Demo soon for Sandusky waterfront eyesore

An outdated monstrosity clogging 13 waterfront acres primed for commercial development could finally see a wrecking ball before the year ends.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 16, 2012

But Sandusky planners expect a work crew to demolish the Apex Building, on First Street next to Lyman Harbor, sometime in 2013.

The $1.46 million project aims to remove the abandoned factory building and clean up the property. It’s being paid for with local and state grant money and additional funds from the property owner, Famous Realty.   

Sandusky city engineer Todd Roth targeted sometime in 2016 as a probable date for when the property would be ready for re-development.

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I for one will be so happy when this eyesore is gone. Although it would be nice if they could save the water tower. Maybe put it at Lyman Harbor or somewhere close as a rememberance.


It should be the owner's expense. Period!


at least we do not have a street closed because of this " eyesore" like downtown. thought that "blowing bricks" from chimney were the problem with keller building but chimney is gone and road still closed sounds like city blowing smoke up our you know what with what the prob was with that building


I am not happy the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for cleaning up someone's property and they get the profit. The State should have something in place that if you contributed to the polluted site, you need to clean it up before you sell or lease the property out. Damage has been done and the taxpayer is always there to clean up the sites. I think when they turn around and sell it, we should have a lien against the property so the taxpayer can get at least something back from the deal. Apex property was selling for millions of dollars at one time. No one should be buying property to let it sit and rot for years on end.