Ohio's unemployment rate falls to 7 percent

Ohio's unemployment rate has dropped slightly to 7 percent after three consecutive months of holding steady at the same rate.
Associated Press
Oct 19, 2012

The state Department of Job and Family Services said Friday that seasonally adjusted joblessness in Ohio was 7 percent in September, down from 7.2 percent in August.

The state's unemployment rate remains below the national rate of 7.8 percent.

The number of unemployed Ohio workers fell by about 7,000, from 413,000 in August to 406,000 last month. The state's non-farm payrolls decreased by 12,800 compared with August's figures.

Ohio saw job gains of more than 1,500 in professional and businesses services last month, while manufacturing lost about 6,400 jobs.

Friday's update on job numbers was the last that the swing state's voters will see before the Nov. 6 election.




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