Sandusky police investigating third violent robbery

Two unknown men beat a Sandusky man unconscious then snatched his book bag and disappeared into the darkness early Tuesday morning somewhere between Hayes and Columbus avenues at the tracks.
Emil Whitis
Oct 17, 2012


Sandusky police showed up in the 100 block of Huntington Place after a woman told police her son’s friend had been jumped.

“(He) was sitting on the couch in their living room with visible injuries to his forehead and on the top of his head,” a  Sandusky police report said. “(The victim) was unaware where he was and could not remember his name.”

The victim, 19, could only describe his attackers as two black men, according to a Sandusky police report.

It marked the third robbery in less than a week in the Sandusky area.

On Thursday two men beat and robbed a convenience store clerk in a Pioneer Trail parking lot.

Less than 24 hours before, a Green Springs woman, 35, got held up at gun point as she walked to her car in the 300 block of E. Adams St.

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.

Anyone with information on any of the robberies can call Sandusky police detectives at 419-627-5877.



South LA, here we come. Get the matches and bricks ready.


Little Detroit!


With the normal "slap on the wrist" handed out by local judges there is no deterrent for criminals. Only maximum sentences in Erie County. No plea bargains. Someone need to get control .


Sounds like we have a couple of serial robbers in the area.

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I don't leave home without my Para & CCW!


I have to 100% agree with "donutshopguy", our Judicial system is meant to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. The pathetic sentencing that's handed down to offenders in the "not-so-great" City of "Sand-Troit" only promotes crime. If a "Perp" is charged with felonious assault then they should be sentenced for it accordingly using State Guidelines and not the pathetic wrist slapping sentences handed down by the local Judges! Our court systems aren't set in place to plea bargain to a lesser charge for a crime, this isn't the Compton Swap Meet! If you have to plea bargain every case down to lesser charges then maybe it's time to start weeding out the incompetent fools that can't file paperwork properly and get that conviction and take NO DEALS! Start handing out proper sentencing for the crimes an individual is charged with and not lower the charges! Our court system should never be a bargaining system because all it's doing is showing the criminals that they can commit a crime knowing they can walk away from the court house pretty much free of their original crime every time. It makes me set back and wonder if the Erie County Courts should change their name to "Let's Make a Deal"(no copyright infringements intended).
Court Systems were put in place to punish offenders and give the law abiding citizens a sense of safety within their community. All the Court Systems do now is protect the guilty and set fear in the hearts of the victims making them feel more like a "prisoner", leaving them not wanting to go out in public for fear they may become victimized yet again by these court-released felons. The courts are protecting the guilty more than they are protecting victims of a crime and these victims are the ones paying taxes that in turn pay these civil servants that neglect their duties to "Protect & Serve" a community. A good example of the court system failing to hand out proper sentencing is the Kevin Randleman case, there should NOT have been any option other than the death penalty for him, he killed an Officer of the Law in Cold Blood and should have been sentenced to death but given a time frame to appeal the court's rulings. Then when that time frame was up if no evidence changed the court's ruling a date of execution should have been implemented immediately. I understand that family members of the victim agreed to a life sentence but laws are laws and he shouldn't have the privilege of living "rent free and fed" for the rest of his life using taxpayer's money to do so. I'm not saying that life in prison is an easy thing but it sure doesn't set an example, how is it fair that they get to spend our tax dollars to live the rest of their life without any responsibility. Wake up people, start realizing how much less our judicial system is protecting us and costing us more money.....JMHO


This won't work out well.


Two words: Conceal. Carry.


This situation has escalated to the point where innocent people will end up dead. Just read the posts above.


TKKeegan72 your frustration is evident. I do agree with you 100%.


Hate to say it, but a lot of the posters here are correct. It will take the shooting of one or two of these "evil-doers" by an armed citizen to get the point across. Look at the victims, all of them would have been considered to be unlikely to be armed. These guys are going to pick the wrong weak victim from the herd and end up with a surprise. It is not the way it should happen, not is it the best way, but nothing else is going to stop them.


Someone who reads these posts know who they are. They should just report them and keep the peace. I offer no reward.


And we wonder why people think our city is scary. This is prime example. I mean I have lived here in this city close to 15 years. I dont EVER remember crime being this bad here. It's a shame because Sandusky has alot to offer. I was wondering why so many houses had for sale signs on them. I thought maybe the economy. Now I am beginning to think that those people don't want to have to worry if someone is going to kick your door in, hold you up at gunpoint,or your friend or family memeber will be found murdered or you will get robbed while walking in your house or better yet while you are working your job. I am so disgusted with what is going on right now. We need more Police officers. Stiffer Punishments for crimes and for the people of this city to feel "Safe" again or I will be one of those people with a for sale sign.

shoreline dude

TKeegan73 Has it right! My thought is, What if this young man would not have heard the train horn ? What if he was hit and Killed by the train? Would these two thugs be tried for murder? I can see real soon these robberies are going to turn out very bad, Hopefully for the THUGS!! Hope you run into that person real soon! Knock a guy or woman out where they can't remember their name or where they are, You deserve everything coming to you and I for one will not shed one tear. CCW'S my friends and don't be afraid to us it if they don't understand STOP !!


If someone turns them in the court is just going to put them right back on the street. What good does it do?


These people have completely lost their minds! What is going on with our town?? Thank GOD for our LE~we need MORE! @LE and residents~stay safe~THEY'RE NUTS!

A Big problem in this town are DUMP RENTALS~KNOCK'EM DOWN!


I hope the cops capture or kill these thugs. I'd much rather see them dead though.


The cops catch them and our prosecutor "Monty Hall" Baxter lets them pick their punishment. Probation, community service or time served. We need to stop these negotiations and send them away for the maximum sentence.

Of course, this revolving door keeps a large prosecuting staff and local trial lawyers game fully employed. That's why no one runs against "Monty". It's all about the money.