rights.
“We are all Obama supporters,” Pletcher said.
Bowersox, along with Democratic volunteers Lola Finley and Patty Smith, canvassed down Campbell and Osborne streets.
A tired Bowersox, who had flown in from Oregon earlier,  made stops in Sylvania and Port Clinton before stopping in Sandusky.
“It is important to stand up for the values you believe in,” Bowersox said.

Read more about Bowersox and her campaign efforts in Sunday's Register.



Really, SR, when are ya going to stop wasting space on covering this nobody, she holds no special significance at all.

I didn't watch AI and what little I seen of her via news clips. I'm not impressed.

Julie R.

Geez! A young girl in your area does good and everybody attacks her just because she's voting for President Obama.


Speak for yourself,, she's not from MY area!

the office cat

WOW! Look what Crystal did for Obama! There are 35 - THIRTY-FIVE - posts on here about an 'inconsequential' visit to knock doors for the President. And when you add in the 63 posts on the announcement of her visit...

PR NOTE: "Talk about me good or talk about me bad...for God's sake TALK ABOUT ME!" ...except when you're pointing out my lies and flip-flops.

John Harville

Cat... it's up to 130 or so by now! haters just can't help themselves.


"President Obama released his tax returns. It turns out he made $900,000 less in 2011 then he did in 2010. You know what that means? Even Obama is doing worse under President Obama." –Jay Leno



John Harville

mikel "lmao" - so you must have disappeared...

John Harville

...and how much less than Rmoney?

John Harville

Darrell Issa ... I guess no one wants to talk about the Republican Congressman, in his haste to defeat the President, released unclassified documents about CIA actions in Libya - but DIDN'T REMOVE the names of some 160 Libyans who have risked their lives to help US. But he's a Republican and they're only Libyans so it's okay to endanger those lives.


or like your boy, prezo, dropping some info on seal team 6. right johnny boy.


@ John Harville:

Question: Why did the U.S. engage in military action in Libya in the first place???

What was the national interest?


She finished runner-up and her candidate of choice will finish the same. She should have sayed with singing instead of making babies and getting involved in politics.

Mr. D

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tea what?


Why is this person given a forum? Like who is she? She didn't win the show and who cares if she did? Just another uninformed naive liberal, but to her credit, at least she is expressing an opinion.


I think it was Lasky who said, "Democracy is government by those most able to be heard".

Mr. D

Wow!!! Like I said before. . . Somebody is very jealous of Crystal Bowersox. . . Hope you are not offended. . .