SANDERS: Obamanomics

By RUFUS G.W. SANDERS, Register columnist These are the most perilous of times Americans have f
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


By RUFUS G.W. SANDERS, Register columnist

These are the most perilous of times Americans have faced since maybe the bombing of Pearl Harbor or before that the shelling of Fort Sumter.

President Barack Obama has inherited the worst economy this country has experienced since the beginning of the Great Depression. But like Lincoln and Roosevelt before him he seems to be more than able to lead us through this min field of confusion and uncertainty. The seriousness of this economic crisis is forcing us to rethink the economic and political dogmas which have plagued this country for decades now.

What the president has done in the first near 100 days of his administration is to reintroduce us to the concepts of what it means to be America. Of course the pundits look only at the nuts and bolts of his polices, which they are forced to disagree simply because of their particular brand of political leanings, but because of their partisanship they miss what is being called the "Obama Code."

The code is encased in his vision for and of America. That vision is a moral one with a view of unity, fairness and justice all the things that America is supposed to be about. The code is imperative if we are to bring the country back to the fundamental values of the original writers of the Constitution. Obama is about to bring in a sea change.

There are those who think he is interested only in bringing down the rich and mighty, and that his only concern is to end capitalism as we know it so he can issue in some new age of American socialism. But nothing could be further from the truth.

What he is trying to do is not just remedy the economic situation but tie it to his understanding of the morality that is already constitutionally based. On this moral system he will tie all governmental policies. In the next four years, President Obama will address the following issues and he will succeed in undoing the havoc created by the philosophies of last eight years which has created a system of conspicuous consumption fueled by the proliferation of hedge funds, rising home values and easy credit which plunged us into an abyss which has affected the entire world:

n An easing of credit

n The creation of jobs

n Take this country into the Green world

n Universal Health Care

n Medical coverage for the unemployed

n Leaving Iraq

n Two state solution for Israel/Palestine

n Dealing with Iran diplomatically and humanely

n The proper handling of Afghanistan

n A rule of law based in fairness, openness, and justice.

Economically speaking it is generally the consensus that deficit spending is at this time a necessary evil. At this point it is really a matter of national accounting. Because of the failure of consumption and investment, because the problem is so big and complicated, only the national government capable of turning this ship around.

Just as it was during the Depression of 1837 and the Depression of 1929, the government must step in, in a big way.

What the conservatives must realize is that their policies of de-regulation and their philosophy of a bogus "ownership society" has not worked. Not to mention trying to fight multiple wars at one time. We are left with no option but to try something new.

Obamanomics is not just about recreating the economy but it about creating the need for economic justice. What is important to this new economy is fairness and justice. They become the only concepts which will keep this economy prosperous and growing. Without these concepts we will continue the greed, thievery and economic oppression which have created a banking system that seems to me might not be anything but one big national Ponzi scheme.

Obamanomics will deal with unfair practices and special interest and the unjust power of monopolies, all issues we thought that we had solved years ago.

Obamanomics will reintroduce us to the principles the founding fathers left us with. He will reintroduce again the principles of liberty, freedom, opportunity, equality and, indeed, justice. These are the fundamentals that will lead our nation out of our current crisis and re-orient our economy toward the prosperity and growth -- and move our government back toward honesty and America back to greatness.