Demo soon for Sandusky waterfront eyesore

An outdated monstrosity clogging 13 waterfront acres primed for commercial development could finally see a wrecking ball before the year ends.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 16, 2012


But Sandusky planners expect a work crew to demolish the Apex Building, on First Street next to Lyman Harbor, sometime in 2013.

The $1.46 million project aims to remove the abandoned factory building and clean up the property. It’s being paid for with local and state grant money and additional funds from the property owner, Famous Realty.   

Sandusky city engineer Todd Roth targeted sometime in 2016 as a probable date for when the property would be ready for re-development.

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John Harville

why can I post a comment here but not on other news stories, Sarah?

Sarah Weber

Not sure John. I checked your settings and you're an approved commenter. If you can post here you should be able to post anywhere. Shoot me an email ( about what stories you're having problems with and I'll see what I can do.


You might not be filling out the code you know the stupid number and letter game

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Sandusky Regist...

It would be nice to see this developed into something that would be year round employment for Sandusky locals.


It won't be. Look for them to nearly give it away to the metroparks to turn into another swamp that nobody visits. That seems to be the trend with all prime lakefront real estate in this county.


Keep in mind that grants are your tax dollars. I understand the benefit for Famous Realty. But,
what benefit is this expense for me the taxpayer?


More free taxpayer money to rich people and private companies. Plus Famous Supply Of Cleveland still gets a deep discount on property taxes.

I see a total of 15 waterfront acres, not 13.



I thought President Obama wanted to help the middle class. How does this spending of federal money help the middle class ?


Obama did raise taxes on the middle class. Guns, ammunition, tobacco and other items went up in price in part due to Obama taxes on the middle class. Get this about rolling your own cigarettes to save money. Many small businesses went out of business.

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John I have that problem sometimes too


Buy the 15 acres now at only $5,495,000 before the price goes up after taxpayer funded demolition and clean up to EPA standards.

Second Opinion

Ohio needs to change the laws concerning things like this. A few years back this building was owned by a huge heating and plumbing wholesaler, they use to rent to Cedar Point space for their stuffed animals awards. This wholesaler is nationally known and is still in business, so what happened that they 'escaped' the cost of tearing this place down? What did they do, not pay taxes and it became the property of the city? If this is the case then the law needs to be changed, it isn't fair that the general public pays to tear down a building that is transferred to the city based upon their legal maneuvers to abandon their responsibility. It would be nice if the Register looks into this, maybe the place was sold and the new owner had financial difficulty, but if it was just a company walking away this needs to be changed in Columbus.

The Bizness

Donutshop Guy, some of these grants are funded by taxes that are payed by operation manufacturing to pay for environmental cleanups... I am not sure if these grants are brownfield and superfund grants or not but not all grands are funded by yours and mine tax dollars. I am just throwing that out there.



Directly by taxes or indirectly by increased costs of products to cover these dollars charged to manufacturing we pay. So what is the benefit ?

The Bizness

The superfund and brownfield money is used to return old industrial land back to a state that could be re-used safely for redevelopment. I find that to be the purpose and the benefit. I gladly pay a few cents extra to help support that, just like I will pay 17 cents extra for a pizza to cover the health insurance cost of papa johns employees ;)



So you have no problem paying for the misdeeds of others. You supported the Wall Street bailouts? You supported the bank bailouts?


Should we just leave all of the old buildings sitting around and becoming not only an eyesore but a safety hazard as well? I prefer when companies do this wether is mandated or voluntary. The benefit is we don't have unusable/unsafe property and it helps move everyone forward. Can you image what it would be like if all of the buildings were from the 1900's and nothing new?

Like Biz, i will gladly pay a bit extra if it means somebody gets to keep their job or health benefits.

I guess if it doesn't directly benefit you in any way it doesn't matter does it? So much for your point that it has no benefit to the community.

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A little to late to be paying a little more for things to keep jobs here. When one supplier goes to China and saves 50% then eventualy you have to go too or go out of business. I just let go of 50% of my people when a good customer did that. Now with Obo care it makes more sense than ever to go offshore, compete and avoid added health care expenses! It is sad, everyone is gulity.

Second Opinion

I didn't see the posts above, not sure why they suddenly appeared after I first posted. hmm.


The old Apex building...My father worked there before it went to N Carolina...


Eyesore? I don't even pay attention to it...


Sandusky has lake front property???? Well where have they been hiding it?

Eph 2 8-10

Along the Cedar Point Chausse

Phil Packer

Good place for an ice skating rink.



I believe the company that owns the property should pay for the demolition and cleanup not the taxpaying public. If not, then the taxpaying public should be awarded ownership of that property. Somewhere it has become the taxpayers responsibility to fund these cleanups without compensation.

The Bizness


that was my earlier point. Companies do pay for it in the long run with their taxes.



Companies that have done business correctly are being taxed to cover for those not upholding their responsibility. I feel the property owner should cover the cost, not other businesses. If not then the property ownership reverts to the taxpayers who are being ask to cover the cost.


If this building was anywhere but Sandusky, some big money mongul would have bought it, rehabed it and sold it as condos to the very rich. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

T. A. Schwanger

Now here is a novel idea.

How about in this instance the City finds a way, as other cities have, to mandate whomever builds on the APEX property to provide public open space (park/waterfront) as part of the redecelopment plan. The technical name is Planned Unit Development. We can all agree the property will be residential, which is a concern since the property is not being cleaned to residential standards.

Planned Unit Developments:: PUD as a regulatory process is a means of land regulation which promotes large scale, unified land development by means of mid-range, realistic programs in chase of physically curable, social and economic deficiencies in land and cityscapes. Where appropriate, this development control promotes:
A mixture of both land uses and dwelling types with at least one of the land uses being regional in nature
The clustering of residential land uses providing public and common open space
Increased administrative discretion to a local professional planning staff while setting aside present land use regulations and rigid plat approval processes
The enhancement of the bargaining process between the developer and government municipalities which in turn strengthens the municipality’s site plan review and control over development for potentially increased profits due to land efficiency, multiple land uses, and increased residential densities.



Private now / private later = owners prerogative of private land and development.

Private now / private & public later = frustration, lawsuits, fences.

Private now / public later = big a$$ mess and/or constant police presence to ensure public safety.


I could be wrong on all $0.02


I for one will be so happy when this eyesore is gone. Although it would be nice if they could save the water tower. Maybe put it at Lyman Harbor or somewhere close as a rememberance.


It should be the owner's expense. Period!


at least we do not have a street closed because of this " eyesore" like downtown. thought that "blowing bricks" from chimney were the problem with keller building but chimney is gone and road still closed sounds like city blowing smoke up our you know what with what the prob was with that building


I am not happy the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for cleaning up someone's property and they get the profit. The State should have something in place that if you contributed to the polluted site, you need to clean it up before you sell or lease the property out. Damage has been done and the taxpayer is always there to clean up the sites. I think when they turn around and sell it, we should have a lien against the property so the taxpayer can get at least something back from the deal. Apex property was selling for millions of dollars at one time. No one should be buying property to let it sit and rot for years on end.