Presidential candidates focus on Ohio college vote

President Barack Obama and GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan headed back to school Wednesday in the stepped-up competition for college voters in swing state Ohio.
Associated Press
Oct 17, 2012


Ryan, a graduate of Miami University in Ohio, had a rally at Baldwin Wallace University near Cleveland. Obama had an evening rally scheduled at Ohio University in southeastern Ohio.

Ohio University will be the fifth Ohio college the Democratic president has visited in less than a month.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Ryan also have recently visited several Ohio campuses. Last weekend, Romney had a rally at Shawnee State University, while Ryan tailgated with Bowling Green State University football fans and then spoke at Youngstown State. Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, made his alma mater in Oxford one of his first stops after being named as Romney's running mate, and he also visited with fans at the Miami-Ohio State football game in Columbus soon afterward.

Exit polling in 2008 indicated Obama won two-thirds of the vote among college-age adults as he carried Ohio, a state expected to be close this year and possibly crucial to winning the White House. Underscoring the importance of Ohio and its college vote, Obama officially kicked off his re-election campaign in May at Ohio State University.

In a return visit to OSU last week, Obama urged students to take buses provided for them at the rally to go to early voting locations, saying: "Everything we fought for in 2008 is on the line in 2012."

But the Romney campaign thinks it will make inroads with young voters this year, and a campaign official said it is well-organized on campuses across the state.

"We are making a huge push on the campuses," said Scott Jennings, Romney's state campaign director. "This is a different environment for Obama than it was in 2008. The economy is sputtering along, and these college kids know they are about to graduate into a world that may not have a job for them."

Obama campaign officials say they are well-positioned on campuses. They say the president has been getting enthusiastic crowds, with students waiting for hours to see and hear him.

University of Cincinnati student body president Lane Hart recalled that the campus excitement in 2008, when Obama spoke at a huge UC rally, "was really palpable." But Hart, who said he is impartial on the presidential campaign, disputed that students aren't as interested in this year's race.

Hart, a 22-year-old Lewisburg native who majors in information systems and finance, pointed to an enthusiastic, larger-than-expected turnout Tuesday night at a campus center to watch the second presidential debate. Organizers were kept busy adding hundreds of chairs for arriving students, with more than 500 on hand by the time it started.

"I would say more young people are engaged," he said. "I think everyone here understands the importance of Ohio; and Cincinnati, Hamilton County and the young vote. I sense a feeling of duty and responsibility."




Please VOTE

John Harville

Please VOTE.


I did. Last week.


I will


true and funny (if you are a gop'er)

so, i am standing in line at a local store. the man in front of me asks the cashier for a pack of cigarette's. she asks for his id. he tells her he does not have one on him. she says she can not sell him cigarette's without an id. he says "are you f-----g kidding me? i am 36 years old." she says sorry. i say "but you don't need an id to cast an illegal vote for dems" he says "f--- the dems." bahahahhahahhahahaa

Taxed Enough Already

lol isn't that the truth though. What I really find funny is that Obama and the democrats don't want us to have a photo ID to vote but try to get a tour in the White House without one.


WARNING! Route 75 will be thick with traffic. Glen Beck has jeans that are made in Kentucky.....only $129.00! What a bargin! Watch out for bobbers (Log Cabin Republicans) & old wealthy white people. Both of those groups will make driving a real hazard!

The Big Dog's back

Obama wiped the floor with that arrogant CEO last night.

Darwin's choice

how about this "arrogant" guy............. soon you forget BigDog


only dems think that. independant analysts are calling it a draw.


President Obama kept hitting balls out of the park last night and Mr.Romney kept tripping all over himself, and finally got smacked down over his ridiculous politically motivated claim about the Libya attack, not just from Obama, but finally by Candy Crowley when he wouldn't let it go. My personal favorite though was when he responded to the question about how he would address the issue of equal pay for women. First he talked about how he had to visit women's groups to help find women with the credentials to be part of his cabinet, and they brought him "women in binders" for him to search through. Second favorite was when he said that he learned he had to be flexible with working hours for women, so they could get home in time to cook for their families. The man has no clue about how offensive his remarks are. He was unmasked to reveal the hypocritical, opportunistic and unprincipled person he is.


the right to receive equal pay = same hours = same lifting capacity = same speed on production line = equality for both sexes. if you want to be home to feed your family then get a job that provides those hours. if you can't lift 50lbs on a constant basis for 10 - 12 hours then that job probably isn't for you. if you can't work at a quick pace on a production line then you probably shouldn't ask your co-workers to pick you up. equality. that's what is all about.


