Officials release Ohio school, district ratings

State officials have released Ohio school and district ratings that have been delayed amid a statewide review of student-attendance data.
Associated Press
Oct 17, 2012


The Ohio Department of Education on Wednesday posted the results in a spreadsheet for now — instead of the charts, graphs and other visual elements that districts and families have come to expect.

Results are still considered preliminary as Ohio Auditor Dave Yost investigates enrollment and attendance irregularities around the state.

The Ohio Board of Education voted to release the eagerly-awaited information, in part because Election Day is approaching and many districts are pursuing levy and bond issues.

The reports are normally published in August. Schools and districts have had access to preliminary student achievement data on standardized assessments throughout the summer.

Ohio Department of Education:




Looks like Sandusky has a lot of catching up to do.


This isn't a suprise. Sandusky Schools have begun to accept that which was once considered to be unacceptable. This is by the Administration, staff and student body. There are many reasons why students are relocating and those in charge are not willing to take a herd look at what needs to be done. I don't know if the problems are fixable at this point.

Tsu Dho Nimh

When comparing Sandusky to other local districts, pay attention to the number of economically disadvantaged students (77.9%). This is a big contributer. Poorer families move more often, parents have jobs that require them to be at work while the kids have to take care of themselves and younger siblings, and kids living in poverty have worries and stress that middle class children are typically protected from. Attending another district does not change the issues that these kids face. Let Perkins, Huron, or Margaretta have the same percentage of economically disadvantaged students and see how well their students perform. These kids are not less intelligent; they are just more challenging to reach.


Sandusky is fine compared to other districts with same demographics.


Streak if you accept what is going on now then the result will only get worse.


Please excuse the double post.


Sandusky schools have lost three million dollars in open enrollment last year. We need to stop the bleeding and try to address the problem of why children are leaving the system. It should not be so difficult to address. Let's do some problem solving because the open enrollment is not sustainable and taxpayers are tried of having to pass levies each time they vote.