Ohio birders question wind-turbine proposal

A proposal for 198-foot wind turbine near Lake Erie is worrying people who flock to the northern Ohio shoreline to view migratory birds.
Associated Press
Oct 16, 2012


The (Toledo) Blade (http://bit.ly/P48Hao ) reports that birders are worrying about what effect the turbine's whirring blades will have on bald eagles and migratory birds that gather in the marshes and woods along the lake twice a year.

The proposal for the turbine a mile from the lake in Ottawa County is under attack and is being analyzed by wildlife officials.

Kim Kaufman, executive director of Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Oak Harbor, says the coastal swath dotted with wildlife areas and refugees is a "globally important" bird habitat.

Officials say the 500-kilowatt turbine would generate wind power, reduce electric costs and aid research.




Now if we could just get commorants to fly higher!!!


Wow, maybe the bird watchers would rather pay double their electric bill or better yet have blackouts. Watch your birds on the Discovery channel!!


windmills are a waste of money. the dollar returned vs the dollar spent will NEVER make this a money saver.


The only reason they have been installed is because of the tax breaks they got. Thats the only way that the turbines save any money.


THIS IS why .------------ U.S. Rep. Marcy Kap­tur (D., Toledo) helped se­cure about $1.5 mil­lion in fed­eral funds for the proj­ect. The Na­tional Guard en­tered into a con­tract with a firm that pur­chased a re­con­di­tioned wind tur­bine that could be used at the site but is not pres­ently lo­cated there, Lt. Col. Daniel Tack said. GOV pays ,someone gets rich .------BTW look at all the wasted money on solar facilities that are failing or scams. SOMEONE GETS RICH .-------------http://heritageaction.com/2012/0...


If they know how to fly south they know how to fly higher.........…


If they know how to fly south they know how to fly higher.........…


Here's the thing... many migratory birds don't migrate during the day when they can "see" the windmill. They do it at night.

This close to the lake shore.... not a good idea, IMO. That is prime nesting and migration zones.


Put lights on the props.


People will put up with a few seachickens dead at the base, but one bald eagle!!!!!!


Is there any evidence to support that turbines are killing Eagles ?

T. A. Schwanger

Dispatch: Eagles vs. wind turbines
Posted: 06/13/2012 09:00:00 PM PDT

George Fenwick, president of the American Bird Conservancy, alerted journalists Wednesday to an ironic fact: Global Wind Day and American Eagle Day fall just days from each other.

The danger to America's birds from the increasing numbers of wind turbines is the very thing that has caused a rift in the environmental ranks.

Fenwick wrote in an e-mail: "On June 20, we celebrate American Eagle Day, officially designated by Congress to recognize the cultural, historical and ecological significance of our proud national symbol, and to raise awareness of the threats it faces. Ironically, Eagle Day comes just five days after Global Wind Day, a worldwide event `for discovering wind, its power, and the possibilities it holds for our world' (as described at globalwindday.org). The proximity of these events to each other is notable because, although it has the potential to be a green source of energy, wind power as it is currently being developed kills hundreds of thousands birds each year, including Bald and Golden Eagles."

He went on to say that the wind power industry has pressured the government to weaken eagle protections.

Nationwide, about 440,000 birds are said to be accidentally killed at wind farms each year, as well as thousands more bats. With the government pushing for more wind energy farms, that statistic is likely to rise.


From the Wall Street Journal

Windmills vs. Birds

About 70 golden eagles are killed every year by turbines at California's Altamont Pass, reports the LA Times..



Kim your friends sound like they have bird brains.


Yeah, and deer run out in front of cars this time of year. You can see their eyes glowing in the night most times, and they wait till you are almost upon them before they jump in front of your car. Should we ban all cars on the roads in the fall in northern OH?

This is stupid. They are making big steps in energy efficient windmills and solar systems by trying the bad ones first. Nothing is perfect. Especially on the first few tries.


It is a waste of time and money. http://theorionproject.org/energ...