Bowersox stumps for Obama in Sandusky

Former 'American Idol' contestant goes door-to-door for Obama
Melissa Topey
Oct 21, 2012

Crystal Bowersox put action behind her words on a frosty
Saturday evening.
Bowersox was in Sandusky to show her support for President Barack Obama, encourage people to vote early and maybe volunteer to knock on a few doors themselves.
Mike Pletcher opened the door to his home after he heard a knock.
“Oh wow, nice to meet you,” Pletcher said, as his eyes grew big in recognition.
“We are campaigning for
President Obama. Is Michele here?,” Bowersox asked.
Michele, Pletcher’s daughter, was not at home.
Bowersox was unfazed and talked to Pletcher about women’s rights and Mitt Romney.
Pletcher posed with Bowersox for a photo before the singer moved on to the next house.
“That was so cool,” Pletcher said.
He said his family has already
discussed the importance of this election and women’s rights.
“We are all Obama supporters,” Pletcher said.
Bowersox, along with Democratic volunteers Lola Finley and Patty Smith, canvassed down Campbell and Osborne streets.
A tired Bowersox, who had flown in from Oregon earlier,  made stops in Sylvania and Port Clinton before stopping in Sandusky.
“It is important to stand up for the values you believe in,” Bowersox said.

Read more about Bowersox and her campaign efforts in Sunday's Register.


The Big Dog's back

It takes a lot of courage Crystal to do what you do. Bravo!


Jason Werling, she wasn't going to perform?
Looks like she did


If you get your political direction from an American Idol runner-up I feel bad for you... Desperate times call for desperate measures and it appears as though the Obama campaign is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.


Like bringing an aging movie star out on stage to talk to a chair, eh?



Second Opinion

Made more sense then Obama saying Planned Parenthood gives free mammograms, which is a lie.


When has he said anything that was TRUE???

the office cat

LIKE! Didja see the trailer for his movie? A big scene is Clint losing his temper and throwing a chair.

sick of sandtown

Someone who calls himself Mr Sandusky can't be paying much attention to what's going on in Sandusky or he has memory loss. Bush inherited a surplus and low unemployment and left with a massive debt and high unemployment. It took him 8 years to destroy us but you're not giving Mr. Obama the same amount of time to repair us.


#1 There is a big difference between debt and deficit. Clinton did not erase the trillions of debt that we already had. He merely didn't ADD any for just a few of his years. We still had over 5 trillion in debt when Clinton left office.
Bush got us up to 10 trillion and now Obama has us up to over 15 trillion in just 3 and 1/2 years.

#2 You need to read and educate yourself on just how this REALLY happened.

the office cat

risk... Obama's 'debt' is the result of his inclusion in the first budget of all the 'unfunded' China loans that were done OUTSIDE the regular budget process. Obama just put them in so we Americans - or you who call yourself Americans - knew how much the wars were costing. The Republican congresses form 94-06 were masters at 'doing good' for Americans but not paying for it - Medicare Advantage, No Child Left Behind, two wars, wealthy taxcuts - ALL without passing any legislation to pay for it.
So we reap the 'benefits' of "The Donut Hole" for seniors, increased state spending for educaiton (which our governor cut), the windfall for private contractors like Blackwater and Cheney's Halliburton, trickle UP wealth.
Not unlike 1932, Democrats always have to clean up Republican messes.


bahahahhahahha..thanks cat for giving me my laugh for the day. just wondering who is paying for the current crisis in afghanistan? kinda like the us gov't having to borrow money from china to pay for bailout of gm and chrysler which is costing the gov't double once the interest is paid. wow, what a deal!! in the democrap mind NOTHING is ever their fault!!!

sick of sandtown

Is that what ol' Rush told you? IF that is true, then dubya doubled it, but that's okay... An oil man invading an oil producer, but the oil had nothing to do with it. risKKbreaKer, just saying.

sick of sandtown

You need to join cliches anonymous. Maybe it will help your overall denial.

the office cat

"scrapping the bottom of the barrel"...? Yep. And folks like you are the 'bottom' the Obama folks are 'scrapping' because haters can't be changed.

*see how important grammar and spellchecking are?

The New World Czar

Who drew more...Bowersox in OFA-Sandusky headquarters or Sandra Fluke the other day at the Reno, Nevada Sak-N-Save???


For those that are not up to date on current events (in other words those that think Obama is still a good choice) Fluke only drew 10 people. Mostly college guys looking "for a good time".


Wow, three people clapping and the one dude looks like he's asleep. LOL!!

Swamp Fox

No mention of the size of the "crowd." Should have had a free "goverment give away".....


Did they serve free cheese?


Is stumping for Mr. Obama part of Ms. Bowersox's reimbursement plan for her taxpayer funded public assistance?

Speaking of “celebrities”:

So did Ms. Bowersox agree with Mr. Eastwood that the U.S. should get out of Afghanistan NOW?

The Big Dog's back

So when are the CEO's of all these companies that the Gov gave tax breaks to going to reimburse the Treasury?


@ brutus:

Yea, I think that Warren Buffett should pay a 1-3% annual wealth tax. When's Mr. Obama gonna propose it???

So do you own Bowersox's cds?

How's that new Chevy Volt driving?

Second Opinion

When you give back the money you and others receive from the taxpayers in government handouts?


I hope someone told her to wash her hair. Funny how the Obama campaign relies on people with no knowledge for politics or economics to campaign for them, then always seem to only go to supporters homes, or only invite supporters to their ice cream party.


So they just "happened" to end up at the house of someone associated with the paper. Yep, sounds just like the "community" ice cream social.

The Big Dog's back

Warren Buffett would be happy to as long as the koch brothers paid back theirs.


she's a nobody

the office cat

spoken by one who should know...


cat, you stealing from your employer again by posting when you should be working?