Edison schools meeting charged over pay freeze

Tensions are mounting at Edison Schools as Election Day draws near.
Aaron Noon
Oct 19, 2012

The school board and the teachers union are at odds on budget cuts, particularly the board's decision to freeze step increases, which are essentially pay raises based on longevity.

The board has also placed an emergency operating levy on the Nov. 6 ballot. If approved, the 3.5-mill levy would generate about $817,000 a year for the district over the next five years.      

At Wednesday's board meeting, 62 of the 90-plus Edison Teachers Association members showed up to make known their discontent with the board’s actions concerning contract negotiations.

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EHOVE also puts out many more far productive citizens than all other schools in the area combined.


re: just my opinion.. who are you trying to kid. Its always been about the money! Time to take a cut! We are Voting NO!!



Three decades ago (30 years) where were the voices of teachers past, present and future?

The money is gone.


As you so poignantly show, with Billy Joel's song, the voices/money have gone to China with the jobs.

Romnesia? Obamacare can help you with that.


If Obama remains in office, they will keep going to China (and also Russia)...where capitalism still thrives.

Obamacare will bankrupt Medicare (in order to push them into the public "option" which includes a panel of 15 unelected bereaucrats whose primary functon is to cut costs which will, inevitably, lead to rationing like they do in the U.K.'s end-of-life care programs.)
....just when Ryan was about to give Medicare recipients the benefit of the same options that Congress enjoy from Medicare.
Shame on The Left.


Money is short in all school systems these days. That is another story not for here but the fact remains money tight. I find it puzzling the action Edison Schools have taken. Yhey seem like they want to pick a fight with the teachers. Board is not willing to work in unison to solve the problem but rather their desire to start a far larger battle between Board and teacher/staff.

I fail to understand why the teachers and staff must take a pay cut to pay for the education of students in Edison schools because the voters will not pay their share. Prime example I have a brother that be moans taxes and espeically taxes he pays to the schools. Its those high paid teachers and their benefits and health care and they have so much and he goes on and on. Says I can't afford that on my income. Yet, in the same breath I have seen him pull from his pocket and give each of his three kids a $10 bill so each can go play video games when we are at the mall. In the same breath after passing out $10 bills to his kies he says oh where was I ..................yeah goes on I can't afford those taxes to pay teachers etc etc etc. For my part he is like so many others he pays for what he thinks is important and in this case getting rid of the kids for an hour to play video games is more important to him than paying for his kid's education. I think Edison schools have more than their share of these same parents. They want the best for their kids and their education but they are not willing to pay for it.

In our household education comes first at whatever the price and my wife and I value education and expect the schools to perform. We know that takes money and for us passing out $10 bills for video games to our kids isn not on the agenda but paying $30+ more dollars in school taxes is. People in a community vote for what they think is important and for us our kid's geting a quality education is important.


I don't think anyone is saying "our kids/school/staff/community are not important" this is NOT ABOUT THE KIDS!!! This is about increasing wages/benefit packages- Surely your not saying that we should pay the staff more and they will teach better are you? I'm sure your not, and from that assumption, I will ask you this question: How is it that the staff being paid more or keeping their awesome benefit packages the way they currently are in the contract, FOR THE KIDS? I don't have $30 to waste on arcade games nor do I have it to add to someones paycheck or benefit package RIGHT NOW. Sorry... Staff at Edison Schools have an AWESOME package---- ask the staff at surrounding schools--- THEY WILL TELL YOU, or look on Buckeye Institute - The facts are there in black and white.


so give your extra money to teachers instead of your kids. are you nuts. You are a teacher and selfish. So in the perfect world those kids that got a 10 spot from dad should give it to you. I am to assume you dont give your kids extra cash that you give it to taxes. you dont get it at all. ALL ABOUT YOU


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Nice spam Serious.


It wasn't spam, it was the posts from the Norwalk Reflector about this same issue, that's all....


You know i would just assume all teachers leave and bring in new graduates that are up on all he new stuff anyway. Bye Bye old school. This way we would have people that appreciate a good job and would spend energy teaching instead of trying to get their piece of the taxpayer pie. Good bye.


I will say again that my wife and I are willing to pay for a quality education or our three children. It that means we don't have the new car or truck etc on the driveway so be it. It that means we don't have the huge flat screen TV in the den or take this or that trip so be it. I doubt my father ever voted against a school levy in his life. He like my mother felt education was vital to each of us. My parents from the time I was in first grade I can remember spoke of getting good grades and going to college. I really was not sure what college even was at that age.

I was the last child in our family to walk across the stage at Ohio State to receive my college degree. I never knew till that day my father never graduated from high school. He had a good job in plant management that he worked up the steps to get. Everyone of us children have not only our Bachelors but a Masters in our field of study and one with a PHD. I will always be thankful to my father who said education was the way to succeed in life and no matter what it cost him he would pay it. That included paying much in part for our college educations and to this day I am not sure how my mom and dad paid for all of us to go to college.


I am a single parent of an eleven year old in the school district. He is a 3.0 student. He plays football as an extracurricular activity. This is a terrible economy, add to that the fact that our current governor has slashed our states education funds to make our state budget look good... doing nothing but pushing it back on the local school systems. I am a good parent, HAVE helped my son at home constantly with homework. It does take a good parent to ensure a successful child, but there is no way I would take credit for what that districts teachers have done for my son. Anyone that would is a fool. I will gladly vote for the levy, and I will also gladly pay any and all fees related to extra curriculer activities... I for one would like to thank the teachers what they do for our children day in and day out... and more importantly I will say the same thing when I am eighty years old


Middleclass--- It's proven that the kids of Milan have an advantage to other children in the surrounding areas, look at the stats. The parents along with the staff deserve the credit, not just the staff. Secondly, in this economy it's rare that anyone WHO DOES A GREAT JOB AT THEIR EMPLOYMENT IS GETTING A RAISE, whether we like it or not, that's the way it is... In our household, one of us hasn't had a raise in 7 years and the other one of us is working for 1/2 of what we were a year ago, but we are still working....No health insurance, but happy to be working.... Do you have any idea how many children in the Edison district go to tutoring after school? It's astronomical! So that's more money out of the parents pocket, if such a wonderful job was being done solely on the teaching everyday- there wouldn't be so many kids in tutoring in the district, right?? I wonder how your boss would feel about paying you to do a job and then paying someone else after your day is over to have the job done again??? Probably not real receptive of that, don't you think? Just curious- Do you own your home?


middleclass is a teacher they try this all the time. And serious is a teacher saying good job. If not a teacher a relative of. it will not pass,,SB5 overturned made that a fact. Teachers had a chance to make schools have enough money and they chose NO..ME TOO NOW ON LEVY


I'm curious, Cast, as to what you do to make a living. Probably something where you should be replaced with younger workers too, I bet. If you even have a job, that is.


here's some advice to those of you who feel the need to disparage teachers based on thier decision to pursue a profession that may or may not pay at the level your profession pays...

Do some research and choose a college that has a reputation as having a highly regarded Educational Program.

Apply to said college.

Apply for financial aid to pay for said college.

Begin classes at said college so as to obtain the grades needed to apply and enter said Education program.

Excell in said program and graduate with said degree all the while working to help subsidize the cost of said college all the while knowing that you will owe on your loans the moment you recieve your degree for the next 10 to 20 years in some cases.

After recing your degree take the state praxis tests and pass so that you can then get a teaching license.

Contact numerous school districs in hopes of finding a teaching position so that you can finally start your profession.

Get hired and be prepared to go on and obtain your Masters degree in education as it is now a requirement for all new teachers.

Or not...it's your decision.