Put-in-Bay police settle brutality suit

An Elyria businessman allegedly brutalized by Put-in-Bay police in 2010 received about $65,000 and an apology from the village's lawyers when a lawsuit he filed was dismissed this week.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 21, 2012


But the lawsuit was never about getting money or an apology.

It was about making sure the injuries Brad Ohlemacher suffered at the hands of police aren't suffered by anyone else, he said.

"I appreciate the written apology from the village and township councils. I am gratified of the admission of 'regret' regarding the unfortunate circumstances resulting in the entry onto my property, my arrest, detention and prosecution," Ohlemacher said.

In the apology letter, written by attorneys John McLanrich and Peter Lavelette, island officials acknowledge "officers should have proceeded in a different fashion" and they need "additional training."

To keep reading this story, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register, and see the apology letter below.



Congratulations I guess Brad, waiting for the new cop shop at Mitchell and West Shore!!! PD should beat down more tourons than locals.


Yeah, I guess 65k should do it! You can keep the "apology".


WTF is wrong with that island. Now they will get sued everytime someone gets drunk and retarded. I hope this guy tries this behavior with perkins pd and sees how that works out for him. I personally, nor will any of my family be visiting put n bay any more. Lawless island. Its just not safe there.



Falling Down

Never knew Put in Bay had police officers by the behavior displayed by some of people over there in my visits, because I rarely if ever saw any around town and thought the ones I did see were part of a costume party or a tour group. Have seen Border patrol alot. I read the article in Sundays paper and all I can say is what a messed up place it is.