Perkins schools borrow $3.6M for building project

Perkins Schools is taking out a $3.6 million loan from Citizens Bank to move ahead with plans for a new school for grades 7-12.
Tom Jackson
Oct 16, 2012

The new building will sit near the existing high school.

The lease-purchase agreement, which uses school buildings for collateral, is a common vehicle for school finance in Ohio. It provides the school district with cash flow to let it move forward with its building plans, district superintendent Jim Gunner said.

The interest rate on the five-year loan is 2.79 percent, with no penalty for early repayment, said Lisa Crescimano, Perkins Schools treasurer.

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The main argument I've heard for building a new building is it's old and falling apart. Sandusky High School was built in the mid 50's (long before Perkins High School was built) and appears to be going along just great. True it has had a little remodeling since it was built but somehow it does just fine. Why not our high school?

God Of Thunder

I wish I could find the article and commenys from a few months ago when I predicted that this was going to happen, then maybe people wouldn't be as shocked..
This board and superintendent is no better than the politicians that we have at state and federal levels...They are all crooked and do not look out for the people thye represent...
I know my vote for any future levies in the near and far future..
Albeit, what they did, with the millage, is a legal loophole, they knew it was wrong to do that with the public's feelings..
Just sickens me..


When is the current school board's term up? We need to vote these people out!


In reply to the Sandusky mother sending her child to Perkins...A student at Sandusky can receive an excellent education as long as the child wants it and has a normal upbringing same as Perkins.There are good and problem children in both school systems, I'm sure


The trouble is when a Perkins student gets into trouble you do not hear about it. As soon as a Sandusky student gets into trouble it is plastered all over the Sandusky Register. Both Sandusky and Perkins have their problem children, it's just a fact like I said if it's a Sandusky student it is all over the Sandusky Register and if it's a Perkins student it is all hushed up


If the public is so against this happening then someone better start a recall on the whole board. You voted them in. You can recall them and vote them out.

Then you will need the new board to rescind the millage switch.

It's that simple but it won't happen because people are lazy and won't put forth the effort. All talk and no action.


I'll admit, that's more than I would do. I will just vote NO on every levy these clowns throw at us and I will do my best to make sure everyone I talk to sees it my way.


Can someone explain why the BOE and the school district didn't just ask for a straightforward levy for construction? Other districts in the area have done it.


They did and we said NO! So now they are pulling this.


That's correct. Voters said NO twice to a levy to build new schools. So the board turned around and moved inside millage from operating funds to construction funds. Inside millage is not voted on. The state allows a certain amount of inside millage to schools to provide a minimum of operating funds. For the board to go against the wishes of the voters is insulting, arrogant and unethical.

Pirate Mom

I wish I saw all of you commenters at the BOE meetings, held the second Wednesday of each month at PHS at 6 p.m. This matter has been addressed month after month with time at the end of each meeting for comments from the audience. The superintendent has explained this issue ad nauseam with visuals to support his words. The school board, whom voters have chosen, support these moves. Dr. Gunner cannot make these decisions without their support. If Sandusky High was built in the 1950s, PHS is most definitely older and falling apart. Visit the building and see for yourself, before or after you attend the BOE meetings. Whether you support the new building project or not, educate yourself on the safety of our children's surroundings. You don't need a contractor's license or even a keen eye. Lastly, get out and vote on November 6. It is your right but also your duty.


And yet, nearly 60% of the voting public said NO! Go figure!


By the way, we went to the meetings. I don't doubt that the facilities are in need of improvements. I just question this method of funding.


I find it interesting that you said the school board, whom voters have chosen support these moves, but you fail to mention the same school board, whom put a levy on the ballot to build a new school were told no by the voters.


quick question. what's the point of a 3.6 million dollar loan when a new 7-12 facility will cost in excess of $30 million? What specifically is this initial $3.6 million for?


Oh I know there are problem children in both school systems don't get me wrong. every district has its problems, but education wise, I believe Perkins has a stronger curriculum. my nephew attends Sandusky schools and is a straight A student. he a grade ahead of my child and is just now learning things that she learned last year. when my niece transferred from Sandusky to Perkins in middle school , she was academically two years behind learning wise, and struggled once she entered Perkins as she found it hard. nothing against Sandusky as I kno of some very intelligent children that attend that school , but I'm comfortable with Perkins as my family all attended/ graduated from there and feel they offer my daughter more educational and extracurricular activities. So yes I'm sorry for the residents in Perkins that disagree, but I'm all for open enrollment as long as the children are benefiting from it. :)


But nope I'm not gonna stand behind them with this new school idea, that the taxpayer's voted no on more than one occasion! I may not live in the township, so I do not have to pay the township tax, but in my eyes its betraying the taxpayer's and basically making it loud and clear they will do as they please.. pretty sickening. I remember when there was this thing called respect in this town and u do not bite the hands that feed you, looks like that has been thrown out the town awhile ago... :(


Homemaker, I find it very hard to take your comments about education serious given your extremely poor use of grammar, spelling and punctuation.


nice job booster at being a grammar troll lol I for once graduated with straight A's, I use a smart phone, I'm not writing a paper, no need for perfection. :)


Maybe the 3.6 million is for someone to design the new school?


