Boys found mother dead; suspect held without bond

Police arrested a Sandusky man Wednesday just hours after they found his live-in girlfriend dead in a Follett Street house. (Updated with video.)
Emil Whitis
Oct 18, 2012

Theodis Keys Jr., 33, was charged with the murder of Lorie Miller, also 33, of Sandusky.

School let out at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday so Miller’s two boys got home earlier than usual. Dispatchers got a call at about 2 p.m.
“My mom’s ... I think she’s dead. There’s blood all over the bathroom,” one of the boys told 911 dispatchers in a recording of the call. “There’s blood everywhere in the bathroom.”
Police looked for Keys for about two hours before he walked into the Erie County Sheriff's department and turned himself in.
Officers sat him down for questioning, but Keys asked for a lawyer. He is held at the Erie County jail on no bond.
For more on this story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register and watch the video to the left.



Well that may be the saddest thing I've ever heard. What a terrifying thing to find after school. I cant even imagine.


I agree, Rick. I just read it to my teen son, and I am in tears.


i just dont understand it.. why is all of this going on in our town.. and this is a man with no record and no history of using any drug .. again people will make this a race issue when it has nothing to do with that he simply killed her.. thats it.. nothing to do with black/white anything it was a TERRIBLE thing to do and it only leaves the people of this town to wonder WHY?! WHY is our quiet town going to now 11 murders in 2 years.. are you kidding me? yes there are murders EVERYWHERE but really 11 in 2 years and 4 in the past month?

what if those kids would have been home would he done away with them too?

i hate what we have become as a society.. it makes me sick to wake up and have to read something like this more and more often


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Body discovered on Follett Street; man charged


When are these stupid women gonna figure out NOT to get involved with these loser guys? Are you women that desperate for a man that you'll take anything?

Mama of 4

Wow ever heard of not speaking ill of the dead. This woman got brutally murdered and her babies found her, none of this is her fault. But on a sadder not R.I.P Lorie. Your boys will have thier own personal guardian angel looking down on them and protecting them in heaven. God must have needed a very special angel. Prayers and thoughts from me and my family got out to her family and friends! <3


Not speaking ill of the dead. May she rest in peace. Just warning the living. Women STOP hooking up with these idiots! Two women in the past month have been murdered by low life scum. Do young women not see that their choices affect everyone?


Your still blaming the victim. May she rest in peace.


I have to agree that blaming a victim is ignorance at work!!




Not using God's wisdom/advice will get you into trouble.


Women who especially are single moms, really need to evaluate any person that they are letting into their (and their childs') lives. Please learn from the mistakes that Lorie and Heather made. If they had to die to open some eyes, then pay attention! It is not the fault of anyone but the murdering scumbags who killed Heather and her children and Lorie. These 2 (I can't even call them men) have forever changed the lives of so many people by taking away their loved ones. They have robbed us of our security in our homes and neighborhoods.
I personally have always felt safe in Sandusky and I hope to remain that way. Evil will win if we are scared and stay in our houses and-or leave the area altogether.


It's not the woman's fault that men are unable to take being rejected. It's the man's fault for choosing anger and choosing to kill. No one was holding a gun to his head, he chose the behavior and he chose the consequences, i.e. life behind bars or the end of his life.


How many murders do we have in this town already this year? This quite little town doesn't fit its fairytale advertising. People can't flee fast enough.

But, you do have the "Monty Hall" of prosecutors. "Lets Make a Deal Baxter."

Sarah Weber

By the Register's count, we've had six murders this year.


Lorie was one of my best friends. She did not deserve this. Theo is a monster! We all love you lorie an don't worry the boys will be safe.

Only on the beach

I am so sorry for your friend. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

sick of sandtown

Sandusky,aka,lil' chicago, santroit, call it want you want. I moved to cleveland where it's safer!?! Great job city officials, should have kept ms kim and dis-banded the good ol' boy network. Believe it or not, things will get worse.


Things will get worse because wickedness and evil are on the rise. It's not jsut here - it's everywhere. Take God out of the pillars of society and the roof collapses on top of you. But he did tell us that this is coming.
May God have mercy on Lorie's soul.

sick of sandtown

We all know crime is on the rise. Taking God out of the pillars of society may or may not have an effect, because, many of these punks claim to be christians because they go to church and/or pray, but then they go out and shoot cops, rape women, sell drugs to kids and claim to be gangstas. Come Sunday, they're back in church. Maybe God should make another commandant, Thou shall not be a hypocrite, lest ye die.


How much killing are we going to stand for in this town, start carrying out the death penalty in the state of Ohio and let's start putting these slime bags away permanently. I am tired of the people in this town who have no respect for human life or any respect for authority and walk around these streets like they own everything and they can do whatever they want. More CCW holders would be a start but I also believe that the women who have been under abuse from boyfriends or husbands or even acquaintances needs to report the abuse and get out from under the violence. Yes I know it isn't easy, my wife was abused by her father and ex-husband but she decided not to stay in that relationship and now has a loving husband who protects her with his life, that's ME!


I agree with your comments. And your wife is one lucky lady.

car 54

What action is the city commission taking? I would like to know how Sandusky can become safer.


Mr. Keys' actions are in no way a reflection on Sandusky or on the victim. They are only a reflection of what a troubled and violent person he truly is and he belongs in prison. While I agree that many men need training on how to treat a woman and how to deal with anger and rejection, it is not a woman's fault that they act in such a manner. Not all bad relationships end in murder but all bad relationships should end.


Get the facts straight. It was one boy who found her. The other one who is Autistic was picked up from school by police at 2:15.

Only on the beach

Does it really matter 1 or both? either way it is tragic.


Will you guys get a grip on reality? As bad as some of you think Sandusky is, there are cities that are much worse and this is not a reflection of the city. It's a criminal that is in jail. I don't fault the young woman either. Wait for the facts before you judge the city. I can count about six murders and it's OCTOBER "already". The stats could be worse and remember, the holidays are approaching and things could get worse.

The Bizness

May she rest in peace.

But I will not give up on this City, as a young home owner in Sandusky, I have nothing but high hopes for the City. We need to come together and continue to invest in the infrastructure and business's of the city not denigrate it and tear it down. Sandusky residents use this as a reason to build a bond and add conviction to help this city continue to draw people in!


It's certainly by no means her fault that this happened. But it's true that other women should learn from this tragedy and be more selective of the guys they go for. Too many decent women go for loser/worthless guys like this. Most of them don't end up being murderers but still...

Anyone else notice anything similar between all these MURDERERS? Oh that's right stating the obvious is too racist these days.


I have to admit,I too notice that the murders are all commited by MEN! smh