Rottweilers maul Ohio owner's 2 nieces during walk

An Ohio sheriff's deputy says three Rottweilers mauled their owner's two young nieces when the girls apparently ran ahead of the dogs during a walk.
Associated Press
Oct 12, 2012


The News Journal ( ) reports the attack Thursday in Mansfield left a 3-year-old girl and her 22-month-old sister with critical injuries. They were flown to an Akron hospital, which said Friday it couldn't release any information about them.

Richland County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Lewis says their aunt positioned her body over the girls to stop the dogs and was injured. A Mansfield hospital said she was treated and released.

The Richland County dog warden says relatives immediately took the dogs to be euthanized. He says the owners reported having no previous problems with the dogs.

No charges were immediately filed.




Oh, boy, here we go. I can imagine the comments on this one. The arguments about this type of dog VS other breeds. Any type of dog can bite and mame anyone if provoked, especially when they are not used to kids. I wonder how often these dogs was around small children?

I pray these children will be ok.


I agree wiredmama.....I have one. She is my second. I will continue to have one after she is gone. My babies (twins) we brought home to my first rottie and she was wonderful with them. She was a very PROTECTIVE nanny, but we also KNEW not to leave her alone with them. My rottie now has been around the neighbor boy since he was born also. ANY ANIMAL can bite. House cats can bite/scratch. Dogs of ANY breed can bite, heck hamsters bite. Yes bigger dogs can do more damage but that is true of ANY animal, humans included.
Bring on the BAN ALL ROTTIE people! Call me a bad parent for having a rottie with my children!


I have twins too and can't imagine being without a dog. ;)


Wow, this is crazy. I have never known these dogs to act this way. I wonder why they attacked. It is probably wise to always be cautious regardless of the breed. A friend of mine has a dog that is on prozac! Scary!


How sad. In all fairness.... The toddler takes off.. Dog goes after her. ( herding instincts) Rottie for some unknown reason, attacks toddler. The other 2 females follow suit.
Auntie should have kept them leashed at the very least.
I have always had big breed dogs. And when children are around them... I always keep a leash on them. you never know what could happen.
My heart goes out to all involved.


I've wanted a Rottweiler since I became acquainted with one a friend of mine had. Zeke was extraordinarily protective of his "Mom" and "Dad," but once he was told I was a friend, he was just as protective of ME. In fact, on the occasions I spent the night, it was me that Zeke chose to sleep with. Even so, I made no sudden moves on him and made a point of talking to him as I approached so he always knew who and where I was.

Rottweilers are, by nature, very much a "pack animal." In other words, if they consider you pack, they'll fight and die to protect you. Something obviously triggered the dogs' instincts. Morningbreezes1 couldn't be more right: his/her dogs are leashed under similar circumstances. Mine would be, too.

It's heartbreaking that the children are so badly hurt, but it's just as sad to me that the dogs have been put down. They didn't really do anything wrong in their own thought processes (whatever they were). They simply should have been prevented from being able to do it in the first place. And that they weren't certainly wasn't THEIR fault!


Had they been my dogs and did this they both would have been shot and buried somewhere. When are people going to realize that pets are not humans and some can be vicious.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I agree that any dog can bite but some breeds cause more harm when they do.


Any dog should be leashed around children until you know what they will do with a child around, especially small children. Who knows the entire story here? If a child makes sudden moves around any dog, small or large, a dog can react violently including the smallest of breds. Unfortunately for this group, this isn't a small breed and these children were hurt badly.

My heart, too, goes out to the family. I cannot imagine the pain they all must feel in this terrible tragedy. God bless them all. My prayers are with them.

danny r.


Peninsula Pundit

I think we all can agree that a responsible adult would not let a child around a burning stove, a running car or a busy street.
The chance something just MIGHT happen is enough for a reasonably careful parent to be vigilant to keep small children away from such things. We clearly recognize and accept small children don't have that reasoning capacity. That's why we, as intelligent,responsible,sane adults do not allow small children around stoves,cars and roads.
Any intelligent adult would not assume or be under the misconception that an animal can reason, have feelings,personal preferences or logical thought processes. That condition, called anthropomorphism, is a recognized mental disease. But people who have small children and these pack hounds assume the dog is smart enough not to attack their children.
That is flat-out crazy in anyone's book. These dogs are strong. Even if they were leashed, they could easily yank the leash out of your hand in an unsuspected moment. Saying they were leashed is a false sense of security.
So for the folks who are waiting to be called 'bad parents' for letting little children around these killing pack animals,or the ones who still allow these dogs among little children, we don't even get to that point.
They are, by definition established above, crazy, irresponsible idiots who insanely believe the dogs think like humans,are smarter than their small children and as a result ignorantly cause harm to those precious little ones who look to them to exercise common sense in their care.
Bad Parents? They don't even rise to meet the test of 'adult'. Heck, they are the ones who should be neutered.


You're exactly right. According to the Mansfield Paper the male wieghed 180 pounds. So, even if Auntie had all of them leashed, it was a disaster waiting to happen. When you put 2 0r 3 or more dogs together they automatically get the " pack" response. The male was the Alpha, and the females followed suit.
You just don't put little kids.... Or any kid in that situation. But, I am sure that Auntie seen no real danger, being the Rotties were her beloved pets.
How wrong she was. I doubt if we will ever know what set them off. It may have been something so innocent as the little girl, bumping into the male , we'll never know...
Folks... Any dog will bite if the circumstances are right. Use some comman sense.


People, anything with teeth will bite but this was a mauling. Big difference!