Ohio man shoots intruder who falls from window

Police say a man who was breaking into a central Ohio home died after he was shot by the resident and then fell from a second-floor window.
Associated Press
Oct 18, 2012


A Columbus police report said it happened Wednesday afternoon on the east side of the city. A 19-year-old man who lives at the home with his mother and sister told officers he heard noises in an upstairs bedroom.

He got a handgun and went to investigate. He fired at the intruder, who fell out of the window to a concrete patio below.

It wasn't clear whether he died from the gunshot or the fall. His name was not released.

The resident was not charged, but police say the investigation is continuing and will be referred to the county prosecutor's office for a determination.




One less moron.


Serves him right. Go get a job like many of us did.


oh boy...unleash the lawyers on this one... I can see it now "mans family sues for wrongful death in apparent attempt to enter what he thought was his own home" probably a good thing he can't speak.


County prosecutor? Really? I hope the "determination" isn't charging this man with murder. he had every right to shoot an intruder. I know I would with no warnings, and no questions asked. its either kill or be killed around here anymore. sad but true. :/



This is a decent explanation of Ohio's Castle Doctrine. If the intruder was shot in the back, then there is the question that the intruder was trying to flee and was no longer a threat.

You can read more about this news story and the intruder at the Columbus Dispatch website.



happy to see good news in the paper today


Recent legislation makes it unlawful for the state to prosecute someone defending thier home from intruders and also makes it unlawful for families to sue for wrongful death when the occured as the result of the commission of a crime. Ohio legislation removed the "retreat" clause from the castle doctrine.


Good coffee & a great story, what a great way to start the day!

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Ditto @ Kurt.
I'm sitting in Bob Evans enjoying this story. Thin the herd.


always love a happy ending.