Building on momentum, Romney renews push for Ohio

Republican Mitt Romney is making a fresh bid for Ohio voters, trying to use post-debate momentum to make up ground in a state that has been a mainstay of GOP presidential candidates and could help President Barack Obama hold onto the White House.
Associated Press
Oct 10, 2012


Romney planned events in communities north of Columbus and Dayton on Wednesday, intensifying his efforts in the state after a strong debate performance that has helped him close a deficit against Obama in national polls.

"This economy is not creating the jobs it should. We've got to fix it," Romney said Tuesday in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where he campaigned with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. "We're going to do it here in Ohio."

Ohio remained a focus for both campaigns, as Obama and Romney pushed for support on the last day of voter registration before Election Day. Obama returned to the White House following a fundraising trip through California and a stop Tuesday at Ohio State University, where he urged students to cast their ballots early.

"Don't wait. Do not be late. Go vote today," Obama said. "All right, Buckeyes, we need you." His campaign staged buses nearby, ready to ferry students or other supporters to registration centers. Obama was staying off the campaign trail on Wednesday and then heading to Florida on Thursday for events in the nation's largest battleground state.

Romney was campaigning in Ohio as his comments on abortion to an Iowa newspaper brought attention to social issues. Romney told The Des Moines Register in an interview Tuesday that he would not pursue any abortion-related legislation if elected president. His campaign tried to walk back the remarks, saying he would support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life, without elaborating.

Obama's campaign jumped on the apparent shift, saying in a statement that "within just a couple hours of the story with Romney's abortion comments posting, his spokesperson clarified that he would in fact support legislation to restrict a woman's right to choose."

The attention on Ohio came amid signs that Obama's advantage in Ohio was narrowing. A new CNN poll showed Obama leading Romney 51 percent to 47 percent among likely Ohio voters, depicting a tighter race. Republicans said Romney's strong debate appearance has helped his standing in national polls and they were beginning to see evidence of that in the battleground states most likely to decide the election.

Senior Obama political adviser Robert Gibbs said Wednesday the shifting poll numbers shouldn't be automatically viewed as a sign that the president's re-election campaign is sagging.

"We always expected this to be a very close race and we expected that as we got closer to Election Day, the race would tighten even more," Gibbs said in an appearance on NBC's "Today" show.

Of Romney's Des Moines Register interview, Gibbs said, "One more time we've got an example of Mitt Romney changing a position in public even though everybody knows what he believes."

In a conference call Tuesday with reporters, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said of Romney, "There isn't any question that he has breathed new life and new energy into the Republican Party.We're seeing that there is greater intensity among Republicans and a great willingness to get out and vote and participate than we're seeing with Democrats."

With 18 electoral votes, Ohio remains a linchpin in Romney's strategy to string together enough state victories to amass the 270 Electoral College votes needed to take the White House. No Republican has won the presidency without this Midwestern state, and if Romney were to lose here, he would have to carry every other battleground state except tiny New Hampshire.

Romney has far fewer state-by-state paths to the White House than Obama, who still has several routes to victory should he lose in Ohio.

With less than a month before the election, Romney has increased his focus on the state: He's spending three of the next four days in Ohio before the second presidential debate in Hempstead, N.Y., on Tuesday. Running mate Paul Ryan meets Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday in Kentucky for the only vice presidential debate of the campaign.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki dismissed the impact of polls showing a tighter race, saying Democrats always expected the race in Ohio and elsewhere to narrow ahead of Election Day.

"We have blinders on. We're implementing our own game plan," Psaki said. "We're focused on getting our supporters out, communicating the choice."

Separately, Romney's campaign is trying to reach out to voters in new ways, dispatching Ann Romney to guest-host "Good Morning America" on Wednesday. Mrs. Romney was scheduled to be on hand for the morning news program's 8 a.m. hour, filling in for co-anchor Robin Roberts, who is on extended medical leave.




As if there haven't been examples of unscrupulous Republicans. There are examples of great people and weak ones from both parties. The big question of course, is why the heck did conservatives nominate such a weak candidate. If Mitt Romney is the best you have, then you aren't ready to run the country. All the more so because we remember just how horribly bad Republicans screwed things up last time their guy was in office. What could possibly make you think that you've earned the right to screw things up again, a mere 4 years later? We havent't even recovered from the last time you were in office. And - amazingly, the GOP strategy in 2012 is to do EXACTLY the same things they did in 2007-8. That is what is MOST maddening...Romney/Ryan actually think we're so dumb that we have forgotten just how bad their party messed things up for the middle class.


You say that romney is Bush 2007-2008 The funny thing is it was a democrat congress and they pushed a agenda the idiot signed. Now we have Obama following the Bush agenda for another 4 years and you want to accuse others of it? Please give me more fodder to laugh at.

John Harville

Neil Bush comes to mind. The whole country had to foot the bill bail his ass-ets out.
And of course Darrell Issa.
And the governor of SC who hiked the Argentina Appalachian Trail.
And what's the name of that Nevada senator....?
And David Duke - the KKK guy.
And is it Jim Diment who booked hookers from the House Floor?
And who's the male representative who solicited male pages?
Tired yet, Mikel?


