Ohio's unemployment rate falls to 7 percent

Ohio's unemployment rate has dropped slightly to 7 percent after three consecutive months of holding steady at the same rate.
Associated Press
Oct 19, 2012


The state Department of Job and Family Services said Friday that seasonally adjusted joblessness in Ohio was 7 percent in September, down from 7.2 percent in August.

The state's unemployment rate remains below the national rate of 7.8 percent.

The number of unemployed Ohio workers fell by about 7,000, from 413,000 in August to 406,000 last month. The state's non-farm payrolls decreased by 12,800 compared with August's figures.

Ohio saw job gains of more than 1,500 in professional and businesses services last month, while manufacturing lost about 6,400 jobs.

Friday's update on job numbers was the last that the swing state's voters will see before the Nov. 6 election.




Oh boy, here comes the doom and gloom crowd!


Here we go.


You have got to be kidding me!!!!! Gas prices dropping and unemployment dropping?????? Must almost be election time!!! lmfao

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How convenient…


Thank you Governor Kasich!!! LOL (Sarcasm). Actually from the numbers shown in this article one can only come to conclusion that the drop was due to people exhausting their unemployment. Look at the non-farm payroll decrease.


Yeah, the numbers are for August. It is now October and many are just going on unemployment now so the figures will definitely change. Doesn't matter who you vote for either; unemployment will be going up.

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swiss cheese kat

Same for the underemployment rate.


hopefully, these are good numbers. it is interesting that the state of california cooked their books to make last months numbers look better than they were. someone "forgot" to enter some data that affected those numbers.


I know right I heard that on sone right wing talk show!!!!!

Mikel : Not sure what you do for a living or if you even work at all as often as you post but let me offer you a suggestion .
You would do great as a children fiction writer with your imagination!!


usa today....cnn...msnbc. not bad sources. how did you guess that i am a beat writer for the sr??? not. don't go into the card reading.


It should be about 5% Nov.1st.More good news I just read one of Bozo's Alternative Energy Battery Plants is hiring in Mich.They received a big chunk of stimulus money and all they have to do now is play cards and watch movies,and wait for orders.The average job saved in the Auto industry only cost us about one million dollars each.Everyone criticized Mitt for saying he would have let them go bankrupt.That was only smart thing a business man would have done.They would have reorganized,most would have went back to work and it wouldn't have cost us a dime !


This article doesn't seem to tell people very much (assuming they even read the whole thing instead of just the headline).
It says "The number of unemployed Ohio workers fell by about 7,000, from 413,000 in August to 406,000 last month. The state's non-farm payrolls decreased by 12,800 compared with August's figures."

12,800 - 7,000 = 5,800.
So, did we lose 5,800 jobs or..did we lose all 12,800 and 7,000 people's unemployment benefits also expired?
Or is it, more likely, somewhere in between?

It also notes that "Ohio saw job gains of more than 1,500 in professional and businesses services last month, while manufacturing lost about 6,400 jobs."

This information seems.............to me.


Time for the right wingers to spin the facts.


Can you do basic math? The article clearly states that we lost another 12,800 jobs and the "number of unemployed people" has (only) dropped by 7,000.

How do YOU suppose that is possible?


Awesome! Good news comes every day! Today, the unemployment rate dropped. Yesterday, news came that gas prices are dropping. Wednesday, news that home foreclosures hit the lowest level in the past five years. It's getting harder for Republicans to ignore the fact that things ARE getting better with a Democratic president in office. The GOP TV ads just sound silly, because the things they claim are exactly the opposite of what's actually happening in Ohio in October, 2012...


Sorry, truly..but it seems that your comments are the ads that sound silly, actually : P

Read the article, instead of just the headline. Non-farm payrolls dropped by 12,800.
Unless 7,000 people found a job on a farm..the number merely reflects that 7,000 people are no longer "counted as" unemployed (which probably means that alot of those people had their unemployment benefits expire).

Foreclosures decreasing? Yah? Did home ownership go up alongside of that, or does this just mean that there are less and less people now who own homes..so there are less people TO foreclose on?
So, Democrats cause the housing crash (Clinton, chiefly) and somehow it is good news that there are fewer and fewer people (who own homes anymore) left TO foreclose on?

By the way, what are you going to do if the rich, that we are "moving forward" against, decide to move their businesses to a Capitalist country..like Russia (for the chicks alongside of the money), China, or any other member of BRICS?

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O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma


The Big Dog's back says: "O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma"

Riskkbreaker replies: "...............but what does it meeean?"

Note definition #1 and #3. It is what one has to do when trying to cover up their past, and the subtlety of what they are doing now.


The polls are disagreeing with you. LOL. Unless of course you only listen to MSNBC (which is probably your only news source). The orderly's and nurses are standing by with your meds...they will be excited to see you again on Nov 7.


Thank goodness we have have a republican leading our state. Just think when we have one running the country. Then all can enjoy like us


Seriously,Stone, what has Kasich done to help our economy and reduce unemployment?
The Republicans in this state are frantically trying to figure out how to get around the recent Supreme Court ruling and suppress the Democratic vote. I hear that their plan is to severely reduce the hours for Early voting on Fri., Sat., Sun., & Mon. Mr. Secretary of State is a real piece of work. This is totally un-American.

For the past four years the Republicans have done everything possible to hold America back so that they could blame President Obama for a slow recovery. It is interesting that any good news about the economy is always countered by Republicans with shouts of "dirty tricks" or "cooked books". They get real excited about anything they could twist into a failure. How patriotic is that?

This report is great news for Ohio!!


if it wasn't for the republicans holding prezo back the deficit would be at about $25 trillion instead of $16 trillion. thanks to my fellow republicans in congress and senate.


What had Obama done...reese? This time around it is blatantly obvious they cooked the books. The only way you lose jobs and simultaneously drop the unemployment rate is when more people lose benefits than there are job losses.

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Like the Repubs in Ohio would let anyone "cook" the books. I don't hear kassick complaining.


Read my replies to coasterfan on this article, reese. Or did you already do that but just keep pretending it isn't there?

Yes, the Republicans will do their job and hold us back from being "transformed" into a Marxist state...which will be nothing more than a failed client-state to Russia and/or China (since they will be the major Capitalist countries remaining, after America "moves forward.")

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swiss cheese kat

News Flash:

Unemployment rates fall in 7 US swing states (including Ohio) and were unchanged in all other states with high unemployment.

Five things Obama cares about:
1. Big Bird
2. Binders full of women
3. “The View”
4. “American Idol”
5. Paul Ryan’s marathon time


Yup, I saw that. It is kind of ironic that unemployment has only fallen in swing states, three weeks from the election. LOL. Cooking the books? I smell a rat.

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5 things rmoney cares about:
1. The rich.
2. The rich.
3. The rich.
4. The rich.
5. The rich.


dawg - it is interesting that you indicate that romney only cares money. apparently, you have not been following obumbles campaign commercials and other events. if you would be following these items you would notice that obumbles has plenty of rich men/women doing his talking. hmmmm, if obumbles really cared for the poor/middle class don't you think he would be parading those individuals in front of audiences?

Mr. D

Yep, Mitt's Marauder's a really starting to worry!!! Better git yer spinnin wheels a turnin!!!


Here is some more Obama job creation. http://www.nationalreview.com/co...

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Look up any one of the dozen "green energy" company's obama threw a billion dollars at that have FAILED to produce ! Big dog and coasterfan avoid this fact like the plague, but that's OK................"snip, snip".......