Extreme weather shrinks, sweetens Ohio apple crop

A fruit-tree expert says that while this year's extreme weather has reduced the size of Ohio's apple crop, the remaining fruit will be tastier.
Associated Press
Oct 12, 2012


Diane Miller, an Ohio State Extension fruit-tree specialist, says spring frosts, summer drought, extreme heat, high winds and hailstorms reduced the crop considerably.

Ohio State says growers were hit hard by the combination of an early spring and a late freeze.

Bill Dodd, president of the Ohio Fruit Growers Marketing Association, says apple production in Ohio is expected to be down 46 percent this year.

Miller says remaining apples were aided by hot temperatures in August, which helped sweeten the fruit that was left.




All this means is that they can now charge $4/lb for a smaller crop. THEN, next year, when the crop is normal again, they'll STILL charge $4/lb because they enjoyed fattening their wallets so much. Meanwhile, people will stop buying local fresh fruit due to the high prices and the food will go to waste. THEN, since the greedy farmers didn't make as much money the second year of their $4 campaign, they'll jack the prices up even further the following year regardless the health of the crop. Mark my words: the concept of supply and demand is dead.


Where have you seen $4/lb? I have seen $2.99 though! Gardner's in Norwalk sells apple cider for $6.99 a gal., crazy! I'll pass on it this year.