Officials want more money out of Ohio Turnpike

State officials may increase tolls and close maintenance facilities as they consider ways to make more money from the Ohio Turnpike.
Associated Press
Oct 16, 2012


Ohio Department of Transportation deputy director Jim Riley said Monday that a study is in the works to figure out how to "unlock the value" of the 241-mile toll road across northern Ohio,

A state-financed, $2.85 million study of the future of the road is in the works.

The Columbus Dispatch ( ) reports that Riley's briefing to the Ohio Turnpike Commission did not include a specific recommendation for increasing tolls. Ohio has some of the lowest toll rates in the region for trucks and passenger vehicles.

The presentation also said that two of the eight turnpike maintenance compounds could be eliminated to save money.



The Big Dog's back

The Repubs want to destroy the turnpike now.


Lease it out like they did in Indiana,lessee is behind in payments or not paying at all.Keep OT under the state mgm't.Business is slobbering over our commons, not just the turnpike.


"State officials may increase tolls"
Yea, because that will attract more people to use the turnpike.

Don S

The turnpike is self sustaining and making a profit, but not 'enough'!! Where is this money going and why? I agree with Big Dog, the Republicans won't be happy till they make the turnpike not profitable, then they can sell it to the highest bidder.

real talk

That is exactly the plan


Note 2 State: Make Kasick's job part-time & cut his pay. Cut all TOP state personel too saving US millions. Or just fire them or lay them off similar to what happened to hard working Americans. See? that will help quite a bit.


2.85 million to study a road? Holy crap! Who headed up the study? Did they dig up Albert Einstein? Oh WAIT, I get it. HMMMMMM, not making money huh, lets spend 2.85 million to find out why. Let's see, 2.85 million, maintenance?-no, employees?-no, improvements?-no, equipment?-no, sit around a table?-YES! BRILLIANT! Now it all makes sense. Sorry Folks! STUPID ME!


I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who found the sum of 2.85 million a bit absurd for a study.


I don't care what they WANT. One cannot take blood from a turnip.

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Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland and Republican legislative leaders this week proposed the unprecedented diversion of tolls as part of a $1.57 billion economic-stimulus package.



Which decade are you currently living in, 2cents?

"Published: Friday, April 04, 2008, 5:35 PM Updated: Monday, April 07, 2008, 4:47 PM" is the date on your article.

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Ohio Turnpike director favors using toll revenues for projects beyond the toll road


Much better and more timely article, 2cents. Thank you.


That is a crazy amount of money for a study. WOW!!! Someone is getting PAID!

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People here wish to make this a partisan issue and it is not. It is simply government wishing to take funds where it can. I personally drive the Ohio Turnpike almost daily, I have four Easy Passes for family and work vehicles, they are nice and keep traffic flowing.

I believe that the Ohio Turnpike can be self-supporting with its tolls and that any extra funds above maintenance and planned maintenance could be used to put in a few new exits between long separations, but not too many because it would become a mess like RT480 in Cleveland. It is a limited access interstate and not a commuter highway. Keep the funds for it's purpose!


In total agreement, 2cents. If they want to make other major highways pay for themselves, quit taxing those of us who do not travel them and let those who do, pay the fee. By weight and freight.

John Harville

It's okay that your local taxpayer dollars are going to repair overpasses and underpasses on TR and County roadways - and then the Turnpike Commission can increase tolls and close service centers? It IS political as it was in Indiana and Pennsylvania where the governors/legisltures wanted to make a quick buck and give up enforcement.

John Harville

Pay tenshun... From Cbus Dispatch today:
The governor said last week that he’s looking at options that could bring the state more than $1 billion, and a formal proposal could be announced within the next month.’s believed that the governor’s administration is studying whether to lease the turnpike over a period of years or issuing bonds against it.
“The bottom line is there may be some real money lying out there if we do this thing the right way,” Kasich said on Friday.
He’s been pushing the idea of using the turnpike that crosses northern Ohio to bring several billion dollars to the state for new road and bridge projects."

And he's pushing to get it done while he's ass ured of a lameduck Republican majority if the election goes against him.


From Kasick.......wadda ya expect. imo Kasick is a @#!%.