Building on momentum, Romney renews push for Ohio

Republican Mitt Romney is making a fresh bid for Ohio voters, trying to use post-debate momentum to make up ground in a state that has been a mainstay of GOP presidential candidates and could help President Barack Obama hold onto the White House.
Associated Press
Oct 10, 2012

Romney planned events in communities north of Columbus and Dayton on Wednesday, intensifying his efforts in the state after a strong debate performance that has helped him close a deficit against Obama in national polls.

"This economy is not creating the jobs it should. We've got to fix it," Romney said Tuesday in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where he campaigned with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. "We're going to do it here in Ohio."

Ohio remained a focus for both campaigns, as Obama and Romney pushed for support on the last day of voter registration before Election Day. Obama returned to the White House following a fundraising trip through California and a stop Tuesday at Ohio State University, where he urged students to cast their ballots early.

"Don't wait. Do not be late. Go vote today," Obama said. "All right, Buckeyes, we need you." His campaign staged buses nearby, ready to ferry students or other supporters to registration centers. Obama was staying off the campaign trail on Wednesday and then heading to Florida on Thursday for events in the nation's largest battleground state.

Romney was campaigning in Ohio as his comments on abortion to an Iowa newspaper brought attention to social issues. Romney told The Des Moines Register in an interview Tuesday that he would not pursue any abortion-related legislation if elected president. His campaign tried to walk back the remarks, saying he would support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life, without elaborating.

Obama's campaign jumped on the apparent shift, saying in a statement that "within just a couple hours of the story with Romney's abortion comments posting, his spokesperson clarified that he would in fact support legislation to restrict a woman's right to choose."

The attention on Ohio came amid signs that Obama's advantage in Ohio was narrowing. A new CNN poll showed Obama leading Romney 51 percent to 47 percent among likely Ohio voters, depicting a tighter race. Republicans said Romney's strong debate appearance has helped his standing in national polls and they were beginning to see evidence of that in the battleground states most likely to decide the election.

Senior Obama political adviser Robert Gibbs said Wednesday the shifting poll numbers shouldn't be automatically viewed as a sign that the president's re-election campaign is sagging.

"We always expected this to be a very close race and we expected that as we got closer to Election Day, the race would tighten even more," Gibbs said in an appearance on NBC's "Today" show.

Of Romney's Des Moines Register interview, Gibbs said, "One more time we've got an example of Mitt Romney changing a position in public even though everybody knows what he believes."

In a conference call Tuesday with reporters, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said of Romney, "There isn't any question that he has breathed new life and new energy into the Republican Party.We're seeing that there is greater intensity among Republicans and a great willingness to get out and vote and participate than we're seeing with Democrats."

With 18 electoral votes, Ohio remains a linchpin in Romney's strategy to string together enough state victories to amass the 270 Electoral College votes needed to take the White House. No Republican has won the presidency without this Midwestern state, and if Romney were to lose here, he would have to carry every other battleground state except tiny New Hampshire.

Romney has far fewer state-by-state paths to the White House than Obama, who still has several routes to victory should he lose in Ohio.

With less than a month before the election, Romney has increased his focus on the state: He's spending three of the next four days in Ohio before the second presidential debate in Hempstead, N.Y., on Tuesday. Running mate Paul Ryan meets Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday in Kentucky for the only vice presidential debate of the campaign.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki dismissed the impact of polls showing a tighter race, saying Democrats always expected the race in Ohio and elsewhere to narrow ahead of Election Day.

"We have blinders on. We're implementing our own game plan," Psaki said. "We're focused on getting our supporters out, communicating the choice."

Separately, Romney's campaign is trying to reach out to voters in new ways, dispatching Ann Romney to guest-host "Good Morning America" on Wednesday. Mrs. Romney was scheduled to be on hand for the morning news program's 8 a.m. hour, filling in for co-anchor Robin Roberts, who is on extended medical leave.




Hey look its the race card again, You notice this always comes up when they have no defense for their god.


The cuts are irrelevant to the fact that the Obama Admin. ignored specific pleas, from that Embassy, for security..and intel which suggested the attack would occur. Not to mention, the shameless act of blaming it on an anti-Muslim video when they already knew it was no such thing.


What about what? You have a conservative newspaper chiming in, complete with Fox News quote. Fairly Unbalanced....


HA! And Coaster is balanced? Coasters god could shoot her in the face and she would thank him for it. How stupid can you actually be?

the office cat

A retired general said Marines at embassies are to protect buildings, not persons. In every country - including ours - protection of foreign embassies is the responsiblity of the hot government.


A nameless retired general stated they are there to protect buildings, not persons ?? I get it if they would assassinate the persons in the building in a manner as to not damage the buildings the Marines would just step aside and allow that to happen.

