Building on momentum, Romney renews push for Ohio

Republican Mitt Romney is making a fresh bid for Ohio voters, trying to use post-debate momentum to make up ground in a state that has been a mainstay of GOP presidential candidates and could help President Barack Obama hold onto the White House.
Associated Press
Oct 10, 2012

Romney planned events in communities north of Columbus and Dayton on Wednesday, intensifying his efforts in the state after a strong debate performance that has helped him close a deficit against Obama in national polls.

"This economy is not creating the jobs it should. We've got to fix it," Romney said Tuesday in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where he campaigned with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. "We're going to do it here in Ohio."

Ohio remained a focus for both campaigns, as Obama and Romney pushed for support on the last day of voter registration before Election Day. Obama returned to the White House following a fundraising trip through California and a stop Tuesday at Ohio State University, where he urged students to cast their ballots early.

"Don't wait. Do not be late. Go vote today," Obama said. "All right, Buckeyes, we need you." His campaign staged buses nearby, ready to ferry students or other supporters to registration centers. Obama was staying off the campaign trail on Wednesday and then heading to Florida on Thursday for events in the nation's largest battleground state.

Romney was campaigning in Ohio as his comments on abortion to an Iowa newspaper brought attention to social issues. Romney told The Des Moines Register in an interview Tuesday that he would not pursue any abortion-related legislation if elected president. His campaign tried to walk back the remarks, saying he would support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life, without elaborating.

Obama's campaign jumped on the apparent shift, saying in a statement that "within just a couple hours of the story with Romney's abortion comments posting, his spokesperson clarified that he would in fact support legislation to restrict a woman's right to choose."

The attention on Ohio came amid signs that Obama's advantage in Ohio was narrowing. A new CNN poll showed Obama leading Romney 51 percent to 47 percent among likely Ohio voters, depicting a tighter race. Republicans said Romney's strong debate appearance has helped his standing in national polls and they were beginning to see evidence of that in the battleground states most likely to decide the election.

Senior Obama political adviser Robert Gibbs said Wednesday the shifting poll numbers shouldn't be automatically viewed as a sign that the president's re-election campaign is sagging.

"We always expected this to be a very close race and we expected that as we got closer to Election Day, the race would tighten even more," Gibbs said in an appearance on NBC's "Today" show.

Of Romney's Des Moines Register interview, Gibbs said, "One more time we've got an example of Mitt Romney changing a position in public even though everybody knows what he believes."

In a conference call Tuesday with reporters, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said of Romney, "There isn't any question that he has breathed new life and new energy into the Republican Party.We're seeing that there is greater intensity among Republicans and a great willingness to get out and vote and participate than we're seeing with Democrats."

With 18 electoral votes, Ohio remains a linchpin in Romney's strategy to string together enough state victories to amass the 270 Electoral College votes needed to take the White House. No Republican has won the presidency without this Midwestern state, and if Romney were to lose here, he would have to carry every other battleground state except tiny New Hampshire.

Romney has far fewer state-by-state paths to the White House than Obama, who still has several routes to victory should he lose in Ohio.

With less than a month before the election, Romney has increased his focus on the state: He's spending three of the next four days in Ohio before the second presidential debate in Hempstead, N.Y., on Tuesday. Running mate Paul Ryan meets Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday in Kentucky for the only vice presidential debate of the campaign.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki dismissed the impact of polls showing a tighter race, saying Democrats always expected the race in Ohio and elsewhere to narrow ahead of Election Day.

"We have blinders on. We're implementing our own game plan," Psaki said. "We're focused on getting our supporters out, communicating the choice."

Separately, Romney's campaign is trying to reach out to voters in new ways, dispatching Ann Romney to guest-host "Good Morning America" on Wednesday. Mrs. Romney was scheduled to be on hand for the morning news program's 8 a.m. hour, filling in for co-anchor Robin Roberts, who is on extended medical leave.



The Big Dog's back

Mr. Etch-a-Sketch is now running as a Liberal.

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What do you mean "now?" That's been the case all along.

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Mime Bloggling

Beats Mr. Potato Head.

the office cat

????????. Just gotta look for something, huh?


A RINO or a socialist?

Kinda hard to choose 'cause ya eventually end up in the same place. One will just get you to fiscal Armageddon quicker.

the office cat

namecalling doesn't prove a thing. Some Repubs think the Latest Romney is their ideal.

What, exactly, makes one a socialist?

Don S

If Ohio wants to start to loose jobs again, then vote for Romney. Hasn't your state suffered enough? Just think of what would've happened if our auto industry failed ? All offshore car makers are backed by their governments. So, what was so wrong that Obama backed OUR car companies? Do you want MORE union busting in Ohio? With Romney as president, Kasich will roll over unions and workers, again, without fear of resistance. Romney will crush the middle class, as we know it...

There you go again

"Loose" might describe your thoughts but
"Lose" is what Obama will do in November!

Erie County Resident

To start with why don't you keep your nose in your own state?
Second is you must be a good little union hack so pay attention to this. It is your job going out the door in the future.

The New World Czar

Issues: Economy vs. Big Bird; Libya vs. "All Things Considered".
Look at all the free Kool-Aid given out at OSU yesterday.
Milhous has played more golf this last year than I have in a decade.
I happily drive my non-bailout vehicle to work every day.

the office cat

Diplomacy vs Bomb Iran. Revise mortgages vs let 'em foreclose and be turned into rentals. Education for all who want it vs kill Pell Grants.

