Thumbs UP to Red Raven books for giving it away -- specifically, for giving one book to every student, tailored as closely as possib
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to Red Raven books for giving it away -- specifically, for giving one book to every student, tailored as closely as possible to what the downtown Sandusky used bookstore has in stock, to each of the about 3,500 students in Sandusky City Schools. Coupons are being distributed today to each student to pick out books, similar to what the bookstore has already done in Huron and hopes to do in other area schools. It's all about reading, says owner Ali Thompson, and we can't argue with that.

Thumbs UP, one more time, to SPARC, as its buses roll to connect local non-drivers with jobs and shopping where they're concentrated in the Sandusky area. Letting people get where they need to be while cutting down on traffic -- what's not to like? Let's hope this bootstrap situation can pick itself up.

Thumbs UP to Richard Koonce and his college tour, the trip to seven universities from here to Washington, D.C. for 25 local students. The trip is diverse and so are the trip-takers -- students of any race welcome to tour schools as workaday as Kent State and as specialized as the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It's a chance some students might not have to see what colleges have to offer them.

Thumbs DOWN to the idea presented by Save Our Shoreline Parks to reopening Surf's Up -- sure, it looks like an alternative that preserves our waterfront amenities but have they considered the cost of liability and of maintaining the pool for the one season it'll be able to stay open, assuming Marina District construction starts in the fall as promised? Maybe this is meant to look like an alternative, but it is really?

Thumbs DOWN to the closing of the Salvation Army thrift shop in Sandusky Plaza, which couldn't have had much do to with the business the local site was doing, to hear customers talk of it. The decision came from Salvation Army district brass in Toledo, and we hope they reconsider. Now more than ever, we need the affordable shopping alternative the Salvation Army store offered -- and the money it raised for the Army's charitable efforts over the years.

Thumbs up to Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Moyer for his very frank and open discussion about the challenges the Ohio Court system faces and about other issues important to readers. Electing is a political process and politics is prohibited in judicial elections. Moyer's call for reforming how judges are chosen is the right call.