Racist graffiti scrawled at Ohio coach's house

Police in northern Ohio say they are investigating racist graffiti scrawled in chalk in front of a college basketball coach's house.
Associated Press
Oct 16, 2012


Police say vandals wrote "white power" along with a swastika on the sidewalk in front of Bowling Green State University basketball coach Louis Orr's home over the weekend. Orr is black.

Orr, the team's coach since 2007, declined to comment through a university spokesman who said this is the first time anything like this has happened to the coach since he's been at Bowling Green.

A police spokesman said he hopes someone in the community will come forward with information about who did it.



There you go again

I sure hope it was not a student! What a terrible thing to do! Sorry, coach!


Sandusky police refused to call this a hate crime when it happened in my neighborhood 2 years ago...

danny r.

Did anyone call it a hate crime? Get over your racism...

The Big Dog's back

Oh, so it's a love crime huh?


Aaand the Big Dog's back is the only person I see commenting at a time when he should have been focused on the Romney/Obama debate tonight.

Did you miss the part where Romney gave his specifics on how he would handle deductions? Now why hasn't Obama come up with something like that?

John Harville

HOW could anybody miss it? It doesn't add up. Everybody gets an additional $25,000 standard deduction. THAT is a big tax increase for the 1 or 2% who deduct a WHOLE lot more than that . He ALSO said he would eliminate Captial Gains taxes...or did you miss that? Yeah... the 98% have a lot of capital gains... and... how does this help much of the working Middle Class who can't afford mortgages, don't have kids in school, but still pay payroll taxes? And what about senior citizens? What color is this plan...besides a rich shade of green?


The point is that the Left wants to claim that he will eliminate deductions that Middle income Americans use. Apparently, this is not true.

Now you change the subject back to the class warfare rhetoric in general. I have already addressed this elsewhere and I am already off-topic here, as it is.


Yeah, someone/s loves to HATE. Racism, plain and simple!


Coach Orr is the man. Everyone loves him.... I bet the person that did this likes him, too, but they are just dumb and have bad judgement.


Why is this even a story in the Sandusky Register? We have enough "race issues" in our own town. Why import more?