REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Should paper turn a blind eye to the bad stuff?

What would you have us do? As the newspaper of record for this area, the Sandusky Register's role is to keep the peop
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


What would you have us do?

As the newspaper of record for this area, the Sandusky Register's role is to keep the people informed about how well the area is faring and how well the people chosen to mind our business are doing.

For this the Register is sometimes accused of negativity. So be it.

As much as some readers would prefer we only print "good news," and as much as we'd like to fill all our news space with happy thoughts, the fact remains: Not everything that happens around here -- or any place else -- is good.

We give credit where it is due and rejoice in the positive, whether it is local sports teams, students, charitable and civic organizations, business upturns or wise decisions by public officials.

But we act as watchdogs concerning the actions of elected or appointed officials and municipal and county employees. In tough economic times, it becomes even more important that we get what we pay for and we -- the citizens of Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Seneca and Sandusky counties -- are paying the wages of our public servants. In exchange for our tax dollars, we have the right to expect honesty, openness, diligence and a commitment to the common good.

From many of these officials and employees, that's exactly what we get. Others fall below that standard and are not good values for our taxpayers' dollars.

The Register could ignore these underachieving public employees and leave our readers blissfully unaware when they're being taken by lazy, dishonest or incompetent officials.

We continue to laud those whose efforts shore up what's good in our area. We recognize the backbone of a community is made up of many who quietly and efficiently just do their jobs with little fanfare or recognition. And, then there's the others -- the ones we don't want to hear about because their misuse of the public trust shows a side we don't want to be there, don't want to see.

The Register looks at all of it -- the good, the bad and the ugly -- and passes it on to you so you can make informed decisions about the future of your hometowns.

It is not only our business, it's our responsibility to you, the reader -- and we take it very seriously.