Bond set at $1M for Follett St. murder suspect

A man accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend appeared briefly by video in municipal court Thursday.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 18, 2012

Theodis Keys, 33, charged with a single count of murder, was dressed in dark blue jail garb as he appeared on the video feed.

Four of his family members approached Sandusky Municipal Court Judge Erich O'Brien's bench as he read the single charge and explained to Keys that he needed to obtain an attorney and set Keys bond at $1 million

Keys is accused of killing 33-year-old Lorie Miller on Wednesday sometime before 1:20 p.m., when her sons got home from school and found her body lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom.

A neighbor had heard Keys and Miller arguing at about 11 a.m. Wednesday, police said.

A few hours after the discovery of Miller's body, Keys turned himself in at the Erie County Sheriff's Office and asked for an attorney.

Because Keys did not have an attorney, O'Brien scheduled another hearing for next Thursday, when Keys will likely enter a not guilty plea to the charge.

Police said Miller suffered multiple stab wounds. Her body was taken for an autopsy by Lucas County coroners.

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Really are you ...

I believe that people who commit acts of violence, that without a doubt committed those acts, should be expedited to the front of the line. No waiting for them to plead not guilty, so they can vacation for a year. Enforce the same punishment they dealt onto their victims. Eye for an eye. These criminals walk into the courtroom with guilt written all over their face, and tell the judge "not guilty." What! A blind man could see guilt written all over their face. Eye for an eye, stab for stab, bullet for bullet... Violent crimes will drop.


I removed the offending name and i left it as BLANK because it really doesnt matter what name I call him. It doesnt help me feel any better to call him names, or refer to him at all really.
I am reduced to tears every single time I think of that poor baby coming home, probably full of excitement after an early release day from school, only to have it immediately wiped out and replaced by terror.
No word or phrase gives context to the amount of contempt I feel for the murderer.
The amount of pain I feel for these babies that I dont even know is indescribable. All I seem to do is cry for them and PRAY for their solace.


We don't need more levies. The police, no matter how many of them there are, can't be everywhere all the time. Police will almost certainly help you if they ARE there, but it's a simple fact that police MOSTLY deal with the bad things after they've already happened.

What we DO need are more kids who aren't raised to treat others as disposable. We need men and women who DON'T think they're the center of the universe (again, usually because they're raised to think they're owed). And we need punishment for those who don't learn those lessons to be swift, sure, and severe. One good preventive measure is to ensure that young kids don't get away with bad behavior in school, on the bus, in parks, or wherever else. The "slap-on-the-wrist," or worse, the "it's not his fault" mentality are only making the lack of responsibility being taught in the home that much worse.

Home Town, I don't insist those who don't like guns, or who are afraid of them, get one. But if you want one (and in my opinion, most of us should), learn how to use it and then be WILLING to use it. Once you've done that, you're in a much better position to avoid either you or a loved one becoming a victim. Good luck!


This sounds like a domestic issue that got WAY out of hand. So sad that young kid had to find his mom like that. That is just awful. I hope someone is looking out for him (especially).


If the cops had been called there before, there's not much they can do if she let him back into the house or didn't press charges. That's the pattern most of the time.

The neighbors have NO control over it.

I mean, how many of these couples hook or shack up without knowing each other very long. More times than not, it's a recipe for disaster. These single/divorced mothers. need to know who they are inviting into the home around their kids. This is twice in a 6 weeks. Sandusky is Roller coast Murder capital, now. not the quaint little lakeside town is used to be.

Pattern is obvious if not pc.


My heart breaks for these boys and her family. RIP