LOCAL VOICES: Boccardi's manager touched by how Birmingham came together

By KIMBERLY SUMMERS, manager, Boccardi's Birmingham
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


By KIMBERLY SUMMERS, manager, Boccardi's


I sat there and watched as the flames from the fire got bigger and bigger and bigger. I was watching as if my life was slipping away.

Everything material and personal was inside the restaurant that day. I had just reorganized my office, got the building decorated the way I wanted it, and all I could think about as the fire was going on how I lost it all. My husband and I were married almost five years ago. When I moved into his house with him, I realized with the setup of the house that I wasn't going to be able to put much of my personal things up to decorate.

My record collection that I had started at age five had been in boxes in the house until I started at Boccardi's. When I decorated Boccardi's Restaurant, I wanted it to feel like home away from home to all of the guests. So, I put my records on the wall, the way I would love it to be in my home. It always brought a smile to my face when the customers would look at my record collection hanging on the walls and tell me how they absolutely loved the music theme in the restaurant. I loved that I could share my passion for music with them. Now, the fire took them all away from me, including the records my mother passed down to me.

I thought that losing everything would make me feel very alone, but that was until I realized I had a wonderful community that helped out that day. It was absolutely unbelievable. Smokin' Joe's had donated pizza for the firefighters who had worked very hard to get the fire out. The United Methodist Church in Birmingham made coffee so that the firemen could stay warm.

It is amazing how a tragedy can bring everyone together, and I couldn't have been in a better community when my tragedy struck. The Florence Township firefighters did an amazing job controlling the fire and calling in other fire fighters from thesurrounding areas.

All the work that everyone did that day to prevent the fire from spreading even more was tremendous.

I want to personally thank my "sweat equity" workers who did not receive pay. Cassandra, Daniel, Kathy, Nikki and Joel, Kelly and her daughter, Erin. If it weren't for you I never would have gotten as far as I did.

I would like to take this time to thank all of my customers who supported us, especially our everyday regulars. Without all of the customers nothing would have been possible. Also a big thanks to Colin Dussault and his acoustic trio for helping us make our grand opening very successful and fun.

I would like to thank everyone in general who has either come to Boccardi's to eat, drink, help or anything else.

Every part that went into it was greatly appreciated. Because of the support of the community, Birmingham and Florence township and surrounding areas, I would be honored to come back and re-establish Boccardi's Restaurant if in fact it gets rebuilt.