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The best of the reader comments in the online forums, as compiled by Don Lee, edito
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The best of the reader comments in the online forums, as compiled by Don Lee, editorial page editor:

Monroeville Roeder-Harley Davidson closing

WEB UPDATE, March 25

Unknown Sources wrote on Mar 25, 2009 8:53 PM:

“The main customer is getting a lot older and the younger replacements are not coming in. Sad to see an old dealership close up. The Sandusky store is nice new facility but lacks the feel of the old store. Just my opinion.”

Margaretta students perform ‘Godspell’ 

STORY, March 25

HKS wrote on Mar 25, 2009 9:11 PM:

“I was involved in drama productions in my school days, they were GREAT for so many reasons. ... Break a leg, cast & crew of Godspell. Regardless of what role you play in this production, on stage or behind it, look at it this way: When it’s all said and done, you’ll have memories of something REAL that you DID, instead of something FAKE that you WATCHED. And those are memories you will hold on to for a lifetime.”

Judge confirms Nuesse’s story about voided parking ticket

STORY, March 25

minnow wrote on Mar 24, 2009 7:32 PM:

“To all you kimmie supporters, All I have to say is you people are the same ones who are complaining to the city about the pot holes in the roads, bad snow removal and stuff like that. So lets spend more of the citys money on this trial!!!! Make sense now???”

underthebridge wrote on Mar 24, 2009 8:21 PM:

“... You just don’t get it. I still get to complain about the pot holes and poor city services because it is the REPRESENTATIVES OF THE CITY AND THEIR MISCONDUCT that cost us money, not Nuesse because she complained about it.”

uncommon sense wrote on Mar 24, 2009 9:10 PM:

“For the first time in a long time I think there is a sense of unity of people in the area. Kim Nuesse was unjustly terminated, should be reinstated and Matt Kline should step down or be terminated....”

Sam wrote on Mar 25, 2009 7:01 AM:

“Once again the Registerag twists the story. ... Why didn’t the ex-chief just pay the ticket like any common citizen would? By the way did the Nuesse supporters realize that a joint dispatch with the Erie County is happening without the two EX-CHIEFS being in control.”