Ohio student loan debt rising

Average student-loan debt for graduating college students in Ohio is on the rise.
Associated Press
Oct 18, 2012


A report by the Project on Student Debt said Ohio students who borrowed for college and earned a bachelor's degree in 2011 graduated with an average of $28,683.

That's the seventh highest in the nation and a 3.5-percent increase over 2010.

The Columbus Dispatch (http://bit.ly/R1gPEW ) reports that the Ohio average is nearly 8 percent higher than the national average. Like the previous year, 68 percent of the state's 2011 graduates left school with at least some student-loan debt.

Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro said he will continue to push Ohio's public colleges to keep their costs down and find ways to move students through school more quickly to reduce their debt.




Better get used to student loan debt rising, if Romney gets elected. He is on record as saying he will cut funding for College Pell Grants. He is also on record as saying that he will get rid of the college tuition tax exemption on Federal Taxes. And, since he is a Republican, he will no doubt cut funding to Education, which will result in colleges passing more of the tuition costs directly on to students and their families. Most telling was his dispassionate comment, "If you can't afford college, borrow money from your parents".

Let's recap. Under Romney, there will be less grant money for students, no tax exemption for parents who pay tuition, and more out-of-pocket costs to send your kid to college. And to think that some people actually believe Romney when he says he supports the Middle Class.

Obama? As a Democrat, he would never cut funding to Education, because he knows that Education is the key to our future. He is also on record as saying he wants to increase funding for Federal Pell Grants for Education.

When it comes to Education Funding, there are politicians who say things that are in complete contrast to their actions/beliefs (Romney), and there are politicians whose past and present actions actually mirror their words (Obama).


This is what you do, huh? The tuition debt is rising under Obama and somehow it is Romney's fault. Ha. Geez.

Oh, wait..no. You will say it is Bush's fault, right? Even though, this has already been completely debunked at http://www.commentarymagazine.co...




No kidding! We have received an extra $2,500 per year the last three years in refunds because of the college tax credit! We are a hardworking, middle-class family, but still need parent PLUS loans, and our college student needed student loans to attend college. The fact that Romney wants to not only cut the credit, but also has the audacity to tell students to borrow from their parents makes my blood boil. Sorry, Mitt, we don't have an extra $100,000 lying around.


We will have a bunch of "philosophers" lying around in poverty, as Big Business jumps ship to escape us..to join Russia or China (or any other member of BRICS who, btw, are the world's fastest growing economies)..countries where no one is "moving forward" against Capitalism.

The students (Russia and China) have become the teachers, and might also become our masters..if our corporations decide to join them.