Nice...should have been a new school designer then.


I went to several of the meetings. It was somewhat difficult to ingest the information as it didn't come across as clear as they could have presented it. Around 6500 school districts in Ohio. This is the "Second" time this method was approved by a school board mainly because it leaves a "Bad Taste" with taxpayers. I didn't see Schuster's name mentioned but He and Gunner were adamant this was the way to go. Here is how we stand, You want an analogy? It's like O'Bama Care, it got rammed down our throats and we are going to pay, Oh Yes, we are going to pay, levy or no levy Perkins Taxpayers are forced to foot the Bill. You can Voluntarily pay by passing the levy or have it put on your property taxes.
Fact: If they build the school someone has to pay for it. Common Sense and the way I understood the Method presented tells me in the end, We Pay. They will not put this on the November ballot because they know it would fail that's why they'll try the Old May routine. Please help Me to understand this more if you have information.


Remember the 24 hour facility with the swimming pool open to the public? YMCA like facility with all the equipment? Is this included?


Make no mistake, we are all paying to have that school built no matter where in the area you live. If you own a home in Sandusky you have a levy in front of you to replace state monies that left with students.Property values have dropped so much, it would be awful to lalso say the school system could fall into fiscal emergency. Renters will have their rent raised disguised as something else because it illegal for landlords to say "I'm raising the rent because a levy passed" We are all paying for it in one way or another.

God Of Thunder

Thanks a lot school board, for dividing this community, just like the Huron community is, over their Superintendent.. Those nitwits decided to stir the community up, just like you nitwits..
Hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure you lost a lot of support from a good majority of the community


From what I understand, Bellevue did the same thing. They got a levy passed for upkeep on the schools. Then turned a 180 and decided to tear down the old schools and build two new ones. The two new schools were meant to be on one property in which there was much room for both. They instead decided to build one on that land and buy a rich farmer's swamp land and upgrade it to build the new Elementary School. Those people in Bellevue got screwed by the same loopholes that Perkins is getting screwed by. The real problem lies within the state's unconstitutional ways of paying for education. Now Bellevue has to pay for busing because kids can't walk locally anymore. Good luck Perkins and Bellevue!

Bellevue Dad

Don't know where you got your facts from on Bellevue situation but what actually happened was that the residents voted to build two new schools to replace both three elementary schools and the middle school. All four buildings being replaced were beyond repair and were costing the district way too much money in maintenance costs. The voters in the district approved the measure and the state provided their share of the money for the project. The Junior High has been built on the sight of the old Shumaker Elementary school as always planned. Yes, the new elementary school was built on a different site but by using the new site, the district saved about $6 million dollars on the project which saves money for the residents of Bellevue. We are fortunate to have a school board and a superintendent in Bellevue that looks out for our money here in Bellevue. Don't know about Perkins.


I know quite a few people in the Bellevue District that attended the meetings and say the opposite of what you say, Bellevue Dad. Perhaps you can correct me with facts so I shant be mislead any longer.


It's always the same trolls who get on this website and bitterly complain about the Perkins schools. You people are like the same old broken record over and over and over.

How many of you are active in the school community? How many of you attended meetings and offered real alternative solutions? Or do you just get off on consistently complaining because it makes you feel superior?

Do any of you ever attend school events? Have you bothered to enjoy the tremendous new athletic facility? Do you go to the awesome band concerts? Do you know how well Perkins students do in academic challenges? Do you even have the slightest clue what kind of curriculum is in place at our schools?

Our federal government wastes billions of dollars annually on grossly foul war mongering, but none of you apparently care about that. One Predator drone alone costs over $4.5 million, along with with support and infrastructure the cost is well quadrupled. Dozens and dozens of these things are dispatched all the time and costs us billions. What a waste! Many other examples can be given for our nations zealous out of control spending on the killing of human beings. Please don't bother replying with your nationalistic jingoism, that rhetoric is wasteful as well.

But you all have the nerve to arm chair quarterback what elected and appointed officials are trying to do in order to HELP make our community a better place?

Try directing your energy into something positive for your community for a change. Get off computer and do something that is worthwhile for the development and growth of our children and the future of our community.

Some people want to see our schools developed and provide the best scenarios for the future of our children. It's called planning for the future. Just because you can't see past not having a few extra dollars in your wallet for a six pack of Miller Lite and a bag of pork rinds every weekend doesn't mean it's not worth it.

Think of the future and the development of our community, not your ego driven need to make yourself feel better by posting attacks on people who are trying to make positive changes for our schools and children.


You forgot to mention all of the ones who criticize the schools but don't even live here. They just want to attack because it's Perkins.