Drought blamed for smaller Ohio marijuana seizures

Ohio authorities seized considerably fewer marijuana plants this year than last, a decrease they're blaming in part on the summer drought.
Associated Press
Oct 18, 2012


Attorney General Mike DeWine says state and local investigators eradicated more than 30,000 plants this year, mainly in southern Ohio, compared to 46,000 plants last year.

DeWine says high temperatures and lack of rain contributed to the lower number of plants seized in raids.

The attorney general says more than 80 people were arrested in raids focused in southern Ohio, where the growing season is longer and the terrain more rural.

The nation's worst drought in decades stretched from Ohio west to California.




Why does it seem they are dissapointed by seizing fewer plants, isnt that the desired result of this "War on Drugs"?


Lack of rain has no effect on growrooms . Plus they plaster all over the news how they catch people ,think they might of caught on.



USDA map of cannabis sativa distribution. It is considered a noxious weed in some states. About 99% of cannabis that LE finds is feral. I would prefer that poison ivy and Canadian thistle were eradicated.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R... Feral hemp in Nebraska.


That stuff is proven to grow anywhere. Why blame anything? The headline is laughable.

PS. The AP is goin' down hill very quickly. I see more and more stupid comments by their reporters day by day than most other news sources.


Agreed! Kind of lame to blame it on the weather!


it's 'might have' not 'might of' and marijuana should be legalized. the war on drugs is futile and they should be concentrating on more dangerous drugs than marijuana. I would think the state could make more money by legalizing it and keep the jails full of more dangerous criminals.