Boys found mother dead; suspect held without bond

Police arrested a Sandusky man Wednesday just hours after they found his live-in girlfriend dead in a Follett Street house. (Updated with video.)
Emil Whitis
Oct 18, 2012

Theodis Keys Jr., 33, was charged with the murder of Lorie Miller, also 33, of Sandusky.

School let out at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday so Miller’s two boys got home earlier than usual. Dispatchers got a call at about 2 p.m.
“My mom’s ... I think she’s dead. There’s blood all over the bathroom,” one of the boys told 911 dispatchers in a recording of the call. “There’s blood everywhere in the bathroom.”
Police looked for Keys for about two hours before he walked into the Erie County Sheriff's department and turned himself in.
Officers sat him down for questioning, but Keys asked for a lawyer. He is held at the Erie County jail on no bond.
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Not everything is obvious when a relationship gets underway. Sometimes, it even takes a little while INTO the relationship before red flags start popping up. It's possible, of course, that the actual murder was the first red flag in THIS relationship. I doubt it, but maybe so. Still, there's a lesson to be learned, here, ladies:

The NICEST guy isn't worth your while if he ever threatens you.

The RICHEST guy isn't worth your while if he ever hits you.

The HANDSOMEST guy isn't worth your while if he emotionally browbeats you.

The FATHER OF YOUR CHILDREN isn't worth your while if he exerts complete control over your life, your friendships, and your household.

If he loses his temper easily, if he lays a single hand on you, if he threatens you or your children, GET OUT! There's usually a warning sign (or a dozen of them) before something irreversible happens. So ladies, it's in your hands. No more, "But I LOOOOoooove him!" excuses. No more, "But he's such a good father!" rationales. GET. OUT.

We've got more motherless children, more grieving friends and family, and questions none of us should have to ask let alone answer today. Let this poor woman be the last, shall we?


donutshopguy your wrong there is not 3 million people in cleveland, the city itself has 369,000 for population so your facts are wrong and last time i checked sandusky is a hell of alot safer then cleveland


12/21/2012. It seems some are taking it seriously.


Criminal background checks are fairly easy to do nowadays and mostly free online.


the dude is weird looking from the get go! what happened to his head?

Sandtown Native

I lived half my life in Sandusky, Ohio and as far back as 1992 I can remember us always having the misfits and problems in town. This hasn't changed and i don't feel any more scared to drive, walk through Sandusky now than I ever did. It's not a bad town, it's just people are not teaching their kids right and wrong, and respect these days, and are not watching their damn kids grow up... they take it into adulthood and become the city problems... that's what has changed!! Sandusky is a fine place to live or visit.... Love Sandtown!!

Darwin's choice

worst. photoshop. ever. really Register?

Maury Brauschwitz

Dick Brady-

How do you like your squalor of a city now?


ok, now the headline has changed from $1 million earlier, to none,now. TrueOrFalse


I can't believe some of the people on here... Have some respect for Lorie and her family! If ANY you actually knew her you would know what a loving mother and kind hearted person she was! She busted her butt to make sure her sons had everything! She came from a very loving family! It has nothing to do with who she dated and quite frankly i've never heard her say there was any problems with her relationship! This was a tragic and unexpected! NO ONE thought this would ever happen, do you think she would ever put her or her kids lives in jeopardy? NO. This was NEVER HER FAULT, she didn't deserve to die so young and especially this way. He is a monster. Lorie R.I.P. you were an amazing mother and friend. We'll always miss your infectious smile and laugh..