Police: Men robbed woman at gunpoint on Adams Street

Two men robbed a Green Springs woman at gunpoint Wednesday night in Sandusky, making off with the woman’s purse and bank cards.
Emil Whitis
Oct 12, 2012


Two men robbed a Green Springs woman at gunpoint Wednesday night in Sandusky, making off with the woman’s purse and bank cards.

Sandusky police said they’re still investigating the incident, and they haven’t identified any suspects.

The 35-year-old woman told officers she was walking to her vehicle in the 300 block of E. Adams St. at about 9:30 p.m., when two men approached her at gunpoint, a police report said.

One of the men pointed a small, black handgun at her and demanded her purse, which she promptly handed over. The second man also pointed a handgun at her, the report said.

The suspects, both wearing dark clothing, fled south on Franklin Street.  

A slew of police cruisers descended on the area within minutes, setting up a perimeter.

A Perkins police officer also showed up with a police dog, but it was unable to track the men.

The woman told police her purse contained $20, four credit cards, four pairs of scissors and various other items, such as her driver’s license and a health insurance card.



Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Why was this comment removed? I did not personally attack anyone. Mr. Brady opened the door when he publicly commented on the safety issues in Sandusky. Since my comment was removed, several other comments have been made including his and other candidate's names. Wow, SR what is up with the selective censoring?


Any descriptions? Height, weight,young or old, race?


no descriptions because they were black and that would be racist


Describing someone does not make one racist. The comment could be considered as coming from a racist. Honestly, when I don't see a picture or read the description as a back person I assume the perps are not black. It does not matter either way. A CCW would have done nothing to help this lady.


thats really what you assume? lol. when i go to Vegas i play the odds.


Why did she have so many pairs of scissors in her purse? That's kind of weird.

Erie County Resident

Another possibility is a seemstress.
I also think there might be a place that sharpens knives and scissors in town.
Either way doesn't make a difference what she had in her purse, she was robbed in beautiful downtown Sandtown by local thugs.


feedthetrolls: I LOL @ your comment because that is such a true statement.
And @ Ohioan1982, I thought the same thing at first but then thought that maybe she is a barber or hairstylist? Maybe?


Won't they be surprised when they open that purse and find all those scissors?


Look Bro!!! More weapons!!!


Start checkin' the pawn shops.

Maury Brauschwitz

Classic Sandusky. How do you like your city, Dick Brady?

Julie R.

Classic Sandusky. How do you like your city, Steve Kraus? Oh wait, somebody said Steve Kraus doesn't even live in Sandusky like he claimed he did. He lives in Huron.


Time for this lady to obtain her Ohio CCW...


Or just be like the surrounding area in a 50 mile radius of Sandusky, Ohio and KNOW where not to go after dark. Pretty easy, really. No Presidential named or numbered streets, first off.


Yep she should have a CCW. That way she could have been carrying a gun in her purse that got stolen.


As a female CCW holder, I think only idiots would carry off-body. Just my opinion for the above stated reason! I also think that if 2 men approached me with guns, and I was alone with 1 gun...I would hand over my purse. $20 is nothing. Hand it over, and call the cops. A one-on-one situation would have been different~especially if she had a pistol in her coat pocket, and could fire without removing it. He would have never seen it coming.

Phil Packer

And ruin a perfectly good coat?


Someday these thugs are gonna try and rob the wrong person, then at least there will be two less thugs


Sorry, Sandusky. Your small city has a bad reputation. Anyone who lives close by knows it, too.

Phil Packer

Why don't you read a different paper then? Or stop making comments, because if you won't live here, then who cares what you think?


All of you here from the City Of Sandusky, in the comments section add a "-tucky" to every smaller town or city around you and you don't expect criticism back? Good luck with that. I'll read and comment on whatever I choose to. Have a great day.:)


Kinna ironic that the closest surrounding blocks by the city police station are the worst. WTF?


This is one of the reasons I will never see Sandusky again.


I don't understand people who say that's why they moved from Sandusky but they're still interested in reading the Sandusky paper and going on it's website to make comments. SMH


Because this is a free country! (for now anyways)


I agree. Its funny because they moved but are getting followed.


It would be so refreshing though, just to read ONE intelligent comment!! Now that could make headlines! OOps forgot..SR>


One more reason to stay out of Sandusky..will they ever get control of the thugs that run the city down?
Ohio needs to be harsher on penalties for crimes committed. Jails need to be jails, too many perks allowed to comfort the criminal. Put the chain gangs out and make them earn their daily meals and showers, remove all TVs..make them hate life everyday they sit in a jail, then just maybe they wont want to return for another visit.


You are right when you say that jail needs to be jail. It seems like the criminals are getting more and more perks. Just let them sit in their little cells (with doors and not bars so they can't interact with others. Give them only books (biographys, non-fiction, etc). Do away with all but the basic neccessities. See how fast some will be re-habilitated.


lol there are no bars in jail!!


Sorry, but never having been in jail, I assumed that they had bars on the front of the cell. And, if you are making a joke about no bars (meaning a drinking establishment) then yes, that is funny.


My friend wanted to do lunch downtown FRiday, I was driveing and said [ without a second thought] no, its too dangerous downtown. I paused and thought to myself ,wow, I really do believe that , only for special events do I venture downtown. Sad really.


that really is sad... in the middle of the afternoon while soooo many professionals venture downtown to the coffee house, lunch box, for finer dining, antique shopping, etc. There are banks, city offices, the county courthouse... you sound ludacris


There are nice places down town , just saying what my gut response was, being truthful . Still not my first choice to walk around downtown or shop. Im sure its all fine most of the time, still.......


All the comments about Sandusky~gesh~this is happening everywhere~yes~everywhere even in YOUR town. It's not just here~it just so happens you're reading a Sandusky newspaper. Explore~you'll see. Just read an article where a woman was robbed in Perkins~yeees, Perkins~imagine that.


She's lucky they didn't grab the scissors & stab her with them.
There was also a purse snatching outside Cardinals downtown yesterday involving two teen thugs. Imagine that.


Police should be find thief and punish hard...
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BEEHAPPY you are right. Though many won't forget the cop killed & the mom & children gone. For a small area those violent acts are similar to Detroit or LA. Sadly America is getting worse.


Should be punished with the hard and police will take right decision and stop such crimes.


Such man should be punish with custody and they have done wrong way to earn money.
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he did bad work so punishment should be charged high on such crimes and there will be maintain some women safety.now it is big question in every nation.
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