I think you missed the whole point. We are talking about equal pay for EQUAL work. Get it???


reese - i get that dems should sometimes be called slow because it seems that you can't comprehend. i get it. do you? read the last 6 words of my post and then take a minute and let it soak in.


Amen reese! I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the "binders" comment. Hard to believe that there was not one woman in the state of Mass that didn't have the "qualifications" Mutton was looking for to be one of his cabinet members. But then again, if you were in that book that also meant you didn't have a penis which was actually the only qualification he was looking for to begin with.....


Apparently, a lot of Republicans think Obama won, too, or the snap poll taken right after the debate wouldn't have had Obama up by double digits (all the more interesting when it was later mentioned that the same poll oversampled Republicans). A poll of 60,000 people has Obama up 65%-35%.

Obama grabbed control early last night with his "You don't have a 5-point plan, you have a 1-point plan", and used Romney's own words against him all night. Given that Romney had done major shifts on literally every topic over the past several months, he basically gift-wrapped a loaded gun for Obama.

To me, the candidates' body language was interesting to watch. Obama came across as more at ease/confident this time. Romney spent much of the night stuttering, walked and stood stiffly, like the stiff shirt he is, and basically looked out of sorts. Most interesting was when Obama walked down front to answer a question, and Romney stayed out there with him for the full 2 minutes, instead of returning back to his stool. To me, this was Romney playing the bully once again - a man who is used to being able to bully other people to get what he wants. Exactly what I would expect from someone who led a haircut/hazing issue in his college days, you know?

Nothing in Mitt's past or present indicates that he has any compassion for people he feels are "below" him, which is why his 47% comment should be taken for what it truly was: Mitt's unvarnished, true feelings. Stunningly out of touch with anyone who isn't a rich, white man. Loved it when Crowley refused to be bullied and told him to sit down.


As far as the college vote, Romney is on record (during the GOP primaries) as saying he will cut Pell Grants. Last night, he did yet another flip-flop by saying that he wouldn't cut Pell Grants. Perhaps the Presidential ballot should list 3 choices for Republicans:

__Primaries Mitt (Tea Party/Ultraconservative Mitt)
__General Election Mitt (Moderate/RINO Mitt)
__Mystery Mitt (to cover whatever Mitt morphs into between now and Nov.6)


Well said, coasterfan.


None of the above


here's an idea.. take responsibility for your self and your life and quit asking for others to pay for your wants! i know that dems can't grasp that idea but it was worth posting.


You're a broken record mikey.... Just try for once to actually tell the truth about why you don't want Obama to be re-elected as I'm willing to bet you're certainly not a 1%'er. Your taxes have been lowered by him. Have you lost your job due to him?? Are you against him due to his position on social issues -- i.e. abortion, gay marriage, immigration? If not you have no other reason other than racism.


meowmix - we don't have enough time to get into why i won't vote for prez o. however, no my taxes haven't gone down a bit. being a small business owner my taxes have progressively gone up! new rules and regulations across the board from materials to computerized equipment is crazy. these have all come out of the current administration. also, amongst many other things i am tired of this administration pushing harder for people to be less responsible for themselves and expanding gov't programs to pick up that difference. we can not afford to continue at this pace. period. there is not one business that would be in existance today if it used the current admin's game plan. period. it has nothing to do with race. period. i know that i post alot of crap but, yeah, i can have an intelligent discussion if prompted in a serious manner such as yours.


So, Mikey, you sound like you are one of those people who praised Rmoney's disrespectful 47% comment to his high roller friends.

Dig down into the details of the polls that are being taken and you will find out who the people are that are voting for Obama.

White men with a H.S. diploma or less are supporting Rmoney over the President.

College educated people tend to be more supportive of Obama.


Now that was a ZINGER!! Good one reese!


reese - yep i am on board with most of what romney said about the 47% but have a different view and meaning of his message. the message that i received is that this country will NEVER move forward when 47% of the people pay virtually no taxes. a big percentage of the 47% come from families that know nothing other than receiving entitlements. how is that being progressive? supposedly, this is the greatest country in the world, which i believe it to be, yet we have some of the laziest people in the world who do not take advantage of the many opportunities provided to them.

absolutely not true about education levels and who they support.

i am guessing that you are one of the "less" people being that you misspelled romney! just sayin, whoot, whoot.


Mikel...look again at how it was spelled--pay attention here R-money (our money)----get it now???? I find it to be very clever..


going with it being misspelled. if you were so concerned with r-money you would realize that prez o sure knows how to spend it in the most wasteful of manners.


There's going to be plenty of money in the Social Security and Medicare funds when all of the Republicans who think they are handouts refuse to take them. I'm sure they are going to be totally responsible for themselves when they are 85.