So the 2007-2008 democrat held congress that passed Bush policys is skipped? John are you paid to blog nonsense?


billy carter, jesse jackson, al sharpton, charlie rangel, minnesaota lawmaker playing with 17 year olds in the mens bathroom, california, i'm good.

Darwin's choice

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John Harville



Attacks instead of commenting on what she wrote. I understand that it is difficult to justify hypocrisy, but at least try.

Keep it up.

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan; "Housing has turned the corner."


Pete does all this mean you are giving back your SSI increase?


Choice is fairly simple and everyone can argue all day long on who is right. Choose Obama if you are poor or middle class..Romney if your part of the rich and famous. Neither can do anything unless the House and Senate agree...Obama tried to do several things that he had promised to the people and was blocked by the House or the Senate, the same will happen to Romney too eventually of coure unless they use executive order powers, which many presidents have done from time to time. The rich call raising taxes as giving entitlements to those who are less fortunate, the poor and middle class call it aid to those who need it. People that are rich didnt get there by giving their money away...


Choose Obama if you are poor or middle class? Uh, why? So there can be more of us and we end up being starved out?


@ Riskkbreaker:

As was said in the ol' Soviet Eastern Europe:

Socialism makes us all equal; equally poor.

The Big Dog's back

Crony Capitalism leaves 1% great, 99% not so great.


Again, I repeat..Why is it that the Obama Admin. does not JUST go after the money of the banksters, instead of trying to drag all of small businesses down with them?
Or, in other words, why not go after crony capitalism instead of trying to go after capitalism altogether?
Perhaps they are Ultra Left-Wing extremists making a desperate attempt to seize on an opportunity to score an economic coup. One has to at least consider the possibility, seeing as how many people would fall for it at this point.


in this country the many persons below the 1% are still much better off than in socialistic countries


not true smoking gunn. many, many rich people give much money to charity. unless, of course, you are vp biden, a millionaire several times over. he gave just $300 to charity last year!! wait, isn't he a dem?

The Big Dog's back

You mean "charities" that their family members or friends run?

Darwin's choice

From Newsmax..."All told, Romney gave a thousand times as much to charity in one year as Biden gave in a decade, according to the Standard. Romney’s charitable giving averaged more than $10,000 a day last year."
So, big Dog, what are these so called "family charities"?

the office cat

Ahhhhh! Newsmax!! Dick Morris' big site. Wait a minute... did somebody say YOU are Dick Morris?

John Harville

...and Ryan's gifts? After all his family company grew and is growing on $50 million a year in government contracts. (Source? check Ryan in Janesville)


As opposed to the garbage and out of context ramblings of HuffPo, Slate,Think Progress, slate, and the Daily Kos!!!!!

John Harville

Surely even you know the difference between quotations, photos, etc. and the opinions generated by Slate and Daily Kos - though even DK showed Biden winning the debate and Obama ahead.

John Harville

"We have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago - or Kenya," Jason Thompson, an attorney at Michael Best and Friedrich, said during a fall brunch hosted by the Kenosha County Republican Party.
"Jason Thompson's comment about Obama prompted laughs from the crowd, with one woman jokingly adding, "We are taking donations for that Kenya trip."
Thompson is son of former Gov. Tommy Thompson running for senate from Wisconsin.
Oh. But I guess I'm playing the race card.


How is that racist? With what information the public is privy to, it would seem that he is trying to bring the country to it's knees, economically.
Whether or not he should be deported, I dunno. He most certainly should not be allowed to hold any position which affects the economy any further, tho.


prez o is specifically calling on all his black brethren to support him. racist?

John Harville

A supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was spotted wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Put the white back in the White House" at a campaign event this week:

(The Getty Images photograph was taken on Friday at a Romney/Ryan campaign event in Lancaster, Ohio....

...This is not the first time in recent weeks that racism has been directed towards President Barack Obama.

On Tuesday, The Huffington Post reported that "a spate of symbolic protests against [the president] that have featured empty chairs and racist imagery continued this week in California, with an arrangement featuring a noose, watermelons and a birther sign."

"Go back to Kenya you idiot," read the sign that was reportedly set up along a remote road in Santa Clara County, Calif.

And last month, an Obama supporter in Texas said her Obama/Biden yard sign had been vandalized with the words "N_____LOVER -- Obama S___s D__!"
NOTE to Sarah: Changed the letters to dashes so the quote might get past your keen observations.

...Oh. There I'm playing the race card again.


and obama calling white people crackers is ok?

John Harville

Been to Bainport - uh - Freeport, Illinois where Bain is closing a healthy auto parts factory and sending the work to CHINA?... even forcing the local workers to train their Chinese replacements?
Yeah Yeah Romney isn't at Bain... but owns $8 million in shares of Bain's 51% ownership of Sensata - which has increased the value of Bain's investment four-fold since purchasing controlling shares in 2006.
But we "gotta be tough on China".


well john, prez o is holding the reins to america and it's in a financial free fall.


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