Edison schools meeting charged over pay freeze

Tensions are mounting at Edison Schools as Election Day draws near.
Aaron Noon
Oct 19, 2012

The school board and the teachers union are at odds on budget cuts, particularly the board's decision to freeze step increases, which are essentially pay raises based on longevity.

The board has also placed an emergency operating levy on the Nov. 6 ballot. If approved, the 3.5-mill levy would generate about $817,000 a year for the district over the next five years.      

At Wednesday's board meeting, 62 of the 90-plus Edison Teachers Association members showed up to make known their discontent with the board’s actions concerning contract negotiations.

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Sit n Spin

Stop by my house and I will give all you UNION teacher's a tissue to wipe your tears !!!!!


Haven't been enough teacher strikes lately.

It worked in Chicago.

Let parents find a babysitter and the community enjoy a youth crime wave = teachers get raises.

Second Opinion

What a ridiculous, self centered and arrogant post.

The majority of Edison students come from a linage of strong families that support their relationships and the teachers want to take all the credit when a school systems rating has a higher scholastic rating. Chicago and other larger cities have little family structure so you ridiculously and purposefully seize the opportunity to twist the facts for your agendas.

There are great students in Sandusky, East Cleveland, CHICAGO and its NOT because of the teachers, its because the parents take time with their children and instruct and lead by example. If the teachers don't like the job at Edison for what they're paid then I suggest they seek employment in Sandusky, Cleveland, Toledo or another larger city where soon bullet proof vests will be the standard issued uniform. I'm sure there are plenty of teachers that would love to teach at Edison whose students as a majority are respectful and desire to learn and where the teacher doesn't loose sleep at night wondering if they will live through the next school day without harm.

Pundit, if you DO teach at Edison do us an honor and resign, we would rather have teachers of quality over arrogance. Your statement about not having enough strikes shows you haven't the slightest clue as to what is important in a child's education, based upon your posts you lack one important teaching qualification, that is character, which is taught by example.


Using the phrase "linage of strong families" to justify an argument means you are a racist.

If you DO live in the Edison district do us all a favor and move to Texas. That would show a lot of character.

Second Opinion

Thanks for proving your a troll.


and the money is coming from where?

County Resident

WOW - a raise for breathing another year!


Go ahead and go teach somewhere else. Oh you wont because of the golden bennys.Yell all you want the truth is you are paid more than most when those golden bennys are figured in. Not like the old days everyone knows your dirty little secret.


The situation is not sustainable anymore. Operating levy means salaries and benefits for the teachers. People are tired of feeding the teacher unions. Start laying off.

West 99

Is your local teachers over paid??? Look for yourself- their wages have out paced all other jobs. Look on site below, at the increases they have received year after year. Enough greedy teacher- except what the rest of us had to.



Poor grammar. I guess your teacher was overpaid. A subtle way to prove your point? LOL. "Except" no substitute.


Maybe if the ones posting here that the teachers are over-paid would do their job of parenting at home and let the teachers teach, then maybe they would not deserve what they are getting paid. But when they have to do both, they deserve what they get paid. Maybe if they did not have to do both, then they could accept a pay freeze.


sorry kilroy your point is junk. another you dont care about kids thing. yes we do argumentis old and over


Once again the Register gets it wrong! The Edison teachers and school board are not at odds over pay raises. The teachers are upset because the board walked away from negotiations in July and refuses to go back to the table. They just want the board to come back to the table and negotiate in good faith. If any of you were at the BOE meeting on Wednesday night, you would know that.

Aaron Noon

I must respectfully disagree. I was at the BOE meeting Wednesday night. In Mr. Meredith's speech, he desribed a unilaterally-decided vote to freeze step increases, which are small annual raises based on years of teaching. One of the ETA's two requests to the board was to reinstate the step increases, the other being to return to negotiations. That was the official statement of the Edison Teachers Association to the public at the board meeting. It's actually in print.


West 99,
Thanx for the link. It was quite enlightning. Went in and picked a teacher I had in the seventies and is still there. $69k a year for a 187 day work year. $46.00 an hour. WOW YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME
Be voting NO.


Well, when you are asking if a teacher is overpaid, you are really asking "does she make more than me?"

And when you are asked "how much should a teacher make", your honest answer must be "less than me!"

Education, experience does not matter. Even though "Jimbo2" probably mows lawns for a living he still thinks teachers should make less than him no matter what.

That is the basic premise of the Buckeye "Institute"'s existence. But it is probably also factually true for them as well, "how could a teach make more money than me, I work at an 'institute'!"

LOLing... at a bunch of angry failed business owners. Small business owners and pension recipients are about the most bitter babies imaginable.

Second Opinion

'does SHE make more than me?"

So, besides being arrogant your also a sexist, no surprise, we expected nothing less.


That's a pretty funny argument. Defending the wages of a profession that is overwhelmingly female makes me sexist?


Yah, I have to agree that people who do manual labor should be paid more than people who sit in a comfy chair all day.


WOW you dont get it at all. You think because you teach you are smarter by cutting people down. you stink and should not be teaching kids at all


Sad bunch of losers. Go ride your motorcycles and squeeze into your size 46 chaps. LOL.

Señor Clown

I don't understand what you're trying to imply here. Is it that Jimbo is overweight? You'd just a moment prior suggested that Jimbo mows lawns for a living, which is a livelihood that doesn't lend itself well to becoming overweight or obese, not at all like being a primary school instructor. Anyone care to dig up the statistics on the percentage of overweight / obese K-12 teachers vs. the percentage of overweight / obese lawn care professionals?

Second Opinion

Ignore Pundit, a troll, that might be a teacher, who knows, We are certain however that what ever or whoever it is there is no reason to waste time in responding to its ridiculous and irrational posts.

Second Opinion

Ignore Pundit, a troll, that might be a teacher, who knows, We are certain however that what ever or whoever it is there is no reason to waste time in responding to its ridiculous and irrational posts.

Second Opinion

Check out EHOVE JVS. You must use the 2010 and sort by highest to lowest wages

$115,0000 a year wages with $76,000 a year pensions and full benefits.

I don't think EHOVE has EVER had a levy fail and I can't remember anyone ever complaining about their constant asking for more money.


You realize the person you are referencing is a superintendent right? Not a teacher?

Based on your reasoning and research skills as displayed here, I think it is safe to say you deserve to make less than her.


Your comparing apples to oranges..... EHOVE is not a good comparison as fortunately for them, their voters are made up of 3 Counties, not just people of Berlin/Milan.
Look up Perkins, Margaretta, Huron, Norwalk, Clyde--- any of the schools in a 40 mile radius or in our conference, that's a more true comparison.

Second Opinion

It doesn't matter if it was 10 counties,I question why EHOVE is never questioned when they ask for continuing or additional levies.

1. Provide a single article in this paper or any other that has EVER questioned the needs of additional money. I sure seems the administrator is doing ok making $10,000 a month

2. What about contracts, has there ever been a review to see if they are presented for bids? I've never seen an add in the Register where they were receiving quotes for any work there.

And since it involves multiple communities then they should be under review with more scrutiny than the other school systems since it involves three counties.


It sure does matter, it means less money out of everyone's pocket.... When Milan asks for 3.8 it means $100 for every $100k a home is worth, when EHOVE asks for 3.8 mill it means about $50, that's half by my calculations.