Has it occured that even if they were there to protect buildings they might also attempt to prevent harm to any persons within the building ????


sooooo, do you want the enemy to protect you? how is that working in afghanistan where the taliban are dressing as afghan soldiers and then killing american troops?

what a dumb statement from putty tat.

The Big Dog's back

Sooooooo righties, are you all for foreign troops to be in our country in great numbers to protect their Ambassadors?


I do think that any ambassador in any country should have what ever degree of protection it would take to keep them safe. A human life no matter who it may be is worthy of protection


name? according to your buddy john, if the source is not revealed it is not creditable. right johnny?

the office cat

Don't know about the 'general'. But this comes from "Marines" the official website of the USMC.
"The primary mission of the Marine Security Guard (MSG) is to provide internal security at designated U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities in order to prevent the compromise of classified material vital to the national security of the United States." Good'nuf Mike?


Just remember what he did to Seamus.

Darwin's choice

Ahh, Big Dog, the old "defer" blame game!! Obama Lied! Admit it! His entire administration is clueless. Keep drinking the kool-aid. And, no matter who outed him, the fact is still he lied.

The Big Dog's back

Did you hear what Joe said? We went by the intelligence on the ground. The CIA, the same ones issa outed. TREASON! why aren't you concerned about that? How many people's covers are blown and could be killed? Get off your high horse and think of the people on the ground.

The Big Dog's back

I can't watch ryan having his you know what handed to him any longer. Go home little Eddie Munster.


DANVILLE, KY - Straight out of the gates tonight in Danville, debate moderator Martha Raddatz asked about the ongoing cover-up of the 9/11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Vice President Joe Biden immediately started lying about the situation, as the Obama administration and the Obama campaign have done since day one.

1. Biden said extra security was not requested. Documents, State Department cables and Congressional testimony just this week show more security for the consulate in Benghazi was requested as early as March 2012. All three also showed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens received death threats from Al Qaeda in July 2012.

2. Biden repeated the lie that there was a protest outside of the consulate prior to the attack, despite the administration knowing there was no protest and that the attack was an act of terror within 24 hours. Biden, as Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have in the past (remember the CIA prosecutions? remember the prosecutions of Navy SEALs?), threw the intelligence community under the Obama for America bus.

3. Biden accused Ryan of voting against consulate security funding, implying the attack happened as a result. This week, officials closest to the disaster in Libya said funding had nothing to do with the attack in Benghazi on 9/11.

Three strikes on Libya and a deeper hole for the administration to climb out of as a result.


not to mention biden says that our intelligence regarding libya was flawed and not reliable. right after that he says that we have some of the best intelligence regarding iran's nuke program. so, biden, which is it?????

btw, i just have to laugh when i look at biden i think this millionaire only gave $300 in donations last year!! what a tool.

John Harville

Is that from his tax returns?


Are you implying that Biden won the debate? I would suggest reading my reply to Coasterfan's comment (further on) about the Ryan/Biden debate.

the office cat

Ahh. Dick Morris. State for us the evidence that 'Obama Lied'.


Doesnt take much. A month before there were reports of a esculated attack on the embassy, It was attacked with rocket launchers and waves of attackers, CNN was in there 3 days after the fact and saw that it was definatly a terrorist attack. One week later the admin is still clinging to the story of a bad movie clip from 4 months before is to blame for a protest that got out of hand. If our intellegence is that bad maybe Obama just needs to watch CNN? Maybe he didnt lie and seriously didnt know lord knows the guy has not showed up to a security briefing in over 2 months.


No my friend.Clueless is an administration that puts two wars on a credit card, while simultaneously cutting incoming revenue through massive tax cuts. This silly recipe turned a budget surplus into a trillion dollar deficit. Clueless is an administration that had obvious warning signs prior to 9/11 yet got caught completely by surprise. Obama is such an improvement that it defies description.


orrrrrrrrr an prez that knew his ambassador needed more protection and FAILED to give it to him which cost him his life, right coaster??

just wondering how prez o sleeps at night knowing that HE is directly responsible for the death's of 2 american's. one being a border guard and the other an ambassador.

John Harville

So the president personally was responsible to send in more protection? The sleep of the just. Directly?
Desperation aboundeth for you eh?


oh, i forgot the dem motto: "if it works i am responsible. if it fails it must have been someone else's responsibility"!!

John Harville

Sorry it posted twice


Stae dept, Executive branch, The buck stops here, Yes he is responsible too bad he has not shown up for a security briefing in 2 months.

John Harville

Citation? Proof? Oh... you don't do that, do ya?



The link you provided to support your claim that the President has not had a security briefing in two months is an article that asks the question about whether these right-wing allegations are factual. The article concludes that they are not based on facts. Did you read the whole article?

The President does not have his briefings on his calendar because he does not always schedule these briefings in person, but rather receives the information via secure Ipad or written material. Read the article.