Milhous? Now comparing Pres. Obama to Nixon?


Yepper, should have let the whole world economy sink--makes sense to me. Let's privatize ss and put it on Wall Street and we all can prosper.


If Obama is a socialist (and he's most assuredly not), I'll STILL take him over Romney. We absolutely know where Bush/Romney economics will take us. The real problem with Romney is that he isn't content to bend the truth like most politicians. The man out and out lies about what he plans to do, and it's absolutely certain that his policies will take $2000 out of every middle class person's pocket. And all so that he can give BIGGER tax breaks to his rich buddies. Don't be fooled by a man who continually changes what he "believes" in. A vote for Obama is a vote for someone who actually cares about all Americans, especially those of us in the middle class.


According to the modern EU definition of a socialist, Obama's policies score 100%

There you go again

Wow, looks like everybody here actually is believing what Obama is lying about across the state. I don't, for one minute, believe that Obama won't take $$ out of our pockets. You are naive to believe that!


Uh, we already KNOW that Obama isn't going to gut the middle class as Romney will. Obama has already been in office, and has done nothing of the kind. As if he would suddenly change his ideology midstream and suddenly attack the middle class. If you're looking for a candidate who will constantly change his mind, and not stand for anything, Romney is your man. To me, the definition of naively is someone who thinks that Bush/Romney economics won't cause another recession.


This comment seems to be out of the Joe Biden playbook.
He, knowing that all of the bad things about Obamacare (and the President's economic policies in general) do not go into effect until after the election, asked people how things are going right now. Instead of addressing everything that Paul Ryan said about what Obamacare is set to do, he switched the topic to remind people that Medicare is still fine at the moment..and had the nerve to ask "Who do you trust?"

Swamp Fox

Obbie bailed out Chrysler with taxpayer money, now Chrysler is owned by a foreign automaker, GM bailed out after private investors and employee pensions were screwed, typical democrapper.........

As Joe Biden recently said, "the middle class has been buried the past four years", even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.

"That government is best which governs the least because it's people disciplines themselves." Thomas Jefferson

the office cat

Thomas Jefferson who used government funds for the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition; Thomas Jefferson who levied the FIRST FEDERAL SALES TAX when the Northwest Territory (that's us) was established. Jefferson whose "pursuit of happiness" meant, in 1776, working to be happy by assuring the best welfare of others.

Maybe Romney will the 'nut' containing the answers with which he finally decides to claim as his.


The Democrat auto bailout plan beat the heck out of what the GOP posed as an alternative: let them go bankrupt, which would have resulted in the loss of millions of jobs. Absolutely LOVED when Biden used Ryan's own words against him during the discussion about stimulus funds. For those who missed the show, Ryan actually asked Biden for stimulus funds for Wisconsin, then wrote Biden a letter stating that the stimulus funds helped the state's economy and helped create jobs. Which, do course, is exactly what the Democrats said it would do.


The full debate of both Romey and Obama, and Ryan and Biden, are on YouTube. No one should miss it.

How is it a bad thing for Ryan to take the failed policies that are forced upon the country, and do something good for his state with them?
Aside from the fact that you seem to be blaming Ryan for making the best of a bad policy, you might also compare what Ryan did with the money to the decisions that the special interest groups (Obama campaign donors like Solyndra) did with the money they got.

Darwin's choice

Obama is taking the country and you, coasterfan, right over the cliff, and you're pushing the wagon faster.........


Nope. Wrong. He has slowed the decline and we're now on a slow, but sure continued path of improvement. He has added jobs for 30+ consecutive months, and the unemployment rate just or dropped to 7.8%, which I believe, is lower than it was when Bush left office. Ignoring facts doesn't make them less true. If you want an example of a President driving a country over a cliff, check out GW Bush circa 2007-8. Anyone who doesn't believe that America is on a better path in 2012 than it was in 2008 has some serious denial issues...


40 billion a month on top of the outrageous spending already, If we are doing so good why are they monetarizing the debt? Oh i know you believe everything is good sorry to burst your bubble if we were doing good we would not have to buy our own debt.


Speaking of denial, citing fudged numbers from cooked books is not going to sway people who see the slowing trend of our economy's growth rate (where it is slowing more and more each month).
Face it, very few businesses will expand and hire more people if a Democrat is presiding over a financial crisis.
As to that last part, Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in 2007 (up until 2010) and by the end of 2008 we fell into a recession. Your point? I can also go back and forth with you and show, over the decades, which party is more responsible than the regards to dumping messes on the country (which is what made the war hit us so hard).

The Big Dog's back

Let's see, the Repubs left us with the Great Depression, 911, and the Great Recession.


The Democrats, including Obama, left us with the Great Recession.

The Bush Admin warned us about Fannie And Freddie in 2001 and proposed regulations on them because they were privatizing the profit while socializing the risk.
It was Democrats (Dodd and Frank) who blocked those regulations. Obama also backed Dodd's threat of a filibuster (and he was the third largest recipient of campaign donations from Fannie and Freddie in 2004).

We could argue about the war but, after what happened on 9/11, what else would the result have been. Democrats voted to fund the war as well, including Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid.

Darwin's choice

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the office cat

DICK MORRIS!!!! Really? Right here on lil ole Sandusky Register.
DARWIN SEZ "In our new book....Eileen and I explain..."
If DARWIN is NOT DICK MORRIS, Sarah Sahara Moderator better make him fix this or get it off here. The Register CAN be held liable for plagiarism.


if you truly believe that prez o will not raise your taxes you are a fool.