Bowersox stumps for Obama in Sandusky

Former 'American Idol' contestant goes door-to-door for Obama
Melissa Topey
Oct 21, 2012

Crystal Bowersox put action behind her words on a frosty
Saturday evening.
Bowersox was in Sandusky to show her support for President Barack Obama, encourage people to vote early and maybe volunteer to knock on a few doors themselves.
Mike Pletcher opened the door to his home after he heard a knock.
“Oh wow, nice to meet you,” Pletcher said, as his eyes grew big in recognition.
“We are campaigning for
President Obama. Is Michele here?,” Bowersox asked.
Michele, Pletcher’s daughter, was not at home.
Bowersox was unfazed and talked to Pletcher about women’s rights and Mitt Romney.
Pletcher posed with Bowersox for a photo before the singer moved on to the next house.
“That was so cool,” Pletcher said.
He said his family has already
discussed the importance of this election and women’s rights.
“We are all Obama supporters,” Pletcher said.
Bowersox, along with Democratic volunteers Lola Finley and Patty Smith, canvassed down Campbell and Osborne streets.
A tired Bowersox, who had flown in from Oregon earlier,  made stops in Sylvania and Port Clinton before stopping in Sandusky.
“It is important to stand up for the values you believe in,” Bowersox said.

Read more about Bowersox and her campaign efforts in Sunday's Register.


John Harville

Mikel... you've been sitting on that sour note for weeks. Why don't you put up some proof ... ooh but you don't like to do that, do you?


proof that she's a nobody? what kind of sales does she have?

John Harville

cat... 'should' being the operative word.


she's a nobody

Second Opinion

So true, first post that made sense

Rude McGootch

WOW...a whole 8 people showed up for her free concert!! You go girl!

John Harville

WOW... wasn't a concert dude. Just a little 'thanks' for the canvassers as they returned from knocking on doors like that soviet Contango.


She looks a lot like President Obama's mother.


The Obama campaign doesn't count on a singer's support, but they're glad to have her make an appearance his behalf in the one place she is recognized: NW Ohio. It's no worse than having a senile, octogenarian rambling off topic as he talks to an empty chair. At least Crystal didn't overshadow her candidate in the process, as Eastwood did.

As far as the small crowd, there WOULDN'T typically be more than a few people at any campaign headquarters, simply because the workers are out knocking on doors. I'm just glad that there are twice as many Dem campaign headquarters in Ohio than ones the Romney campaign has set up. We have a big job to educate people and combat the misinformation put forth by Republicans.

Second Opinion

Talking about 'womans' rights, So, she believes its a womans right to NOT GET PREGNANT or a womans self appointment of herself to be as a god to terminate a life and not be charged with murder? Gesh, what a foolish child.

the office cat

REALLY? Crystal is REARING her child. Foolish narrow-minded 'adult'.

Phil Packer



@ coasterfan:

So does Ms. Bowersox agree with Mr. Eastwood that the U.S. should get out of Afghanistan NOW???

The fact that the most watched segment of either convention was Mr. Eastwood's should tell ya something.

Good to know that you've been busy spreading your own socialist misinformation.

Do ya tell 'em that all of Mr. Obama's "cash and prizes" are free or that the rich will pay for 'em all?

I love how Democrat canvassers sputter when I call them Socialists. :)


the office cat

"all 'cash and prizes' free..."
*That would be No Child Left Behind... oops Bush/GOP unfunded for which local taxpayers foot the bill.
*That would be Medicare Advantage... oops Bush/GOP unfunded for which Seniors foot the 'donut hole' bill with extra insurance that benefits the companies.
*That would be "mission accomplished"... oops Bush/GOP funded by taxpayers paying off the China loans.
*"Socialists"...'with liberty and justice (and equality) for all' - written by a Christian Socialist Baptist minister.
*"Socialists"...'certain unalienable rights'; 'promote the common welfare';

Now... I have to go knock doors leaving you to knock me. Knock yourself out!

...all you big brave men and women ganging up on the girl who made a mistake, has a critical illness, and found a way to rear her baby and NOT abort it. She should be your hero - and would be if she was for Rmoney.


maybe she should have used some of that free contraception.

John Harville

Like your daddy should have? Go ahead, Sarah, delete it.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


@ toc:

Pres. Bush was a RINO and Mr. Obama is a socialist. Your point?

Socialism would be a great system if there was such a thing as unlimited resources.

Also, Socialism only works through the threat of and use of force.

As a lover of socialism, how many days without pay do you work for the govt. or volunteer for a NFP?

So you've bought Ms. Bowersox's cds and helped her make a living?

John Harville

+Bush was elected as a Republican - twice (well, only once really) so all those people who voted for him the second time were RINOs too?
+Jesus was a Socialist. "Sell all you have, give the money to the poor, and come follow me" is the key to entering Heaven. You driving the Bus to Hades?
+Threat and Force - if that were so - is different from Capitalism how?
+Nope... don't work free but do donate freely of time and fortune.
+Nope... don't a one of her CDs.


@ JH:

Socialism and force: Try not "donating" to SS, Medicare and soon ObamaCare.

Capitalism: Freedom to buy a product or service from competitors.

Big difference.

Don’t confuse JC with Robin Hood.

JC didn't condone the theft of private property like the socialists.


She is for R-money. Anyone voting for Obama is for R-Money. Nice typo :-)

John Harville

rick it's only a typo when unintended. ...but not original.

Second Opinion

Amazng that Candy and Obama turned the embasy attack as if it was Romneys fault for brining it up! Why didn't Candy ask questions about this crime of Obama to NOT protect our soils abroad and at home like he pledged?

There is proof now that Obama was asked for more protection, but instead it was more important to go on Letterman and to campaign.

the office cat

second... you really need to stay up with the news.

the office cat

Yeah.... turning the deaths of four Americans into a political issue is noble - at least for a desperate Republican.


a long as it wasn't your kin right cat? this is very relevant. it goes to show that prezo does not have the best interest for americans wanting to serve this country. like how that old hag clinton is trying to defer the heat for this.

John Harville

Okay. You need to shutup. Cat 'donated' a brother in Vietnam as well as three close friends; a cousin in Afgh; a great niece in Iraq. Cat's family has been on the front line in EVERY war - all volunteers.


oh johnny boy, getting a little testy. i am sorry if i hurt your girlfriends feelings......not!!!


A President who has every single one of his faults ignored by the people, or the people making ridiculous excuses for him...yah, I think we need to make an issue out of everything at this point.

John Harville

Even more amazing that Darrell Issa thought it was his job to release the names of 160 or so Libyans helping US defend/protect Americans.

Congress already had restricted the amount of money available to foreign embassies.